December 29, 2011

7 Hacks to Write Flawless Assignments

Assignment writing is not a cake walk. You might face dozens of problems while crafting the perfect assignment. What if you had an easy guide to solve all your assignment writing problems? Check out the 7 most common assignment writing problems that students face and learn easy tricks to master the art of writing.

  1. Lack of proficiency in language

Many students lose valuable marks due to the lack of proficiency in the English Language. Some of them are non-English speakers. Eventually, they end up using improper sentence structures, irrelevant words and incorrect grammar in their assignments. Improper English is one of those things that annoy your professor the most. Follow the tips mentioned below to overcome the problem.


Read a lot: This is the only solution to fix the issue. You must read whenever you can. Spend time in the library or take out time to read while working part-time. Reading can expose you to several writing styles, grammar and proper sentence structures.

  1. Insufficient knowledge

At times, you might get a complicated topic with no research material available on the internet. Many students tend to skip the assignment because they find it difficult to gather information on the topic. Some spend too much on the research and fail to meet the deadlines. Writing assignments in a hurry or missing the deadlines can cost you valuable marks. Instead of risking your grades, here’s what you should do.


Consult with your professors: Your professors have profound knowledge in their field. If you are unable to collect any information on the topic, seek help from them. Pay attention to your class lectures and go through the notes given by your professor. You can also ask your seniors for help or have a group study session to come up with new ideas for the topic.

  1. Tight deadlines

Students are required to submit papers on multiple projects throughout their academic course. It becomes quite a trouble for them to manage all the assignments at the same time. Some tend to miss the deadlines due to the academic pressure. Others submit the assignment without keeping a check on the quality. Either way, you end up losing valuable marks. Follow the suggestion mentioned below to manage strict deadlines.


Start early: You can’t expect your college life to be a bed of roses. Tight deadlines and academic pressure are essential parts of academics. To beat the deadlines, you must start your work from day #1. Prepare an outline, gather information and finally start writing. You can also set a personal deadline before the actual one. This will help you to complete the assignment within the deadline.

  1. Prepare a format

Many students tend to lose marks because of a poor format of the assignment. You might not understand the importance of formatting unless you lose valuable grades. An assignment devoid of formatting consists of ideas that don’t seem organised. The assignment lacks quality and credibility. You might have included every detail required in the paper, but your professor might reward you with a B-. It might be due to improper formatting of the assignment.


Take time to prepare an outline: Irrespective of your deadlines, you must prepare an outline of the assignment before you begin writing. Note down the ideas you want to mention in your paper. Decide the headings and sub-headings and write them accordingly. Plan ahead of time and give a proper structure to your assignment. It will assignment help you string the ideas logically from the introduction to the bibliography.

  1. Lack of confidence

Several students assume that the topic is too difficult for them. At times, they don’t even attempt to write the paper. They start late, thereby not meeting the deadlines. Alternatively, they may skip the entire assignment altogether. The assignment grades play a huge role in shaping your career. There’s no point in not taking it seriously. You may not get the assignment right in its first draft and that is perfectly okay. Check out the solution to boost your confidence.


Practise is the key: We often come across the proverb ‘Practise makes a man perfect.’ Now it’s time to apply it to your lives. Start practising and don’t stop until you achieve success. To deliver an impeccable assignment, you need writing skills and practise. Work hard and you can definitely ace the task of writing assignments.

  1. Referencing

It is needless to talk about the importance of referencing in your assignments. There are several referencing formats and you may get confused while preparing the reference list. Moreover, each format has specific rules. So, if you miss out on one rule, you can expect a significant drop in your grades. Skipping this section is not even an option, because referencing is mandatory for every assignment. Similarly, following any random format for referencing is also not an option if you want good grades in your assignment.


Learn the referencing guidelines by heart: Invest time in learning all the referencing rules and formats for your assignment. Talk to your professors to know which referencing format you should follow. Craft your assignment accordingly. The guidelines change for specific referencing styles. So, you must keep a check on the updates as well.

  1. Plagiarism

Many students lose marks because of plagiarism in their assignments. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited in all the Universities. You might plagiarise the content without realising. Collecting information from other authors, websites or blogs is obvious. But, you must take the ideas from different sources and craft your perspective. Don’t just copy and paste the information you find on the Internet. Professors might discard your paper if they find the assignment to be plagiarised.


Use plagiarism tools: You will find different plagiarism tools online. Choose the most reliable one and check if your assignment is 100% original. The tools deliver the results within a matter of seconds. If you find certain portions of your assignment to be plagiarised, change them immediately. Submit the paper only if you are sure that it is 100% original.

Wrapping Up,

It’s okay if you are not able to craft a perfect assignment at your first try. Do not give up. These are the most common assignment writing problems that students encounter. If you are facing the same issues, apply the tips given above. Work hard and deliver a high-quality assignment within the deadline. is the One Stop Solution for All Your Assignment Writing Problems

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