November 17, 2017

9 Important Questions to Ask Before Buying Thesis Paper Online

Writing thesis at times seems like a never-ending process. Students either spend sleepless nights in their dorms or slog through the day in the library. On certain lucky days, even if they get out of the daily routine, they feel guilty about not doing the work. So we cannot blame students who type different combination of keywords in the search engines in the hope of getting help. But the internet is not a very good place. Anything can go wrong and you cannot hold anyone responsible for it once it’s done. So think twice before you sign up for something that you are not fully aware of. If you are intending to buy thesis online, don’t miss out on these signs. This will save you from the potential pitfalls of choosing not-so-great academic writing company. Thank us later; first, you need to read this.

  • Does the company have an official page?

That is the primary criteria in the academic writing industry. One company has to have a face as it cannot work undercover. It should put up a proper website to build a platform for the company’s future consumers. If it operates through third party company, your job would be staying as far as you can from it. The reason is third parties do not take responsibilities of the advertisers. If something goes wrong, you have no one to approach and seek redressal of your grievance.

  • Are the services presented in an understandable manner?

Frankly, in most cases, companies with an official website put up their services in front of the audience so that they can get enough information; what they can expect from the company. If you see the company has not set forth any information about its services, you should walk away. It is not the company you should be trusting with your grades and money. You better go somewhere else where you can find comprehensive data about their services.

  • Does the company have a basic info section?

While going to the website, it is your duty to know everything about the company; collect as much data as you can and analyze them in order to make the final decision. Let’s start with the basic information like the base of the company, address where it is located, contact details, number of years it has been operating in this industry, etc. Most of the companies introduce themselves at the ‘who we are’ or ‘about us’ section. If not, try for its ‘contact us’ page. In case, there’s nothing worth noticing, you can dump the idea of getting help from that company.

  • What does it say about the guarantees?

Whenever you are up for buying something, you need guarantees, even if it is a tiny calculator. And this after all your thesis. You definitely want to be assured in some way. So the company you chose should also show a great potential in providing guarantees. It should have a different section describing it. Most companies in this industry provide some common guarantees which are revisions, on-time delivery, original content, uniquely-written papers, etc. If you get something extra, that is like cherry on the top of the cake.

  • Can the company provide the quality that you expect?

A reputed online source for buying theses always present their sample work so that potential customers can at least have a vague idea whether the company is capable of providing quality solutions. Some companies directly display them on their websites. On the other hand, there are some agencies, who send sample work on requests. So, students need to contact the agency in case they cannot see any examples or samples.

  • What does the company do about the originality of the paper?

Plagiarism is a crime in academia. It is not at all tolerable and cannot be forgiven. That is why you need to check what cautions the company promises to take in order to nullify the chances of plagiarism. As plagiarism is such a debatable subject in academics, most companies have their own ways to deal with this issue. Your job is to find that information. How the company is approaching the whole plagiarism thing and what are the written promises they can provide. If a company promises to provide 100% authentic paper, you need to investigate how they are going to do it. If necessary, get in touch with their customer support team.

  • Do they have native writers?

Every writer up has its own style of expressing things, and it should be unique. But the writer’s reliance on phraseology, jargons and clichés will make or break the copy. And only a native writer can possess an excellent command over the language. So the company should possess a team of native writers who boast enough academic knowledge in their respective fields. Most of the company describe their writers in one or two sentences like we have the well-qualified and experienced professional who is dedicated to crafting assignments for students. On the other hand, there are few, who dedicate a page or a section on their websites to their experts. It would be nice to find a company that does that.

  • Does the company respect your deadlines?

Panic sets in when you know you are only a few days away from the deadline. The stress and anxiety start to blind you. But it is not same with professionals. They have their share of training for handling stringent deadlines. But you need to make sure you choose that company which has a bunch of efficient and productive thesis writers. The best way to ensure that is to check with deadline guarantees that the company promises to provide.

  • Does the company have some positive feedbacks?

Do not believe everything that the company tells you. Believe your guts and search for some testimonials. There are numerous online sites which let student share their experience with the world. You can go to sites and read one of those reviews. If it is good, then you might not think further. If it shows some negative points, dig deep because sometimes competitors are behind the negative marketing.

Note down these signs because they will tell whether it is a safe option to buy a thesis from a professional online company and how to locate one.

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