March 1, 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Better Finance Assignments

When you enter the keywords ‘finance assignment writing guide’, Google shows results which mainly promote general guidelines for writing assignments. Students usually think that general assignment writing rules apply for finance assignment too. Though writing assignments in finance and other subjects seem to converge in some aspects, finance academic writing follows certain distinct rules. This guide is intended for the students planning to write a finance assignment. The up-to-date version of all academic regulations of writing finance assignment can be found here. With this finance assignment help guide, we offer you a helping hand in compiling a remarkable paper.The Ultimate Guide to Writing Better Finance Assignments

How Professors Evaluate Finance Assignment Papers?

Before getting down to the nitty-gritty details of finance assignment writing, let’s examine whether you understand assignment writing. Despite reading the instructions several times and listening to professors in classes, some students completely ‘miss the mark’. It ends up as a waste of time for both professors and students. How can it be reversed? Simple! By knowing the criteria that professors use to assess an academic paper –

  • Are the intentions of writing the paper stated clearly?
  • Did you address the appropriate audience effectively?
  • Have the rhetorical questions been addressed in writing?
  • Have the requirements for the assignment met properly?
  • Have you successfully submitted drafts on due dates?
  • Have you chosen an appropriate topic for the assignment?
  • Have you used the easy-to-read font?
  • Did you complete the assignment within the expected word count?
  • Has the paper written in response to the given prompt?

The answer to each question should be ‘yes’ to meet evaluative parameters provided by educational institutions.

How to Start Writing a Finance Assignment Paper?

We all get shiver down our spine when we have to write the first word or sentence of the assignment. After collecting all the information, students are expected to pen down the ideas. But nothing comes out when they stare at the blank document. Don’t sweat! Here are few tricks provided by finance assignment writers that might help you get started and hopefully avoid last-minute stress and rush.

  • Take up the task when feeling fresh:

Don’t be hard on yourself. It is OK to skip a day and start when you feel fresh and focused. This might be different for everyone. Some students feel all pumped up after a soccer game, some pull an all-nighter in order to complete an academic task. On the other hand, some prefer studying in early mornings. You may not be aware of your productive hours yet. So it is advised that you identify the best time for you.

  • Take breaks:

There is no point keeping yourself pinned down to the desk when the mind goes blank. You should take a break from the task. It should not be more than 10-20 minutes. Come back and start working on the paper again. If the same thing repeats itself, take another 10-15 minutes break. This time make yourself free from the worries of assignment writing and do something that you like the most. Return to the task after a rejuvenated session with ‘yourself’ and start fresh. This method always helps students work productively.

  • Write what you feel like:

If you are really stuck and cannot get a word out, start rephrasing notes and research material in your own words. If it does not help, you should brainstorm the ideas on papers around the keywords of the topic. While doing it, students generally stumble across fresh ideas to start with. Alternatively, you can read the assignment question loud repeatedly to plan the response. If none of these seem to help, students can take professional university assignment help.

How to Manage In-depth Research within given Time Limit?

The very first step of finance assignment writing is to sort out the data and information. In order to do it well, you need to get hold of different tools for researching. Writing assignments on any finance topic requires extensive research and mind mapping. But the sad part is, it consumes more time than any student can afford. To write a well researched assignment, students need to spend hours after hours in library and/or in front of the computer. To help those students, here are a few research strategies that help students find relevant information and data in lesser time.

These steps are aimed to make students find relevant and authentic information on the research topic –

Planning the research:

  • Understand what you are being asked to achieve through this task
  • Think about what you already know about the given/selected topic
  • Check whether there is any gap in your knowledge
  • Think about the possible ways to best and worst describe the topic
  • Determine the sort of information you are looking for. For example, a basic introduction, a set of statistics providing evidence of research along with explanation describing the relation between evidences and claims
  • Determine the best place to search for data and information; it can be university library, online database, online library database, Google scholar, etc.

Looking for relevant data:

While researching, you need to minimize wastage of time. In order to do so, you need to focus your search using targeted keywords. It is very simple. Circle the words in the assignment question that seems significant. For example, state how database backup advance disaster recovery planning. In this assignment prompt, the keywords would be ‘database backup’ ‘disaster recovery planning’ and ‘advancement’.

  • Research using the keywords you have identified and upgrade your research strategies as you go along
  • If you don’t find anything within a reasonable time (e.g. 30 minutes) be prepared to alter the strategy. For example, use different set of keywords for researching
  • You can add extra keywords to make the search more focused. If you find too many results, you can take down a few words from the keywords to make it more precise
  • Use helpful tools like filter option to increase the relevancy of the search and reduce the number of results that you don’t want to see
  • Advance search options let researchers see the search term in the particular part of the research material. For example, in Google scholar, you get to see search terms in meta description which ensures the relevancy of the topic.

Evaluate the gathered material:

It is quite normal that you would land on a large number of results and data. Thankfully, you don’t need to use all of them. You must filter them according to the relevancy of the topic to avoid chances of using irrelevant material. A quick way to determine the relevance of a source is to ask questions:

  • Who is the author of the source? Does he or she has the expertise in this area?
  • Why was the source created?
  • When was the last time the source was updated?

Students should use different types of sources in order to provide quality and layer to the finance paper. Remember one thing that the information you choose to use must meet your needs.

Keeping track of gathered and interpreted data:

To ease the process of assignment writing, experts advice to record what you have found, where and when you have found them. Most students use various note-taking methods in order to keep track of data and information to be used in the content. It helps them refer back to the source when they need them.

How to Strengthen Finance Assignments?

The success of finance assignment requires students to work with relevant information. You may require going beyond the reading list and finding some additional information for the assignment. Here are the sources that every finance students should use in assignments:

  • Calculations:

Finance assignments greatly depend on basic calculations like ratio analysis, budgeting, NPV calculations, etc. Students also need to prepare balance sheet, income statement, cash flow declaration etc. Hence, calculations consume a bigger portion of finance assignment writing. In order to do it well, students need to know all calculations in Excel Sheet with formulas.

  • Statistics:

Finance assignment writing requires lots of statistical data and graphical representation. The writers should use statistics in a manner that it does not look like a literature paper. Finance assignments mainly deal in calculations and statistics so you need to avoid using too many financial theories. But again, it depends on the nature of topic that students choose to pursue.

  • Literature:

While stating calculations and statistics in writing, students need supportive material to explain the actions taken to proof the claims. Students require showing all calculations in the excel sheet but they also need to explain those formulas in word files for readers’ understanding. It makes the content look authentic and useful. But remember one thing that while using financial theory to back the analysis, the ratio should be 65:35. A bigger portion of finance assignment writing should cover data representation and calculations.

How to Avoid Plagiarism in Writing?

The chances of plagiarism in finance assignments are high due to the involvement of facts, figures and statistics. If not cited properly, the paper is considered to be plagiarized. Not citing papers properly is only a form of plagiarism. According to the definition of plagiarism, taking and presenting a portion of material of another as one’s own or presenting an idea or work inspired by an existing source without full and proper credit to the source of ideas and work is considered as plagiarism. The definition does not specify intent. Hence, students, who plagiarize unintentionally, are held equally guilty with those who plagiarize academic papers intentionally. So students need to be careful while using references in their writing. Here are a few suggestions that help you prevent plagiarism in writing –

  • The quality of finance assignments greatly depends on facts, figures and graphical representation. Students require using tables, photographs, diagrams, maps and charts to illustrate the point. So whenever you use a figure or table in writing, you need to refer to it three times:
  1. First in the caption, just below the image. The number, title and its source should be included.
  2. Second within the text. A sentence or two should be dedicated to explaining the purpose of the figure and image.
  3. Third in the reference list. Generally, students include a reference in the same bibliography. But in case, you have used a lot of illustrative material, you should refer to them in a separate list of figures and/or list of tables.
  • If instructors find the facts, figures and statistics unfamiliar, they will likely to investigate the sources of the reference. So it is advised that students find a reliable source and explanation ready if they are asked to verify the source.
  • Many a time, students work hard, but they don’t care to take good notes. So what happens is they cannot remember where they have taken ideas or information while writing the paper. Unfortunately, students pay a high price for this carelessness in the form of rejection due to plagiarism. Here’s what they should do –
  1. Keep track of the details related to source documents
  2. Make sure you keep notes in separate folders under different names so that you can find them when you need them
  3. You might need to refer to the source again so it is better that you keep all the information
  4. Note down or keep a copy of quotes along with their sources that you plan to use in writing
  • In finance assignment writing, students require paraphrasing all financial term in order to eradicate the chances of plagiarism. In many cases, students are penalized for plagiarism for which they are not accountable. It is because they keep the financial terms as they are. They should rephrase them in order to avoid plagiarism. If you still need help, you can hire professionals for getting assignment writing services.

What are the Popular Referencing Styles in Finance Assignment Writing?

Citation preferences are provided along with assignment writing requirements. It is extremely important that you as a writer should be consistent with whatever referencing style they follow. The APA style is one of a myriad of citation styles available for finance students. It is also one of the preferred referencing styles in finance academic writing. Apart from this style of referencing, students also use –

  • Chicago
  • Harvard
  • MLA
  • Vancouver

If they are assigned to use certain referencing style, they need to read the guide to the certain referencing style. The guide can easily be found on college or university official website. If there is no specification for referencing style, students can use APA citation style while writing finance assignments.

Before the final submission, students need to check all points mentioned above have been applied in writing. These all are advanced guidelines for writing finance assignments. General guidelines you can find in our blog section.

Still Doubting your Skills? Hire Experts to Write Excellent Finance Assignments

We understand how difficult it is to craft a finance assignment while maintaining all given criteria. Students might need to skip meals or sleep less compared to usual in order to complete the assignment on time. Despite putting all required efforts, many a time students do not get desired results. In this case, they generally seek help from experts. happens to be the best finance assignment help provider worldwide.

We boast a team of talented and experienced finance writers who prepare well-structured, referenced, formatted assignments for students. Our team comprises professional writers, experts and research scholars who posses extensive knowledge of financial theories and concepts. Knowledge combined with years of experience in academic writing help them craft finance assignments exactly in a manner that professors expect from students.

We have a dedicated team for dealing finance assignment orders which makes us efficient assignment writing services. Each member of the team is trained to handle deadline pressure and perform well under constraints. No matter how short the deadline is, our experts always deliver complete assignment before the deadline. It gives students enough time to go through the help solutions and recommend suggestions if necessary.  Apart from finance assignment help services, we also provide assignment writing and editing services in more than 100 subjects. Our popular services are as follows –

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