November 9, 2017

20 Most Weird Possibly Crazy Professional Courses Offered by UK Universities

20 Uncanny University Courses in UK That Might Give You a Prospective Career

You would be surprised to hear that there is a course that lets you ‘waste’ time on the internet. Weird, isn’t? Similarly, there are some unusual and crazy university courses in the UK that you probably have not heard of. These unique courses came into existence because universities wanted to create some innovative and daring (or maybe plain weird) learning opportunities for students. This course catalog has been assembled to make students aware of the choices available to them so that they don’t regret after taking a decision. This list of courses and their descriptions might just amuse you. If it does help you discover your hidden passion while going through the list; we will feel honored. Therefore, we dish out 25 unique and off-the-wall courses along with a brief description of the study and name of the educational institutions that offer them.

Tea Tasting

You would be traveling around the world and test some great fragmented teas – that’s what you do as a tea sommelier. And on top of it, you get paid for it. What can be better than this? It can be a ‘dream job’ for UK students because we Brits love tea. Tea has become entrenched in the British way of life. As a tea sommelier, you not only taste the tea but also provide advice, do branding with the help of good knowledge of cultivation and manufacturing.

Where to study?

UK Tea Academy, London

Turfgrass Science and Management

The UK loves sports and everything about it, even grass-laying on the ground because they have a separate degree course for studying production and maintenance of grassed areas including home lawns, parks, golf courses and other athletic surfaces. Doesn’t make sense, does it? But if you successfully complete this course, you will find high paying jobs in a golf course, lawn care industry, cricket and football pitches. Pretty amazing!

Where to study?

Stockbridge School of Agriculture, Hampshire

Spa Management

Have you ever given a thought about how good the spa therapists are? Or from where they get the training? Yes, there are universities that offer bachelor and master degrees in spa management. If you want to take a noble initiative to serve people and put up a smile on their faces, then you should give it a try. Besides, you also have lucrative salary package that companies, spas and beauty salons offer.

Where to study?

University of Derby, Derbyshire

Forensic Photography

The guy, snapping pictures at the crime scene, is not any professional photographer, who can be hired on birthdays and anniversaries. He is a specialist. And his job is to take photos without getting affected by the surrounding. You can be one of them if you have strong hands at photography. While pursuing this course, you will be exposed to real crime scenes where you have to develop cases, prepare evidence and photograph actual crime scenes. Fun, isn’t it?

Where to study?

City of Westminster College, London


Do childhood puppet shows still fascinate you? If yes, then this is your subject. You can readily turn your passion into profession and UK provides bundles of opportunities for that. If you want to step into puppetry industry, you might have to complete a degree course where you will be taught how to perform with a puppet, how to communicate through puppets, operate different types of puppets; in fact everything about puppetry.

Where to study?

London School of Puppetry, London


Do you have qualities of talking fast, reading people’s mind or even convincing people to buy stuff? Then you can be an ideal auctioneer. You need to learn everything about it as you need to sit for Auctioneer License Examination. Getting degree or diploma would boost up your chances because you will learn audience communications, auctioneering law, procurement and appraisal of merchandise. And of course, you will be taught how to hone chant that special rapid-fire cadence and influence the audience.

Where to Study?

University of Wolverhampton, West Midlands

Surf Science and Technology

What science is there for surfing? You take surfing board and balance on it in the water. Wrong. There is a whole lot of equations and mathematics required for surfing. This is why there are courses that teach students culture of surf and sport, physical and geographical influences on surfing, surf practice, media and events, production methods and materials. By completing this course, you will be able to coordinate surfing events, judge competitions and train competitors or pursue a career in notable surfboard producing company.

Where to study?

University of Plymouth, Plymouth


This is not really a unique one, but definitely an unpopular one among students. Not many students know what it is about. This course involves studying the possibilities of life on other planets. This is the core of the subject which further incorporates the study of the origin and evolution of life on the earth, search for planets beyond our solar systems and the sustainability of life in extreme environments. The best part is this subject allows you pursue post graduation course like Ph.D. in this field of study.

Where to study?

University of Kent, Canterbury

An Intensive Study of Harry Potter

If you have been that kid who refers everything back to Harry Potter, this course can be the golden ticket to reach out for your dreams. Every Harry Potter fan wants to dwell in this magical world and talk about it all the time. This course provides you the right opportunity to do it. Students will follow Harry’s footsteps by shopping at Leadenhall Market which gives the feeling of Diagon Alley, take a tour of Oxford’s Christ Church which inspired the Great Hall of Hogwarts and, of course, walk into Hagrid’s hut.

Where to study?

University of Durham, Durham

Decision Sciences

Which course is best for you? Not being able to make the decision? Join decision science course. It teaches you the art of decision-making. As it is a detailed course, you will be introduced to employing mathematical models, analytical reading, computer simulation in order to give a better understanding of the operational challenges such as supply chain management, marketing, and finance. It is not about making a decision between two or three choices, it is a complex subject which uses empirical evidence, knowledge, and intelligence.

Where to study?

University College London, London

Comic Art

Who does not like comics? In our childhood, we all remember how we used to hide the comic book in our textbooks. What if these comic books become your textbooks? This would be exciting. Isn’t it? You will be reading comics in the classroom which was forbidden earlier. Now comic art has achieved a place of importance in both popular and artistic culture. But still, there are few students who take the initiative to join this course. Yet those who join are introduced to inking, illustration, storyboarding and composition.

Where to study?

Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent


Remembering each song of this popular band does not make you an expert. But earning a master degree would take you to another level. This course has some interesting perspective. If you get registered with this course, you will need to study the role of popular music while using Beatles as their case study. Under this coursework, you will have to travel to the birthplace of this noted band – sometimes called ‘the world capital city of pop’. How interesting it can get? You will be listening to Beatles music and deciphering and analyzing them as part of your coursework.

Where to study?

Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool

Comedy Writing and Performance

People laugh hard at your jokes? Think you have that ability to make people laugh out loud? Then this is your opportunity to shine. This course is all about giving serious thoughts to laughing. By pursuing that course, you will polish your comedy timing, understand how comedy world works, utilize a faculty of professional comedians and put up weekly shows in front of the live audience. This all is going to help you make your name in the in the stand-up comedy world.

Where to study?

University of Salford, Manchester

Viticulture and Enology

Tasting wine in vineyard always is tempting. Think about turning it into a profession. How? All you have to get a degree in viticulture and enology and you are good to go. If the color and smell of wine fascinate you, then you will do great in this coursework. The reason is you will be taught to know the difference between a Zinfandel (good) and white Zinfandel (bad). Apart from it, you will be weather ideal for grapes, soils, pests, grapes varietals and growing markets. As the demand for professional is more than the supply, this course will assure job security.

Where to study?

Plumpton College, Lewes

Baking Science and Technology

If you are mistaken that the course is all about baking cakes in the oven, we would like to clarify that it is not. It is not even related to baking. It is all about developing skills to become a highly successful baking technologist. As a baking technologist, you will manage the manufacturing and baking service and advertise the product from the inception to the launch in the market. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to smoothly handle operational problems and recommend a possible solution to the problem.

Where to study?

London South Bank University, London

Psychology and Paranormal

Do you wander off those shabby abandoned houses in search of something eerie and unexplainable? Then studying about paranormal and related psychology might be your thing. In high school years, we all try some black magic by creating cults or do planchette in order to testify its usefulness. Now in college, you will be doing a research activity in the area of Anomalistic Psychology. This will be a whole new experience for students who have a deep interest in paranormal world or believe in psychic power.

Where to study?

Goldsmiths University of London, London

Ferrier Science

If you like this animal called ‘horse’, this course might interest you. But as a prior warning, we would like to tell you that this course might get risky because it involves putting shoes on a horse. Anything can go wrong like a horse kicking you. This is why you need proper training for that. Consider joining this course, so that you can join this industry as a profession. In this course, you will learn anatomical and physiological implication of horseshoeing. You will also be trained in ‘pathological shoeing’ which involves theories that are related to every ailment of foot or hoof of the horse and how to treat them perfectly.

Where to Study?

Myerscough College, Preston

Nautical Archaeology

What happens when your job becomes diving into underwater and search for things? Who can say ‘no’ to this? It is like Indiana Jones Adventures all over again. This course provides you with the perfect opportunity to get into one of coolest jobs in the world. If you have a deep interest in learning historical culture through lenses and love underwater, this might be your chance to turn your passion into a profession. The mission of this program is to teach students about the lost civilizations – especially those of Medieval and Mediterranean days long passed – be the way of sunken artifacts.

Where to study?

University of Wales Trinity Saint David, Lampeter

Mortuary Science

You will be responsible for meeting and exceeding the standards of care in dealing with health, safety, and welfare associated with the preparation and care of the deceased. It may sound creepy. But this professional is getting popular. And you will find a secure job when you complete this course. In this course, you will be learning about a diverse range of subjects including biological chemistry, cell, and tissue science, anatomy and physiology, etc.

Where to study?

University of Chester, Chester

Poultry Science

Who does not love eating chicken? We all do. What if you get to study about it? It will be fun. But sadly, you cannot eat them. However, you can take part in country’s fair and hone your feed mill skills. The aim of this course is to provide its students hands-on-experience in this field. And after completing this course, you will be skilled enough to join this industry. As poultry is a booming business, you definitely have a good shot in this industry.

Where to study?

Scotland’s Rural College, Edinburgh

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