September 28, 2017

10 Effective Tricks That Experts Employ While Picking The Perfect Essay Topic

Selecting a suitable topic for a university essay is one of the most significant steps that students often tend to bypass in their attempt to prepare a sterling essay paper. There are many aspects and layers to writing an essay and if you pick a relevant topic, writing your papers becomes a lot simpler, and that would also fetch you great results. Be it college applications and scholarships, or high school and middle school assignments, or even university research papers, you will be required to write essays at every stage of your academic career. The higher you move up the ladder in your academic pursuits the more intricate and detailed your essay topic will be.

Selecting an essay or a research paper topic can be a rather daunting affair for the students, and there are a plenty of things to consider to ensure that you have the perfect clarity when it comes to the requirements of your assignment. A right essay topic won’t just happen by some divine intervention or you can’t just come up with any topic that pleases you, it has to have a meaning. That’s why rather than pondering over the topic you need to know the objective of your paper and what you are trying to convey to your readers.

Both of these factors help to determine the correct use of essay topics by compressing your choices. The selection of a research paper or essay topic must be specific and conveys something innovative and promising. You can try to incorporate the notes from your classes, lectures, books you have read and even previous coursework you had, to recognize a concept or a subject that got your attention. But more often than not it is difficult for students to opt for an essay topic after so much consideration, that’s why it’s best to seek an expert’s opinion. And to make it easier for the students, mentioned below are some useful tricks to follow while choosing the perfect topic for university essays that eminent experts from the field of academics themselves recommend.

  • Select a topic that you find interesting yourself

Because, if you don’t show enthusiasm to present your topic, how else will the reader identify with it? Also, you run the risk of losing the essence of your paper. Your reader will know whether you are enthusiastic about your topic- your interest will be reflected in your writing. In case if you don’t have a choice regarding the topic, try settling for an angle that could make it intriguing to you. If your professor loses interest in your essay that will affect your grades or you may lose the scholarship. However, an essay that might not be on point in other aspects (or one that was written haphazardly) can get receive an A or get the highest marks just because it had passion and enthusiasm in writing.

  • Focus on something you already know about

Instead of trying to delve into a complex subject, pick something you are already familiar with to write. It will make the process of writing, much quicker and simpler since you have a lot of the information at your disposal. That also means you don’t need as much time for your research.

  • Make the topic as concise as possible

Whatever the topic you choose, question yourself if you can depict every aspect and prove your arguments in the limited amount of space you have. When it comes to filling 5, 10 or 20 blank pages, it looks like too much effort, but most of the topics are far too broad to do justice to by fitting them into a few pages. Your first notion will almost always be too huge. Keep compressing it until its more focused. For instance, ‘the economic meltdown of European countries’ is not a topic you want to choose unless you’re writing a 700-page book. ‘The fallen economy of Greece’ could be a topic.

  • Find an interesting approach to present your topic

This will put the necessary limitation over your writing, give it shape and define your arguments. Like, rather than writing about Shakespeare himself, compress the topic to a specific play, or genre or character of the playwright. Then again compress it some more. Find a suitable angle, like ‘The portrayal of antagonists in the tragedies of Shakespeare’. That is assessing one aspect or one part of Shakespeare’s plays, so it is a relevant topic.

  • Conduct thorough research

If you have a faint idea of what you want to portray in your essay, but you are clueless about the scope of that particular topic and don’t know where you can take it. In this case, it is best to head over to the library and flip through the pages of some books to gather your thoughts and start making sense with your topic. Look for the topic in various news articles or journals. Search for images relevant to the topic and see what you come across. You just might stumble upon the perfect angle for your topic.

  • Indulge in some brainstorming

Prepare a list of ideas that you find intriguing. Like, if your topic is what makes a great cricketer, begin by noting down some words that you would associate with a leader or write the names of leaders who inspire you and why they do. Note down some of the topics on that idea which is possible to develop into an essay. Take a breather for a while and then notice if any one concept or a few idea strikes you or not. If something does strike your head, write it down on a piece of paper and engage in some brainstorming on the idea. Do it right away, when you’re still focused, so the ideas come freely.

  • The inspiration is right in front of you

What do you think about the most while spending your leisurely hours? A hobby? A dream? A particular game? Have you considered that whatever it is you find interesting can be incorporated into an essay?  Well, you should! If you play those city-building strategy games, gather information about the history of a particular civilization. If you love a specific genre of music, you can focus your topic on the origin of that genre, or one of the prominent artists who practised the genre. Often there are ways you can include your everyday activities or hobbies and let them be a part of your research paper or essay. Thinking outside the box does the trick.

  • Ask your mentor/ professor or search the internet

Look the topic up on the internet and see what others have written about that specific topic. Ask your professor, parents or even a friend for some assistance regarding the selection of the topic. Having someone with the adequate knowledge about a certain topic always helps, and you gain some perspective as well.

  • Use a topic you have previously written about

Go through your old essay papers to know whether a specific topic you have written about before can be re-used or not. You may find sections of what you wrote before relevant to your current topic. You may also get some insight by looking at a connected topic, to explore a different side of the same concept. As an example, if you wrote an essay about the history of Roman Empire before, you can prepare a new one about the downfall of Roman Empire and its consequences. However, tread cautiously with this method. If the essay was written while you were in a different school or a for a different class in college, it might work. Otherwise, using similar topics too frequently may not go down well with your professor. If you prepare the essay with a specific angle on the new topic, it should be presented legitimately.

  • It’s the eleventh hour!

Just in case you can’t find anything that excites you, just choose something and start with your writing. Take a basic concept and build your essay around it. It will be over sooner than you think and you can heave a sigh of relief. Or if you are required to submit an essay and research statement in advance, just explain your best idea but don’t stop looking for a better one. If you stumble upon something interesting, most teachers will allow you to change your topic. If you find a novel idea, even if you’ve already started with the writing, don’t be apprehensive to discard some of the notes and start afresh. If you are intrigued by the essay topic, the essay will turn out perfectly on its own.

It’s quite natural if you feel like selecting a remarkable topic of your research paper is troublesome. But as long as you keep the basic idea interesting, you will be satisfied with your efforts. Also, it is essential for you to find enough sources to support your topic or you will have a hard time to establish the purpose of the essay later. And don’t be apprehensive of choosing something controversial and present it in a new light. And if nothing else works, stay flexible. You might have to change your topic in the course of your assignment, or you may have narrow down the focus, or even widen it. But at the end of the day, all that effort will pay off. And that is how experts work on your paper.

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