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AC3059 - Financial Management Answers

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AC3059 Assessment Answers

The AC3059 assessment answers Financial Management actually means the planning, the organizing, the directing as well as the controlling of the financial activities like the procurement as well as the utilization of the funds in connection to the enterprise. It actually means the application of the general management principles in relation to the financial resources of the concerned enterprise.

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Unit Details

The location in relation to the above said module or coursework can be said to be University of London in the United Kingdom. The study level in relation to the above said module or coursework can be said to be graduate level. The unit code in relation to the above said module or coursework can be said to be AC3059 Assessment solutions

Brief of Assessment

The Scope/Elements

  1. The Investment decisions actually comprises of the investment in the fixed assets (known to be the capital budgeting). The Investment in the current assets can also be said to be a part of the investment decisions known to be the working capital decisions.
  2. The Financial decisions - They actually relate to the raising and accumulation of the finance from the various resources which shall be contingent upon the decision on kind of the source, the period of the financing, the cost of the financing as well as the returns thereby.
  3. The Dividend decision - The accounts or the finance manager can be said to be obligated to take the decision in relation to the distribution of the net profit. The Net profits are normally divided into 2:

Dividend for the shareholders- the Dividend as well as the rate of the dividend has to be determined or decided.

The Retained profits- the Amount of the retained profits has to be confirmed or finalized which shall be contingent upon the expansion as well as the diversification plans in relation to the enterprise.

The AC3059 assignment solutions financial management can be said to be normally concerned with the procurement, the allocation as well as the control of the financial resources of any concern. The objectives could be-To ensure the regular as well as the adequate supply of the funds in relation to the concern.

To ensure the adequate returns in relation to the shareholders which shall be contingent depend upon the specific earning capacity, the market price of the specific share, the expectations of the particular shareholders.To ensure the optimum or maximum funds utilization. Once the specific funds have been procured, they must be utilized in the maximum and best possible way at the minimum cost.To ensure the safety in relation to the investment, that is, the funds must be invested in the safe ventures so that the adequate rate of the return becomes possible to be achieved.In order to plan any specific sound capital structure, there has to be a fair and a sound composition of the capital so that a specific balance becomes possible to be maintained amidst the debt and the equity capital.


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The Functions of the Financial Management:

  1. The Estimation of the capital requirements: Any particular finance manager shall be obligated to make the estimation in relation to the capital requirements of the said company. This shall be contingent upon the expected costs as well as the profits as well as the future programmes and the policies of any concern. The Estimations must be made in any adequate manner that actually augments the earning capacity of the enterprise.
  2. The Determination of the capital composition: After the estimation have actually been made, then the capital structure must be determined or decided. This actually encompasses the short- term as well as the long- term debt equity evaluation or analysis. This shall be contingent upon the proportion or quantity of the equity capital that any company might be possessing as well as the additional funds that have to be raised from the outside parties.
  3. The Choice of the sources of the funds: For the additional funds that have to be procured, any particular business corporation has several choices such as-

The Issue of the shares as well as the debentures

The Loans that have to be taken from the banks as well as the financial institutions

The Public deposits that have to be drawn such as in the form of the bonds.

The Choice or the selection of the factor shall be contingent upon the relative merits as well as the demerits of each specific source as well as the period of the financing.

The Investment of the funds: The particular finance manager shall be obligated to decide or determine to allocate the funds into the profitable ventures so that safety and security exist in relation to the investment as well as the regular returns shall also be possible.The Disposal of the surplus: The specific net profits decision must be given effect to by the accounts or the finance manager. It shall be possible to do in 2 particular manners:

The Dividend declaration - It shall encompass the identification of the rate of the dividends as well as the other benefits such as the bonus.The Retained profits - The specific volume must be decided that shall be contingent upon the expansional, the innovational, the diversification plans of the concerned company.

  1. The Management of the cash: The Finance manager shall be obligated to make the decisions in relation to the cash management. The cash shall be mandated for several purposes such as the payment of the wages as well as the salaries, the payment of the electricity as well as the water bills, the payment in respect of the creditors, meeting the current liabilities, the maintenance of adequate or sufficient stock, the purchase of the raw materials, and other such instances.
  2. The Financial controls: The accounts or finance manager shall be obligated to plan, procure as well as utilize the funds, and also exercise control over the finances.

What Is The Weightage Of AC3059  Task Answer In Their Semester?

The weightage of AC3059 Financial Management in their semester is 50% as it is described in general of the course.

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