September 21, 2020

Fashion And Culture Dissertation Topics And Titles

Fashion And Culture Dissertation Topics And Titles

According to the diverse world fashion (2014) the culture is largely inclusive of the concept and the fact is that fashion reflects the culture which implies some of the consideration of some main cultural changes. There are some technological advances like the internet which has been immensely transformed in the culture.To help you with the most difficult term which is to find a better and attractive fashion and culture topic ideas, here we have tried to develop a long list of latest topics which can be utilized for writing your culture and fashion dissertation.

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  • Covid-19 fashion and culture research topics
    • Topic1: Impacts of Covid-19 on the fashion and culture industry – here the research aim would be to study the highlights and the impacts of coronavirus over the fashion industry
    • Topic 2:

      The role of the fashion industry during the coronavirus pandemic – here research aim is to understand the disruption of every industry including the fashion industry due to Covid-19. Each and every textile and the luxury brands were paused during this global lockdown time. This study will help to investigate how the fashion and culture industry has also contributed in combating the coronavirus pandemic.

    • Topic 3:

      Impacts of Covid-19 over the mentality of prop end their culture – here the research aim will be to understand the lockdown situation due to Covid-19 crisis and how it has affected the prop end their culture. This study will help in addressing the issues along with the role of the people in maintaining a safer environment.

    • Topic 4:

      Coronavirus and the creative sector – here the research aim will be to understand the highlights of the impacts if Covid-19 over the creative sector, innovations and planning for overcoming the consequences of Covid-19.

    • Topic 5:

      The future if fashion, creative sector and culture after the Covid-19 pandemic – here the research aim will be to understand and predict the future of fashion, creative sector and culture industry after the Covid-19 with the help of its highlights, methods and the challenges for overcoming this pandemic situation.

    Fashion and culture dissertation topics for the year 2020

    • Topic 1: analyzing the role of fashion in re-shaping the western-culture values: case study of any western country – here the research aim will be to understand that the fashion industry has always played an important role in every person’s life. The main objective of this research is to analyze the exact role and the significance of fashion industry in re-shaping and also molding the western cultural values.
    • Topic 2:

      how the modern fashion of 21st century represents the political and the cultural ideals of this current era – here the research aim is to understand that since the last few decades this fashion industry has provided prominent and important role in influencing the cultural values. However, the research paper will focus only on how the modern fashion industry of this 21st century has represented the political as well as cultural ideas of the current era.

    • Topic 3:

      how has the western culture influenced the living standards as well as the preferences of Asian consumers: a case study of Pakistan and India – here the research aim will be to analyze and also find out how the western culture has influenced the living standards and their buying preferences of the Asian consumers? It is a very well-researched argument as the Asian consumers are under influence of western world along with their culture. Hence, this research paper will only focus into the consumers of Pakistan as well as in India and also their buying decision which might be affected by the western culture.

    • Topic 4:

      assessing the fashion trends of royal families all around the globe: a comparative analysis of the UK and the Saudi Arabia – here the research aim will be to understand that royal families have always tried to subject their classy fashion trends and they have also created an intense impression over the general public. The main focus of this research study is to assess the fashion trend of the royal families all around the globe with specifically FOCUSING INTO THE UK and the Saudi Arabia public.

    Iconography dissertation topics

    For many centuries the fashion industry has remained very connected with the world of celebrities and the music industry, reflecting the ever-changing cultural trends. Iconography is based in the dissertation which may discuss the role of icons in world of those fashion and art from a historical perspective.

    This subject of iconography primarily provide a brief look into the celebrity culture. This is very helpful to understand that how they are used as well as portrayed for promoting a certain type of fashion trend. Some of the interesting fashion and culture dissertation topics and titles related to this field are listed in the following:

    • The involvement of affluent female consumer in the fashion and culture industry
    • Cultural modernity and the fashion journalism in the Hong Kong, in the Singapore and in the Shanghai
    • Alexander McQueen and the perception of fashion – a case study of the five fashion and cultural shows
    • The impact over the current fashion and culture industry of the fashion and culture journalism
    • Mad for Madonna – the high and the low fashions of this music industry
    • Lady Gaga – the most glamorous fashion of the music industry
    • Selena Gomez – one of the teenage style icon for the casual fashion and culture
    • Eminently Eminem – fashions of the rapping culture and music industry
    • James Dean and the Café Culture
    • Beyond the Pink – Youth Iconography in the Cinema (post)
    • Investigating the impact of the celebrities culture over the fashion and culture industry with particular focus into females’ fashion clothing, lifestyle and other consumptions
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