June 24, 2015

3 Easy Tips To Write A-Grade Assignment On Business Development

The process of business development is quite technical. From lead generation to different strategies, it involves several points. Here are some of the mandatory aspects that you must consider while writing your business development assignment. Follow this guideline to present all the aspects logically in your business assignments.

Include The Popular Concepts About Business Development

Business development is all about selling and growing a business. This subject lets you learn about how a business must be managed for maximum productivity. In a business development assignment, your professors expect the prominent methods and concepts of business development. Also, if you include the key strategies of business development, nothing can stop you from getting A+ grades.

  • Marketing

It is the most crucial and multi-fold section of business development. In this section, you must include market research, advertisement, personal selling and consumer behaviour analysis.

  • Advertising

It is needless to say that advertisements play a major role in the growth of a business. You must mention the different ways a businessman can use pamphlets, billboards, TV etc. to promote the business.

  • Business image

Developing a business is a long-term process and very important to increase the client base. You can mention the different measures that can enhance the business image.

  • Merger

In business development, merger is quite a popular term. Due to several reasons, one business needs to merge with another. One of the most common reasons is to increase the capital for the development.

  • Market research

Better market research not only helps in smooth cash flow but also helps the company understand their target audience. This is a crucial concept to start a business and can enhance the credibility of your assignment.

  • Acquisition

If the business does not return good results, it is suggested to take an acquisition with another business. Many students are unaware of this term and tend to miss this point while writing an assignment on business development.

The concepts mentioned above are essential to attain good marks for your assignment on business development. It makes it clear to your professors that you are familiar with the common terms of business development.

Besides the common terms, the business development strategies also play a huge role in determining the business growth. Check out the common business development strategies that can enhance the quality of your assignment.

Effective Business Development Strategies & How To Implement Them?

If you can nail this part, then obtaining high scores for the assignment will become easier. The strategies are an accumulation of several individual tasks with one goal of enhancing business growth. Here are the top 5 business development strategies that every business student must know.

  • Market research

Thorough market research is important to identify a company’s current and future position in the market. The two main factors of market research are the geographical location of the company and its target audience. If the company you’re writing the project on is a start-up, then this strategy can come in handy. Use the market research strategy to highlight the company’s performance, customer satisfaction rate and profitability. Thus, your professors can understand that you’ve conducted proper research on the recent market trends.

  • Competitive analysis

If you’ve been asked to write about the desired market position of the company, you must execute the competitor’s analysis strategy. Identify at least the top 6 competitors of the company and set up a mechanism of comparison. You can use different variables such as price, weakness, strengths, quality, etc. Identify the projects and products targeted by the competitors and compare their sales growth. The competitive analysis can help you mention the barriers that the company may face in the market.

  • Current client relations

For better business development, is essential to establish a strong bonding with the clients. So you can use this strategy to determine the company’s bonding with their existing clients to assess its current situation in the market. This strategy can help you study the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the company. You can include measures such as face to face meetings and technical product presentations to strengthen the bonding with the company’s target clients.

  • Public image enhancement

This strategy determines the company’s image and how it is perceived by the stakeholders. Influencing the target audience’s perception is a significant step towards business growth. You can take factors like website, branding and office into consideration to discuss the public image of the company. For instance, the public image of the company is greatly influenced by the website of the company. So go through the company’s website and talk about its impact on the target audience.

  • Increasing market exposure

A positive representation of the brand in the market promotes business growth. To identify the market exposure of the brand, you have to understand online reputation management strategy of the company. Find out the articles, blogs, videos and comments that focus on the positive aspects of the company. You can also check the company’s presence on social media platforms. Professors expect every student to mention the online exposure strategy due to the immense popularity of digital marketing. Make sure you don’t miss out on this strategy in your assignment.

These strategies highlight the professional image of the brand and its position in the market. Present these strategies along with their consequences to make the assignment interesting and credible. These strategies are common for all niche of businesses and are mandatory for your business development assignments.

Understand Writing Rules Of A Perfect Business Development Assignment

Now that you know the popular terms and strategies to include in the assignment, let’s talk about the format. Here are some of the rules that you must follow while working on your business development assignment.

  • Straightforward language– Make sure your assignment is easy to read and understand. Do not fill your assignment with jargon.
  • No grammatical errors– Re-read the paper twice or thrice after completing it. Make sure there’s no punctuation errors, typos or grammatical mistakes in the assignment.
  • Interactive tone– Your readers must be interested in whatever you are trying to convey. So write some interesting and rare information that can grab the attention of your readers.
  • Put yourself in the reader’s shoes– Your professors are busy people. So if you write irrelevant or boring details, he/she might not read the entire assignment. So put yourself in their place and figure out the information that can hold their attention.
  • Gather relevant facts and figures– In a business development assignment, you must include the revenue of the company. Stating the percentage of loss and profit also enhances the quality of your assignment.

These are the basic writing rules of a business assignment. Follow all the points mentioned above to gain amazing scores for the paper. You need to invest proper time for the research and proofread the assignment on your own. However, if you have tight deadlines, it is better to get a professional to do the task.

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