November 28, 2017

12 Things You Must Know Before Starting With Your Dissertation

It’s that time of the year again! Let’s get into a room, lock yourself in and throw the keys out of the windows. No, it’s not going to be an alien invasion! But it might be scarier than this because you have to complete an unbelievably difficult task – writing a dissertation. Already butterflies in the stomach? Relax, you have a long way to go. In case, you have already started the work or thinking about starting it. Pause it and read this list of important things so that you don’t miss out on something important in your dissertation writing.

A fair warning to those who have completed the paper already! You might regret reading this blog because you would come to know something that you’d have wish to know before starting the task.

1- No plan works out the way you want

It is a myth that planning gets you through the process. Wait! We are not suggesting it doesn’t, but what matters most is the writer’s optimism. If he or she breaks down when the plan A does not seem to be working, the results will never be fruitful. What any dissertation writer should do at this stage is to go for plan B. If they waste time mourning about why their first plan did not work, it only delays the process, so instead start applying plan B. Hence, it is advised that students, who are engaged in dissertation writing, have Plan A, B, C, D… even Z in their stock.

2- Can take breaks from the task

It is true that you have to commit to your schedule. You have to stick to the plan and make efforts to make it come true. But it is not necessary that you have to pin down yourself when your brain is crying for a break. When your senses seem like giving up on you or you cannot think better than this, you need to rest your mind. If you check tips to writing a dissertation, it is written all over the place that how significantly you need breaks. So whenever your brain screams for time off, give it to it without feeling guilty. It actually upgrades your productivity.

3- Dissertation is not synonymous to life

Dissertation does not leave you easily. It at least requires a year from you or more. But this does not mean your life stops for this one year or longer as you delve into dissertation writing. Remember, ‘life does not wait for anyone. It goes on’. So why should you. Don’t let the dissertation control you. You should be in the driver’s seat. You better decide a schedule which determines a particular time frame for working on the dissertation. When you are done with the day’s share of work, you go back to normal daily routine like hanging out with friends, preparing notes for the next lecture, roaming around the college campus. And while doing so, don’t not feel guilty for not doing the task or think you are cheating on your dissertation.

4- Don’t advertise about your dissertation

There’s nothing bad if you want to flaunt that you are writing a dissertation. But discussing about it will leave you in uncomfortable situation because your friends and family might have zero idea about the topics. And when they ask you what’s all it about, they certainly expect an impressive answer. If it doesn’t make them understand, it should at least satisfy their curiosity. When you fail to do so, they give some disappointing looks at you. You don’t want that. You can easily avoid them by not initiating a conversation on dissertation. If they ask you ‘how’s your dissertation?’ You just answer them ‘it is good. It is going on the right track.’ You might mean ‘I have not done any research yet. I don’t know what to do. I am in big trouble that you can think of.’ But let’s not tell them and keep all these to yourself.


5- Change your dissertation supervisor if you want to

Yes, you can replace your current supervisor with newer one if you are satisfied. It is all about your comfort. If you don’t feel comfortable, you find it somewhere else. If the supervisor you are currently working with does not seem quite helpful or productive, place an request to dissertation committee. The committee will find you another advisor in short time. If you restrain yourself thinking you have already built a rapport with the mentor, you might be making the biggest mistake. So, switch over your advisor if he or she does not seem fitting to your needs. And you will create good relationship as you go along with the work.

6- Never leave the printing process to the last minute

You have given your blood and sweat to craft the paper. And now you need to assemble the paper and take a print of it. At least you have to bind it in order to keep them from making a mess. But after writing the paper, you think of taking a break and leave the printing and binding for later. This can risk many things like leaving out page mistakenly, submitting poorly formatted paper, etc. So it is better you take a print of the final paper when you think it is done. And check it at least twice for mistakes, if pages are overlapping, page numbers are not placed well, continuing content and start of a new chapter printed on the same page. In that case, you need to scrap those papers and again take a print of those error papers. After binding the whole paper, check whether any text has been overshadowed due to the binders.

7- Dark days will come

There’s no denying that the time will come when you doubt everything you have created so far. You end up torturing yourself all day thinking what if you had chosen a different topic or taken a different approach, would your dissertation look better then? This is normal dissertation jitters that every student gets while completing this overwhelming task. There’s no escape to it. But this too shall pass. You will struggle for a few days, but you will come around shortly. You might want to start all over again, look for new possibilities. But we advise you not to do that. It is just a phase. Unless, your supervisor recommends you to scrap the whole work you have done so far, don’t do it.

8- It takes more time than you have anticipated

Again, life does not go well with your plans. It always has different plans for you. So don’t get dishearten if your dissertation is taking too long to complete. Many things can go wrong and getting those things on track needs time. You need to manage your time keeping in mind there’s always scope for improvement. The best way to do so is having a deadline before the final deadline. That makes things little easier for students. If you fail to meet the first deadline, you will definitely accomplish by the final deadline. This works every time!

9- It is better if you learn referencing

Most of the scholars use referencing tool to cite the paper. And it is not a crime. You have to. The reason is the huge number of references students tend to use in the paper. It is never-ending. You cannot do it manually. But before you do so, learn referencing, at least read the style manual available on the university website. It is necessary because without any knowledge, you might not able to judge your own content. For example, you are formatting the paper, you have mistakenly delete a comma “,” from one of the referencing. It might turn the style into some other referencing style. So don’t put your paper into risk.


10- Help is available round the clock

Gone are those days when you had to fix a proper meeting with the supervisor. Now you can have virtual communications with your advisor through skype, google chat, etc. If they are unavailable when you need them, you can try for some alternatives. Involving professionals in the task can be a good way to resolving all queries. There are thousands of dissertation writing services available on the internet to assist students. You can choose any of them. The best thing about these services is their round the clock availability. You can contact them anytime of the day and you will get an answer. They mainly help you write the paper. Apart from it, these services do provide editing and proofreading help, assistance with structuring, research help, etc. In short, students can get assistance with everything.

11- Do not ask your friends about the progress of the paper

Whenever you meet your classmates, one question definitely pops up in your mind that is ‘How’s your dissertation going?’ When they answer, you start perplexing that you have not done anything yet and there’s a lot to complete. It just eats up your time and leaves you unmotivated. Knowing what your peers are up to, will not bring any good to you. So it is better you stick to your plan and execute it the way you want. It is more important to you. So tactfully avoid the dissertation subject whenever you start conversation with classmates.

12- Enjoy the moment when you are done with the job

Completing a dissertation is one of the fulfilling moments in your life. So you celebrate this victory by doing something. It’s worth the hard work. When you complete the paper, you have completed what’s likely to be the biggest, lengthiest and most complicated task you have ever done in your life. So be proud of yourself and reward yourself with something that you like the most. It gives you the sense of fulfilment that you have achieved something. This is your moment, enjoy it.

Here’s what keeps you from making gaffes in dissertation writing. Don’t just read them, but also apply them into practice for best results. May all odds be in your favour. Best of luck!

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