February 1, 2018

A Comprehensive List of 100 Comparative Essay Topics

So you have been tasked with a comparative essay writing in class or have to prepare a precise comparative analysis for your workplace. To produce an engaging comparative essay, you have to begin by selecting two subjects that have enough similarities and distinctions to be placed opposite one another in a relevant manner. For instance, two separate ideologies or two forms of government. Once you decide on the topic, then you can elucidate the contrasting elements present in each of the subjects and conduct research, gather data and facts, and structure the paragraphs to captivate and enthral your readers. Presenting a brilliant comparative essay will be useful in case of your future academic endeavours as well. On that note, listed below are some helpful tips to make your comparative essay stand out.

  • Assess the question or the requirement of your essay minutely

You may have come up with an amazing essay topic for your assignment, but if it seems irrelevant to the specific requirement of the paper, you are not producing what the professors are looking for. Check the question thoroughly and note down the key terms. Keep a list of these things close to you as you proceed with your paper writing.

  • Decipher the kind of comparison you are required to draw

While some essay writing topics may be based on simple compare/contrast format, others might require you to start with similar format and then proceed with an assessment or argument depending on your comparisons. For such essays, simply elaborating the distinctive and similar aspects will not be enough.

  • Note down the resemblances and contradictions that you will be dealing with in the essay paper

Even though you are assigned to preparing comparison essay, the incorporation of contradictory aspects is still appreciated. The best way to approach such an essay is to prepare a list of things that the subjects you are making a comparison of having in common and the differences they may have as well. Alternatively, you can look for essay help services online to help you with the process.

  • Review the list you’ve prepared

It is quite possible that you will not be able to focus on everything that you’ve put down on your list. Go through the list and try to recognise a particular pattern or theme among the subjects that are listed. This can assist you to determine the relevance of your comparison.

  • Define the context of your comparison

How will you evaluate the two aspects? Among many things, the basis could be a theoretical aspect, like neo-realism or multiculturalism; a question or issue that you want to address and explain an answer to; or a historical theme, like emancipation or colonialism. The comparison also demands a specific thesis or an overarching notion or concept that defines the reason why you are comparing the objects in question. If this seems too taxing for you, then look for essay helpers online to assist you to prepare a compelling essay paper.

  • Perform precise research on your subjects of comparison

Even though you want to have a detailed understanding of the comparison of both the subjects, it’s significant not to offer more information than it’s required. Highlight certain aspects of your comparison instead of trying to incorporate everything in the paper.

  • Present a thesis statement

Every essay should consist of a coherent and relevant thesis statement. Even when the context of your comparison was provided to you, you are required to emphasise in a sentence why you are comparing the two subjects. The comparison should highlight something about the features of the subjects or their connection to each other, and your thesis statement should elaborate on that comparison. You can seek a professional essay proofreader to check the relevance of your content, and present it in a better way.

Following these tips will ensure your paper develops exactly how you had wanted it to.

A Detailed List of Comparative Essay Topics

More often students struggle to decide on a proper comparative essay topic for their college or university assignments. Since selecting a compelling topic forms the most significant step of presenting an impactful essay paper, the following is a thorough list of topics that you can refer to when you are falling short on ideas.

  1. Provide a comparative analysis on the abolishment of slavery and the anti-segregation laws in the UK.
  2. What are core differences in the policies adopted by former Prime Minister of The UK David Cameron and the present PM Theresa May? Elucidate with examples.
  3. Elaborate on the fundamental differences between a bacterium and a virus.
  4. Present a comparative analysis of the cell division and cell replication. Which process is more effective according to you? Justify you answer.
  5. A comparative analysis between the traditional mailing system and the Email.
  6. Prepare a comparative analysis between The Guardian and the The Telegraph.
  7. How would you establish the contrast of nature vs. nurture through your arguments? Explain with proper examples.
  8. Compare the distinctive elements of Marxism with other capitalist theories. Provide sufficient evidence.
  9. Offer an in-depth philosophical perspective on life and death.
  10. Are dogs and humans more similar than they are different? Elucidate with appropriate evidence.
  11. Provide a comparative analysis of the DNA structures of Chimpanzees and human beings. How similar or different are they? Justify with valid arguments.
  12. Are German cars more energy efficient or the Japanese cars? Explain with examples.
  13. Offer a comparative overview of autocratic and democratic systems of management. Which one would be more applicable while managing a crisis?
  14. From the perspective of Inbound marketing practices, Compare the functions of marketing and sales funnel of an organisation.
  15. Elucidate on the stark differences between tactical and strategic management adopted by a company. Present your views by providing the examples of two of the most prominent UK-based organisations.
  16. What are marketing automation vendors? Provide a comparison between any two of the most distinguished marketing automation tools or software.
  17. Provide a comparison between two popular marketing research organizations. How do you determine the differences or similarities between the two corporations?
  18. Elaborate on the differences between the administration and management. Provide proper examples.
  19. Offer a comparison between traditional hard drives and SSD hard drives.
  20. Define the general similarities and differences between the Microsoft Windows and the Google Android operating system.
  21. Thomas Alva Edison or Nikola Tesla, who was a better innovator? Provide a thorough comparative analysis.
  22. Alternative medicine vs. New age healthcare facilities. Offer your insights on the drawbacks and advantages of both the procedures.
  23. Nineteenth-century urban fantasy or twenty-first-century urban fantasy novels: Which one would stand out regarding treatment and characterisation?
  24. Discuss the contrasting elements of prose and verses of the Anglo-Saxon era literature. Provide relevant examples along with your statements.
  25. Hunger Games series or Divergent series: Which one is more appealing in terms of story?
  26. Living in the reality or living in the dream: Which is easier? Provide a precise comparative analysis.
  27. Studying art or studying science: Which one takes more effort? Why? Explain with valid reasons.
  28. Are Nazism and Fascism different or similar? Offer adequate examples along with your arguments.
  29. The ideologies of Chamberlain and Churchill: Whose ideas are more relevant in today’s times? Elucidate with proper reason.
  30. A comparative analysis of the differences or similarities between Renaissance and Baroque era music. Provide sufficient evidence.
  31. A comparative analysis of church sermons and campaign speeches. Provide sufficient examples of both.
  32. Prepare a comparative analysis on the prevalent themes of Robert Frost’s Road Not Taken.
  33. Provide a comparison between the Roman and Greek era architecture. Offer adequate examples alongside.
  34. The cinematic or the literary representation of Harry Potter: Which worked wonders with the audience? Elaborate with appropriate evidence.
  35. Present a comparative overview on Creationism and Evolutionism with sufficient examples for both the theories.
  36. Prepare a comparative analysis on the E-waste and Radioactive waste.
  37. The comparison between living in an urbanized setup and living in the countryside.
  38. Voldemort or Sauron: Which antagonist was more iconic in terms of treatment? Provide solid reasons.
  39. Provide a comparison of the belief of paganism and Christianity through John Millington Synge’s Riders to the Sea.
  40. Provide a comparative analysis of the phenomenon of Racism and Sexism with sufficient examples.
  41. Provide a comparative study of the characters of Twelveth Night and Much Ado about Nothing.
  42. The comparative assessment of the advertisements featured in print and in the electronic media.
  43. Offer an insight into the contrasting elements of the role of public relations in the private sector and the public sector.
  44. Childhood or adulthood: Which phase of an individual is the most fulfilling? Prepare a comparative analysis.
  45. Provide a comparative analysis on the propaganda policies when it comes to media coverage in Russia and China. Offer sufficient examples to justify your arguments.
  46. Provide a comparative overview on the Great Depression of the Post WWI period and the Recession. Offer valid evidences along with your statements.
  47. Offer a critical insight and comparison of Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump as presidents of the United States.
  48. A comparative overview between the Influence of Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler on the world politics during the time of World War II.
  49. Compare the writing style and techniques of Sylvia Plath and Virginia Woolf with reference to some of their most popular literary creations.
  50. Provide a comparative assessment of the Shannon and Weaver model of communication and the Wilbur Schramm model of communication.
  51. Provide a comparative analysis between two-step theory and multi-step theory of the communication. Offer examples along with the analysis.
  52. How is a publicist different from a public relation professional? Provide adequate examples to support your statements.
  53. Provide a thorough and precise comparison of the Social Responsibility theory and the Soviet Media Theory. Also, present sufficient examples to back your arguments.
  54. Elaborate on the stark differences between the Authoritarian theory and the Libertarian or the Free Press Theory. Offer relevant examples.
  55. Offer a comparative evaluation on the theories of Axiology and Epistemology, as established communication theories.
  56. Provide a comparison of the life in school and life in college. How different or similar are they? Offer your insights and examples.
  57. Offer a comparative analysis between Hamlet’s Gertrude and Macbeth’s Lady Macbeth in terms of characterization.
  58. Veganism or vegetarianism: Provide a comparative analysis stating which one is more effective for healthcare purposes?
  59. Offer a comprehensive idea on the similarities and differences between the practice of yoga or meditation.
  60. Luxury travelling or backpacking: Which type is more satisfying? State your own opinion with adequate examples.
  61. Provide a comparison of the traditional theatres and the 3D theatres. Emphasise on the drawbacks and advantages of the both the types.
  62. Offer a comprehensive comparison of The Sound of Music and the Diary of Anne Frank.
  63. Offer a comparative analysis of the Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer and Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist. Discuss thoroughly about the recurring similarities and difference of the central characters from both the novels.
  64. Offer a comparison between Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There and the Wizard of Oz in terms of storyline and characterization. Offer instances of similarities and differences from both the books.
  65. Critically compare the impact of television and the impact of smartphones in today’s youth. Justify you stance with valid reasons.
  66. Prepare a comparative analysis between Jane Austen’s popular literary creations Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. How different or similar are the central characters in these novels.
  67. Harry Potter or Frodo Baggins: Which character is most iconic regarding the cinematic representation.
  68. Elucidate on the difference or similarities between the influence of Neo-Realism in Italian cinema and the influence of New Wave on the French Cinema. Offer adequate examples of the cinematic ventures that reflected these trends on screen.
  69. A comparative analysis between the genres of Jazz and Blues in music. Present the examples of some of the most popular American artists who excelled in both these genres.
  70. Offer a comparative analysis of the Mayan and Indus Valley Civilisation with adequate examples of the advancements made during that time.
  71. Offer a comparative overview on the phenomenon of Globalisation and the Digitalisation. Provide adequate evidence for both the phenomenon.
  72. Provide a comparative analysis between the philosophy of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. How do you distinguish the difference between the ideologies promoted by the two philosophers?
  73. Discuss and compare the influence of parents with the influence of celebrities on a child’s psyche.
  74. The contrasting elements present in the poetries of William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Use some their most popular creations as example to establish your argument.
  75. Music or Books: Which is more influential in a person’s life? Provide a detailed comparative study to support your points.
  76. Offer a comparative insight into the reasons of World War I and II.
  77. A comparative analysis of the effects of drinking coffee and tea.
  78. Present a comparative study on Anthropology and the theological studies. Provide adequate examples to support your statements.
  79. Discuss the difference and similarities between Psychology and Psycho-analysis with sufficient evidence.
  80. Provide a comparative analysis between Reuters and AFP. Which one garnered more popularity in terms of the dissemination of news?
  81. Discuss the differences and similarities between the process of Immigration and Emigration. Provide examples along with your analysis.
  82. Provide a comparative assessment on To Kill a Mockingbird and Gone with the Wind in terms of the storyline. Offer examples of the elements of similarities or dissimilarities in the story.
  83. Provide a comparative insight about the two sides of the World War I, and their allies and axis. Offer sufficient examples with your answer.
  84. Discuss the differences and similarities between brand promotion through social media and brand promotion through the radio.
  85. A comprehensive list of differences and similarities between the features of community radio and the mainstream radio. Include examples to support your answer.
  86. Discuss the similarities and differences between the Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia. Offer relevant examples along with your statements.
  87. How do you distinguish between an invention and a discovery? Offer logical explanation to support your stance.
  88. Distinguish the differences between an introvert and an extrovert. Provide a valid and precise argument in your answer.
  89. Children raised by single parents or both the parents: A comparative analysis on how it impacts a child’s behaviour and perception. Offer sufficient examples to establish your point.
  90. How is being rich and being famous related with or different from one another? Provide evidence with your answer.
  91. Provide a comparative analysis on the differences between daytime and nighttime.
  92. Scientific writing or academic writing: Which one is more beneficial? Offer an insight through a comparative analysis.
  93. Elucidate on the contradictory aspects of love and hatred. Explain with sufficient examples.
  94. Discuss about the distinctive and similar elements of fiction and non-fiction stories. Which one is more appealing? Offer adequate evidence of the two elements within your answer.
  95. Discuss and elaborate on some of the basic differences in Comedy and Drama with sufficient examples to support your essay.
  96. Sources with Rights Reserved or Free Access: The need for safeguarding the intellectual property
  97. A comparative analysis between the contemporary literature and Twentieth Century literature. Do you think today’s literature lack substance? Provide a solid argument along with your answer.
  98. Offer a comparative analysis between mainstream cinema and parallel or alternative cinema. Provide valid reasons along with your answer.
  99. Offer a comparison between Ronald Weasley and Samwise Gamgee. Provide examples along with your statements.

So now you will never run out of ideas while presenting an amazing comparative essay.

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