May 5, 2015

10 Mind-Boggling Myths about Writing Assignments: Busted!

When you are in college or university, you tend to hear tonnes of rumours about everything. They all start with, “word is” and ramble on about everything under the sun. While rumours about the dorm building being haunted on Halloween nights and that freshman guy/girl you fancy keep you entertained, some others might not do you well at all.

Believing rumours and myths about writing assignments can seriously dampen your chances of getting a good score while in college or university. Hence, it is best to do your own bit of research before you start believing all that you hear. In this post, you will find 10 such myths on writing assignments that will only keep you from scoring those top grades in class. Read on to find out the truth behind the following 10 myths on writing assignments.

Busting 10 myths that surround assignment writing

From good writers being born with other-worldly talent to exceeding the word limit set by the professors, there are myths galore about writing assignments. Here are 10 myths that need to be busted right now so you can unlock the doors to writing way better.

  1. Myth: Writing comes naturally to those who are good at it

Reality: Good writing takes practice. Period. There are no shortcuts to becoming a great assignment writer. You will have to put in regular efforts towards improving it. If you thought that words and sentence structures come naturally to those who ace it, then you are wrong. There is no such thing as ‘effortless’ writing, and the more you concentrate on honing your writing skills, the better you will get at it. So, if you are aspiring for A+ grade for all your assignments, then you should start preparing yourself to become an expert assignment writer right from today!

  1. Myth: Great ideas are super-hard to come by

Reality: Absolutely not. If you are wracking your brains to find a nice topic for your next economics essay, then help can come to you in many forms. Carrying an idea journal with you at all times can be a ready cure for this one. Ideas can come to you at any time: a simple advertisement on the subway can change the way you perceive the world. Similarly, you can also look up for ideas online. Living in the digital age, there is precious little that the Internet cannot do for us. So, why not take advantage of the vast array of online resources?

  1. Myth: It is best to start writing once you know ALL you need to say

Reality: Having a structure beforehand not only helps you articulate your thoughts better, but also helps in speeding up the entire process. Once you start preparing the outline or structure of what you want to write, you will be able to fit in more assignments within tight deadlines. Getting things done at a faster pace, an outline of the assignment is one of the most brilliant hacks that you should master as a student. It does not have to be a totally fleshed out structure, just a few pointers, paragraph divisions and topic sentences should do the trick for you.

  1. Myth: The assigned word limit is just the minimum

Reality: One of the worst myths to ever plague academia, this one has cost more grades than you would think. Exceeding the set word limit is often frowned upon, for it shows your utter disregard not only for the professor who has set the assignment but towards your discipline too. The word limit is, in fact, one of the challenges that come along with an assignment help, and sticking to it is the best you can do for your grades. Make brevity your new best friend when you have to work with word limit specifications. Wrap up all you have to say within the word limit by all means.

  1. Myth: You must write 5 paragraphs for each essay

Reality: Not necessarily. Some essays may require only three while others take up more than five. While the five-paragraph essay is one of the standardized forms of evaluating your writing skills, you can customise the number of paragraphs, should your topic require so. Decide how many paragraphs you would need to explore the topic when you conduct your background study. Prepare an outline accordingly, and do not fret if it does not conform to the five-paragraph format.

  1. Myth: Ending sentences with a preposition is a big no-no

Reality: Unless you are submitting your assignment for review to the editor of The Sunday Herald or The New York Times, you can easily do away with this archaic rule of the English language. Only the very orthodox followers of the English language still uphold this rule. The language has gone for its fair share of transformations over time. Ending sentences with prepositions is not quite a major concern for assignments anymore. However, a great writer should always know how to use it in moderation. Focus on that, and the rest will fall into place.

  1. Myth: You should always use ‘he’ as a gender-neutral pronoun

Reality: This is 2018, and we have come a long way from addressing humans as ‘he’. It is one of the oldest rules in the English language that came into being due to a skewed social construct of the yesteryears. Most educational institutions prefer the gender-neutral term ‘they’ instead of ‘him’. You can also use the alternative term ‘him/her’ if you are not ready to embrace the new ways of the world just yet. However, practise using ‘they’ from time to time to make sure that your assignments keep pace with the changing times as well.

  1. Myth: Writing simple sentences show poor writing skills

Reality: In fact, it is quite the opposite. Reading up existing literature in your discipline and scholarly articles from the past might tell you otherwise. However, using simple sentences not only brings life to your writing, but makes the task of writing assignments easier as well. The more you use simple sentences, the better you will be able to articulate your thoughts. There is no need to use flowery or ornate language and important-sounding words just for the sake of your assignment. Write in your own style, and avoid jargons or long-winded words, so you don’t sound phoney.

  1. Myth: There is no need to pay heed to citations

Reality: Of course there is! In-text citations and list of references give credit where it is due, and keep a check on plagiarism issues. Go over the guidelines to reference very carefully before you wrap up your assignment. Ensure that you have a proper filing system for all external resources mentioned in your assignment. Give credit for each idea, information, example, and analysis that you have sourced externally. Stick to the referencing and citation style as mentioned by your teacher. You can always consult online citation generators whenever you have doubt about referencing.

  1. Myth: You can turn in your assignments without editing them

Reality: Only an extremely foolhardy person would do this, and you know that. There is no point turning in an unedited assignment just for the sake of it, for it will not get you the grades you have been hoping for. If you feel editing and proofreading an assignment after you finish writing is too much of a tedious task for you, then there are plenty of ways out of that fix. You can entrust the editing responsibilities to any renowned academic writing services. Or you can get a friend or senior to review it for you. If all else fails, then keep it aside for a few days, take a break and come back to it and read again with a new perspective. Whatever you do, never turn in assignments that you have not edited and proofread thoroughly.

Parting words

Now you can finally work on that assignment you had left lying around for quite a long time. With so many myths busted on the much-debated topic of writing assignments in college or university, the real story is sure to take a load off your chest. There is no need to shy away from completing assignments simply because you feel you are not ready enough. Conquer those pending assignments in style! Happy writing!

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