April 17, 2015

7 Secrets to Score the Best Grades in Your Accounting Assignment

Many students pursue accounting to make the most of the business opportunities in the UK. But, writing accounting assignment is not as easy as it seems to be. From an informative introduction to an objective conclusion, you need to take care of several aspects while writing an accounting assignment. Follow this complete guide to craft a University standard accounting assignment.

  1. Understand the question

Many students lose valuable marks because they do not read the question carefully. The question might be about debt management and you might have written about modern financial processes. Naturally, all your hard work and time goes down the drain. It is always suggested to read and understand the question first. Do not start writing the paper immediately after receiving your topic.

Talk to your lecturers if you don’t understand the topic. Jot down the key requirements of the topic in a paper. Stick the paper somewhere in your room. This will help you to stick to the topic while working on the assignment. Several students also tend to divert from the topic and lose marks.

  1. Collect relevant and factual data

Irrespective of the topic, an accounting essay must be factually accurate and informative. So, collecting relevant data for your accounting assignment will take time. You must invest proper time to gather the latest financial reporting standards supported by facts and figures. Make sure that all the subject areas including accounting concepts and recent developments in International Accounting Standards related to your topic are covered.

Go through relevant academic journals, library databases, technical accountancy publications, accountancy research websites, etc. You need to filter the research materials and use only the most relevant ones. Your professors can help if you are unable to find proper information for your paper.

  1. Write a precise introduction

Writing the introduction is the most crucial part of an assignment. Your accounting paper is no exception to the rule. You must state the key objectives of the essay in the introduction. You can also note down the end goal of your essay and include it in the introduction. Your readers must understand what your assignment is about by reading the introduction.

Besides a clear understanding of the topic, the introduction must be engaging. Remember, that your professors are busy people. They might not read the entire essay if the introduction is boring or irrelevant. You must simply state the key elements of your topic. Do not reveal everything in the introduction.

  1. Craft the main body of the essay

Stick to the topic while writing the body of the essay. Elaborate the key points of your essay logically to make it easier for the readers to understand. Support your views and arguments with well-researched facts and figures. If required, you must include proper calculations, charts and graphs to enhance the credibility of the paper. Make use of fundamental accounting concepts to gain high scores for your accounting assignment.

Remember, the main body of the essay is the foundation of your entire work. If your professor has instructed you to follow a specific format, write your assignment in that format. Also, it must not deviate from what you’ve mentioned in the introduction. When you write multiple paragraphs, make sure every paragraph is linked to the topic.

  1. Write a compelling conclusion

The conclusion isn’t a less significant segment of the accounting assignment. You must provide a brief and persuasive summary of the key points in the paper. Some students tend to merely re-state the introduction and lose marks. Consider the conclusion as the wrap-up of your entire assignment. So, draw a conclusion based on the results of your research. If you have discussed different accounting calculations in the essay, analyze each of them and state their importance.

Depending on the topic, you can include examples and simple calculations to add value to your essay. But, not all accounting assignments will require calculations or examples in the end. You must express your own opinions or suggestions related to the topic.

  1. Use appropriate language

Accounting assignments also determine your business writing skills. So, you must be very careful when it comes to using the right level of language for the accounting paper. Inappropriate language can lack in appeal, resulting in poor grades. Apart from relevant terms, you must also highlight your accountancy knowledge in the right format throughout the paper. The use of language depends on the topic you`ve been given.

For instance, if your topic is regarding the benefits of understanding accounts, then your language should be clear and simple. Alternatively, if your topic is about the right method of valuation for financial derivatives, then you must use proper terminology and acronyms.

  1. Proofread and edit your paper

Before submitting your paper, check the grammar, spelling and punctuations. The number of references used in an accounting assignment can differ on the basis of the topic. So, make sure that you have properly referenced your work. Read the entire assignment twice or thrice to make sure that you have discussed the main objective of the paper as stated in the introduction.

Some students tend to include irrelevant paragraphs to meet the word count. While proofreading, eliminate the sections that seem abrupt or off-topic. You must make sure that the entire format of the essay is concise and clear. You can also get a senior or a family member to proofread the paper. This is important because you can overlook your own mistakes at times.

Wrapping it up,

Accounting assignments need proper research, hard work and time. From understanding the topic to citing the references, you must take care of all the aspects while writing the accounting paper. Your chance of graduating from the University and finding a well-paid job in this field depends on your grades. So, follow these guidelines and deliver a flawless accounting paper before the deadline.

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