January 12, 2018

A List of Impactful and Appealing Narrative Essay Topics to Get Your Grades Soaring

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As opposed to compare and contrast essays or persuasive essays, narrative type focuses on an entirely distinct set of issues. More often than not, students get overwhelmed when they have to merge their ability storytelling with composing properly structured essays. While persuasive or critical essays have a somewhat defined structure which makes it convenient for the students to work on, narrative essays tend to be more scattered in nature. This is why the process of putting together a brilliant narrative essay is what makes many students feel flustered about narrative essay writing. If you are one of those students, constantly wracking your brains trying to come up with a compelling essay topic, you can find some amazing topics to get inspired by your next essay assignment.

But before moving on to the discussion of the list of essay topics,  let’s shed some light on the specific do’s and don’ts, so that your narrative essay turns out as impeccable as you’d imagined it to be. So here are some factors to make you stay ahead –

  • Do describe your story. When proceeding to narrate your story, you have the liberty to adorn your piece of writing with intriguing elements. This way your readers will enjoy the write-up as well. Or you can hire essay writers online to assist you in the process.
  • Don’t just focus on the story part. The essay section of the “narrative essay” requires you to assess the story and elaborate on the key takeaway from that particular story. If you are just concentrating on describing the story, you are not presenting an essay.
  • Do try to evoke the reader’s emotions. Let your readers connect with the emotions you’ve poured in to your write-up. As long as your readers can identify with your sentiments, your essay will be successful. Even if you are preparing an essay paper writing, ensure that they are not dull. (That’s the only kind of emotions you shouldn’t invoke in your readers.)
  • Don’t contain your write-up within a typical five-paragraph essay. You can include dialogues. You can increase or shorten the length of your paragraph. The sentences used in the essay should be able to take the story forward.
  • Do establish connections. Your readers would like to witness how the story that you’ve narrated had an impact on you and how they can identify with it. Your story can be based on any real-life incident or about your current emotional state.
  • Don’t keep rambling on unnecessarily throughout the paper. Frankly, nobody prefers to read about the insignificant details. While providing necessary information is instrumental for breathing life into the story, too much of it all can be overwhelming for the readers. While writing the essay, your goal should be to keep the readers intrigued. Avoid making the process of reading too tedious for them.
  • Do include your commentaries within the piece. The goal of presenting a narrative essay is to tell your experience and story and what you have learned from it. If you don’t explain your views along with the story, your readers will not know how you’ve grown through the experience. The views you elaborate will influence the readers to relate to your piece of writing. Your views allow the readers an insight into your emotional state while experiencing the event.
  • Don’t forget to maintain the specific requirements as defined by your institution for the essay assignment. It is easy to get carried away narrating a story. While you should enjoy the process of preparing the essay, but don’t forget that the piece of writing will define your academic performance.


A list of unique and appealing narrative essay writing topics to derive inspiration from:

When writing an essay paper, opting for an appropriate essay topic happens to be the most crucial step. This is also the point where many students tend to fumble and falter. Keeping that though mind, we have compiled a list of engaging topics that you can easily consider for your next narrative essay assignment.

  1. A particular experience that was life-changing for you.
  2. An event that left you disappointed or dejected
  3. How I faced my worst nightmare.
  4. An experience that taught me not to judge a book by its cover
  5. How I conquered my phobia
  6. A random act of kindness that I exercised
  7. How a short trip to Blackpool changed my worldview
  8. The experience of moving to a different city.
  9. What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?
  10. How I overcame various hurdles in my life.
  11. The experience of living on your own.
  12. Three decisions of my life. And, what were the outcomes of those decisions?
  13. How does having younger siblings feel like?
  14. The worst day of my life.
  15. 5 things I regret doing in my life.
  16. What would you do if you won a billion dollars in a lottery?
  17. Describe one life-altering journey.
  18. Who is your role model and why?
  19. 5 day-to-day problems that I experience and how I deal with them.
  20. One book that has influenced me to a great extent.
  21. The people who have brought about positive changes in my life.
  22. How would you be spending one day or week without accessing the internet?
  23. The drawbacks of my digital dependence.
  24. How has music impacted my personal life?
  25. What have I learnt from my elder/younger sibling?
  26. Your favourite author/poet/playwright. What do you like about his creations?
  27. You favourite stress-relieving activity/activities
  28. What do my social media profiles describe about my personality?
  29. One of the most gruesome experiences of your life.
  30. What is that one trait that you’d like to change about yourself?
  31. How coped with the loss of a loved one.
  32. What is the most beautiful thing in the world according to you?
  33. One singer or artist that inspires me.
  34. What all my close relationships have taught me.
  35. How I deal with success or failure.
  36. A recent movie that influenced you.
  37. Which television show do you find interesting?
  38. The time I felt like I’m about to witness a historic moment.
  39. Who was your best teacher growing up? And why?
  40. One incident that has stuck with you for a long time.
  41. One of the greatest conversations of your life.
  42. How I learnt the importance of timeliness or punctuality.
  43. The experience of witnessing a natural disaster or calamity.
  44. One stressful job interview.
  45. How my behavior has influenced the changes in my life.
  46. An experience that restored your faith in humanity.
  47. One weird dream that came true for you.
  48. The most embarrassing moment that I encountered recently.
  49. An imaginary rendezvous with a real individual.
  50. My favourite holiday destination.
  51. The first significant rejection I faced.
  52. Do you believe in miracles? What’s your idea of miracles in day-to-day life?
  53. A trip that you have always hoped to go on.
  54. One hilarious incident that made you laughs till your stomach hurt.
  55. One fictional character that has always been fascinating for you.
  56. One instance of a cowardly act.
  57. What was the turning point in your life?
  58. An experience of losing my way on a solo trip.
  59. One example of two versions of the same incident that unfolded.
  60. What do you the future holds for you?
  61. One gadget that you really wish you had in your life.
  62. 7 toughest life lessons I’ve learnt so far.
  63. One of your personality traits that you’re really proud of.
  64. If you could possess one superpower, what would it be?
  65. Experiencing a moment of wisdom
  66. How has playing an instrument brought significant changes in your behaviour?
  67. 4 qualities that you absolutely admire in people.
  68. An experience of being part of a noble cause.
  69. If you were to make television series, what would it be based on?
  70. If you were to invent something, what would it be? And why?
  71. Living with a pet in the house.
  72. Surviving a critical illness.
  73. How the demise of my grandmother had impacted me.
  74. What according to you is the greatest invention mankind has made?
  75. What was your experience of the first day in college?
  76. What was is it like to live in a different country for your academic purposes?
  77. Do you consider yourself impulsive?
  78. How do you cope with boredom?
  79. Are women these days too conscious of their appearance?
  80. An experience of facing gender bias.
  81. Do parents want separate things for their sons and daughters?
  82. What are your perceptions on racial discrimination?
  83. How to inculcate positive body image in young girls.
  84. If given a choice, would you replace your books with their digital counterparts?
  85. Do you think peer pressure has a role in promoting the use of cuss words?
  86. Has peer pressure ever gotten the better of you?
  87. How much information is actually too much?
  88. Which is more fulfilling- Wealth or Happiness?
  89. Do you believe that your passion should be your profession?
  90. Have ever regretted wasting your time on something you were not good at?
  91. Would you leave a lucrative job opportunity if your ideologies didn’t match with that of the employer’s?
  92. If I could change one historical event, which one would I choose?
  93. What if you could time travel to past?
  94. What are the social causes you strongly believe in?
  95. What is your favourite subject? What do you like best about it?
  96. Do you feel it’s important to learn foreign languages?
  97. What is your favourite genre of movies?
  98. What is your favourite television commercial?
  99. Have you ever been influenced by fancy advertisements?
  100. Do you keep a journal?
  101. What does feminism stand for according to you?
  102. Do you consider yourself to be trustworthy or dependable?
  103. How often do you lie?
  104. How would you describe having a family?
  105. Which “words of wisdom” do you live by?
  106. Are a good listener? Or are you more assertive?
  107. How do you deal with increasing pressure?
  108. Do you often feel undervalued?
  109. How easily do you adapt to the changes around you?
  110. What significant life lessons you have learnt from each one of your family members.
  111. Do you harbour any superstitions?
  112. What is the best advice that you’ve ever received?
  113. The season you like the most.
  114. An example of a blessing in disguise.
  115. What according to you has prompted a giant leap for mankind?
  116. Does inner beauty often gets overshadowed by the outer layer?
  117. What would have been your alternative career option and why?
  118. The one thing that you would want to change about your surroundings?
  119. Have you ever feel like giving up in the face of extreme crisis?
  120. An experience that you never want to forget.
  121. Lessons learnt the hard way.
  122. An experience that made you believe that good still exists in the world.
  123. Being witness to an unfortunate event
  124. How do you fight your fears?
  125. A near death experience and how it changed my perceptions about life.
  126. Do you consider yourself lucky?
  127. What was the most memorable event that you participated in?
  128. Have you ever violated any rules of your college?
  129. An experience that made ou realize that you need to grow up and become more responsible.
  130. Have you ever been bullied? Or bullied someone else?
  131. What drives you to follow your dreams and ambitions?
  132. Do you think luck and talent go hand in hand in shaping a person’s future?
  133. Have you tried altering someone’s perceptions about certain event? Did your actions have any consequences?
  134. Have you put your reputation at risk for someone else?
  135. Do you think performing community service or volunteering can be beneficial?
  136. Have you ever been subjected to deal with unfair practices by maintaining silence?
  137. Is growing without any sibling a boon or a bane?
  138. Have your even ran away from you responsibilities?
  139. Do you think experiences promote maturity in individuals?
  140. What would you do if your parents don’t share the same enthusiasm as you regarding your career choices?
  141. Do you feel your career choices will require some compromises on your part?
  142. What do you think will make your country a better place to live in?
  143. Have you ever faced a “catch 22” situation? How did you deal with it?
  144. Do you think that having a large group of friends is beneficial?
  145. How a friend can have a positive influence in your life.
  146. Would you forgive a friend after being betrayed by him/her?
  147. What is that one quality in your friends that you always appreciate?
  148. An instance where you’ve have encountered a major dilemma
  149. What’s your idea of a dream job?
  150. The time you regretted not listening to your parents.
  151. If there is one fictional land that you’d want to visit, which one would it be?
  152. How was your first work experience?
  153. How I learnt to be more organized in life.
  154. An encounter with a stranger.
  155. How I overcame my performance anxiety.
  156. That time when stage fright got the better of me.
  157. What are the qualities you would like to be admired for?

With this elaborate list of narrative essays, you would never fail to impress your professors ever again.

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