January 30, 2014

8 proven ways to write the best English assignments

Best English Assignments

Students need to put in as much effort into presenting a flawless English assignment as they put in for any other subject. Now there’s another aspect that many students often undermine while working on their English assignments.

They tend to forget that English assignments can be complex too. But as complex as they might be, there are ways to present well-written English assignments every time. Given below are some tips suggested by the online assignment experts to craft flawless papers in English.

  1. Read loads of sample assignments

Going through the samples of written assignments is the ideal way to learn about the technical aspects of preparing an English assignment. In the majority of the cases, you can learn by going through the samples, and then you can practice writing a perfect paper.

There are times when you’d need a visual aid to assist you in terms of learning concepts of the English language. Some students may find it more difficult to write English than to speak it.

In that case, reading out the sample assignment papers can act as an important resource to assist you to apply significant standards and rules to your thoughts.

  1. Don’t forget to check the homophones

Homophones are the words that are spelled differently or have different meanings but are pronounced the same way. You will find a number of homophones in the English language, which is one of the reasons why it can be so challenging and confusing to understand.

One of the most famous examples in this case is “their”, “there”, “they’re”. These three words are possibly the oft-repeated mistake, but they are spelled differently and have different meanings.

  1. Make optimum use of your vocabulary

While working on your English assignment, this is possibly the most vital thing that you need to take care of. One of the usual blunders you could make while writing the assignment is the use of words whose meanings you do not know. While working on your papers, you may replace a complex word or phrase with a synonym. Basically, you use those words blatantly without knowing why they must be used for.

So, it’s important that you use the words after you learn the exact meaning of the same.

  1. Work on improving your weaknesses

Your weaknesses may be a huge part of the problem when it comes to writing an English assignment. While such assignments are created to assist you in developing your skills, there may be instances where you don’t have sufficient time to invest in your weak areas.

When you receive your English assignments, you can take it as an opportunity to work on improving the weaknesses or flaws that could help you to produce more brilliant assignments.

The process of improvement could be in the form of taking extra time to edit or proofread what you have put together, re-reading the sentences by checking the details you have incorporated and reviewing if they can be presented in a better context.

  1. Check the prepositions

Even the students with a natural flair for the English language can grapple with learning prepositions, which are applied in case of depicting position, duration, direction, and relationships between objects.

There are literally scores of prepositions in the English language (some of the most commonly used ones are   “of,” “on,” and “for”) and they come with specific rules on how to use them in the sentences. Now, the experts generally advise that the appropriate way to learn prepositions is to practice using them in sentences.

  1. Prepare more than one draft

It is highly likely that the first draft that you write is never going to be flawless. Write one draft of your assignment, and review it as many times as you see fit. When you are reading through the assignment, you should take note of the common or recurring mistakes in the paper. Then, when you get down to editing the paper, watch out for those common mistakes.

There are multiple online tools that can help you to check the spelling, grammar or formatting errors in your copy.

Once you have reviewed the first draft of your paper, write the entire thing again. When you rewrite the piece by maintaining accurate grammar, spellings, and syntaxes, eliminating the mistake will be a lot easier.

  1. Pick a random topic and start writing

This is specifically effective in case of those who have experienced some form of difficulty while writing. You have to select a topic and then start writing about it. If your topic is “hiking” for instance, it doesn’t matter whether you write facts about hiking or a story about when you went hiking. Just start with it! Let your mind ponder over different possibilities. Set 5 minutes time on the timer and carry on with non-stop writing. Once you get used to this practice, increase the time limit to 10 minutes.

The whole point of following this technique isn’t to put together a perfect story. The sole purpose of this is to allow your brain to think in English, and to see how much you can convey about a random topic. If you can’t think of a topic, just begin with the process of free writing. Free writing is when you write everything that pops in your head. Whatever you write, you may or may not connect the ideas.

  1. Maintain a journal in English

By jotting down your ideas or thoughts in the journal, you can make sure that you write every day. It is an excellent method to practice writing multiple tenses. You will write in the past tense about all the things you did during the day, and you will use the future tense to describe the things you are planning to do tomorrow.

When you know that you will write in your journal every day, your thought process will automatically adapt to the English language more often during the day.

In conclusion,

Following these ideas will allow you to present a praiseworthy academic paper and boost your grades to a new high. For additional help, you can consult with the professional assignment writers.

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