December 22, 2017

Awesome Secret Santa Gifts for Your College and University Peeps

We know you cannot keep calm as it is Santa season all over the world. It is that time of the year again, and once again, the merrymaking begins with Christmas countdowns and fun Secret Santa games among friends and family. As the entire world decks up in festive glory and pomp, indulge in some chilled out fun with your college and university buddies to make the holidays merrier than before.

A classic favourite with college and university students, Secret Santa is a fabulous way to usher in the season of mistletoe, carols and eggnog in style. For the uninitiated, Secret Santa is a gift-giving game that is favoured by all and sundry worldwide. The rules of the game are simple: first, you write down the names of all the players in paper chits separately and shuffle them. Next, you choose a chit and will have to play Secret Santa to the person whose name was on the chit you chose. Then you get gifts for that person and receive some from your Secret Santa as well. The primary objective of the game is to exchange gifts anonymously and keep guessing who could be your Secret Santa until it is revealed later, usually on Boxing Day.

Uber-cool Secret Santa gifts that your friends will love

If you and your friends have Secret Santa in mind for adding a spark to your student lives this holiday season, then here are some marvellous gift ideas for you. From things for everyday use to fancy dorm room décor, your college and university buddies will be sure to adore these fun gifts they receive from their Secret Santa.

  • Throw pillows

Throw pillows are awesome gifts for that introvert friend who is sure to pick snuggling under the sheets over partying the night away, even on holidays. From ones with quirky messages to the ones that look like giant books you can literally snooze off on, you will find an admirable range of throw pillows online for that friend who never has enough of cosyingup their dorm beds.

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  • Compliment pencils and notebooks

We all know how hard finding motivation is amid piled up assignments and tremendous pressure of finishing the readings in time for rescuing the grades can be. To put an end to all those bouts of self-doubt in your friend who is constantly fretting about their assignment anxieties, get a set of inspiring compliment pencils along with a fashionable notebook this Christmas. Instill a whole bunch of vibrant positivity in them with these brightly coloured pencils, each of which has a compliment to make their day and a notebook for all their not-so-mundane musings and doodles.

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  • Microwave ramen cooker and spork

Bid adieu to midnight hunger pangs forever with this smart microwave ramen cooker for that forever-hungry friend. Team it up with a spork (a cross between spoon and fork), and watch them beam in glee this holiday season. The microwave-friendly ramen cooker is safe to use and has wow reviews from satisfied users all over the Internet. Bring some instant (noodle) joy to your friend’s life with this oh-so-handy reusable microwave ramen cooker and spork.

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  • Glow-in-the-dark coasters

Up your drinking game with these innovative coasters that are sure to be the light of every dorm room part that your friend hosts. Surprise the party animal among your friends with this cool set of glow-in-the-dark coasters that light up in the darkness when drinks are placed on them. Saving their desks from ugly glass stains, these coasters are sure to bring a huge grin to your friend’s face when they receive these as their Secret Santa. The set of four coasters will not even cost you much if you grab them online right during the holiday sale.

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  • Super-cute thermos

These thermoses are just too cute to gift to a friend, so you can get matching ones for the both of you. The vacuum-seal technology ensures that your soups and beverages stay warm for as long as you want them to. The cute design is sure to make them the talk of the campus whenever your friend steps out of their room with one of these. Spread the festive joy and mirth among your friends this Christmas by gifting them these really cute and surprisingly affordable thermoses that will remind them of how much you care for their drinks to stay warm.

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  • USB desktop fan and oil diffuser

A sturdy desktop fan with a rose gold metal frame, this utility gift will surely add a lot of chic to any dorm room. Blowing away dank winter smells of wet socks and damp covers, the fan also has a long USB cable and port for your laptop, phone and other gadgets. Team it up with a scented oil diffuser, and you’re good to go. A perfect gift for your friends this Christmas, bring a gust of fresh air and soothing aroma with this multi-utility desktop fan and oil diffuser.

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  • Adult colouring books

Let’s face it, adult colouring and sticker books are here to stay. The calming effect of colouring books is not unknown to us, and that is why we encourage that you gift your artsy friend with one these to make their day during the time of merrymaking thus year. Available in myriad sizes, themes and price ranges, you can find one that suits the needs of the friend with a flair for adding colour to every party or conversation. You can also look for local artists that design colouring books to get one custom-made for your friend, but if you are into last minute shopping right before Christmas, we suggest you stick to basics and order one online.

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  • Bluetooth speakers

Play Santa to your friends with Bluetooth speakers that pump up the volume at any dorm party. Sure to be a hit among your music lover friends, Bluetooth speakers come in various shapes, sizes and colours and have universal compatibility with a wide range of devices such as laptops, phones, iPods, MP3 players and tablets. Some are shower-proof, so your friend never has to unplug the music while some come attached to a string of fairy lights that will bring both light and sound to the rooms. Sturdy and reliable, Bluetooth speakers are a great gift this holiday season and are available at pocket-friendly prices all over the Internet.

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  • Screen rollers

If you choose these as the Secret Santa gift for your friend, be prepared to receive an onslaught of too many hugs and smiles in return as everyone, and that is, everyone is in dire need of one of these. The screen rollers are handy and serve the purpose quite well. One look at the before and after pictures and you will be convinced of their cleaning powers that get rid of the annoying smudges and fingerprints from the phone and device screens. Adding a gleaming look to the phone screens of your friends, this screen roller is a purposeful and smart gift for the gadget freak friend in your group.

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  • Quirky board games

Christmas is not quite Christmas without a round of board games with friends. Infuse a hell lot of fun into the sessions with Secret Santa gifts of weird, funny and some downright embarrassing board games. Gift your friends fun board games with sassy twists for Christmas and bring in uproarious laughter and mirth over drinks when all of you get together to have some fun during the holidays. While some are old classics in new packaging with a modern twist, some are updated to keep up with the changing times of today. A Christmas gift with a difference, board games are perfect for that party animal and fun-loving friend in your college or university.

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  • Portable chargers (compact, pizza, hip flask)

Phones running out of juice is one of the most annoying things that could happen to at a party on a festive weekend. That is why make sure that social butterfly friend’s phone is never out of power all thanks to the Secret Santa gift that you get them – a portable charger. Oh well, they are cliché and boring, you say? Not when they come in brilliantly quirky shapes, colours and sizes. The portable chargers have more than one charging slot for powering up all their necessary devices, from phone to tablets, and up to 17 hours of standby battery life. From pizza slices to hip flasks, you will find a host of designs for the portable charger you want to gift. Some of them are so lovely that you might even have desires to keep one too.

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  • Travel accessories

Have you got a friend who is regularly bitten by the travel bug? Then travel accessories are perfect gift ideas for them this Christmas. Luggage tags, jewelleryorganisers, passport cases, travel pillow – there are options galore for that friend who just cannot have enough of travelling all around the globe. Be it a super-awesome duffel bag charm, a quirky travel mug or a vibrant passport cover, your globetrotter friend is sure to appreciate gifts that tug at their wanderlust side. You can choose from a wide range of travel accessories online for playing Secret Santa for that friend who loves to travel.

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  • Designer desk lamp

These designer desk lamps are sure to illuminate the life of the friend you gift these to, and it will help if they are affectionate about elephants. The USB-charged desk lamps have three light settings that adjust the brightness to suit your friends’ mood and can stay on for two straight days on standby. Playing Secret Santa to your friends this year, bring them a whole bunch of light (literally) to keep them going on those nights before the exams when this very lamp comes to the rescue as they pore over the piles of readings that need to be finished for saving their GPAs.

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  • Hot cocoa maker and snacks care packages


A classic Christmas favourite, a hot cocoa maker with a snacks care package will have the Christmas scene sorted with your friends this holiday season. You simply cannot go wrong with this dorm-friendly hot cocoa making kit that will entice you with the inviting aroma of fresh hot chocolate topped with marshmallows. Indulge in some binge-snacking and hot cocoa drinking sessions while you listen to Christmas carols with your friends. The snacks care package can be customised to include your favourite mix of sweet and savoury snacks that will help them through the long reading nights during exam prep time.

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Spread loads of joy and love among your friends with these fun and innovative Secret Santa gifts that they will absolutely adore. Share the festive mirth with friends and family and do not forget to go all-social with Snapchat and Instagram stories. Merry Christmas!

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