July 11, 2014

4 Brilliant Ways to Improve English Language Skills

To master any language you need to listen to it, read, write and speak in the tongue. Only then can you develop perfect communication skills. And when it comes to improving your English language skills, each of the aforementioned activity becomes essential.

We get exposed to this language while interacting with people, chatting with someone via a virtual mode of communication, watching a movie, listening to music, so on and so forth. But are we always successful in using the language in an accurate way without committing grammatical flaws and contextual errors?

There’s no thumb rule to master English language skills. You got to build your own strategies, improvise and improve the level of proficiency from time to time. Here is a concise explanation of all the four major practices of listening, speaking, reading and writing to make you more fluent in English:

  1. Speak

Speaking in English at regular intervals can help you improve your language skill drastically. The idea is to learn and use this language in a practical way. Thus, every time you will speak to someone in English, you can stand a chance to make the most of the language, encourage fluency and develop the skill of oratory and more. Here’re the different functional areas where you can train yourself to gain better control over spoken English.

  • Record your voice while speaking in English: Even though you may feel recording your own voice and listening to it might turn out to be funny, this is perhaps one of the most effective ways to develop your English language skills like a pro. Simply record your own voice and listen to it. This will eventually help you to know if you’re misspelling a word, or using grammatically incorrect words and sentences in your speech. You may consider rerecording unless you’re satisfied with the result.
  • Practice talking to your friends in English: Even when you are not in class, develop the habit of talking to your friends in English. The more interaction, the better will be the chances for you to develop fluency.
  • Join virtual chat rooms: In today’s world of technological progress, you must be quite familiar with the application of online chat portals. So, you might consider using virtual chat rooms and interact with your acquaintances in English at regular intervals.
  1. Write

To perfect any particular skill, you gotta practice and put in consistent effort to master the knowledge. And when it comes to improving English language skills, writing is certainly one major activity that can help an individual to have a better grip on the English language. Here’re a couple of effective ways to practice writing and revamp your English language proficiency. Take note:

  • Write blogs, articles and journals: Even if you don’t have an academic assignment to work on at the moment, you can always consider embracing this practice for the joy of writing. Write blogs, journals, and articles or try your hands at poetry. Try to keep a personal diary. There are so many ways to write down words in textual formats. Make sure that you write in English.
  • Write book/movie reviews in English: This is yet another effective way to improve your English language skills. You can consider writing book and movie reviews to express your own understanding in English. This will eventually help you to get more accustomed to the language and its technicalities in a better way.
  1. Listen

Developing English language skills is directly related to the practice of listening. The more you will listen, explore and adopt, fairer will be the chances for you to develop linguistic skills. Careful and effective listening helps an individual to understand the language better. Here’s what can be done in order to utilize the activity of attentive listening to develop your knowledge of the English language.

  • Listen to music: Listen to western music and follow the lyrics. You will get to discover new words, and understand the song in a better way. And it goes without saying that the practice will eventually help you to develop an interest in the language.
  • Develop the habit of listening to podcasts: You can as consider listening to podcasts from time to time. There are so many audio files and personal interviews of celebrated personalities available in English. You can always choose to listen to them in order to help your ears get used to the sounds of the language and its accent.
  • Use audio reader apps: When it comes to listening to the English language attentively, the audio reader apps available these days can help you achieve excellence. After a day’s hard work, when you will feel like you are relaxing a bit, choose to use such applications, sit back and listen to someone narrating short stories, poems and novels in English. 
  1. Read

You cannot deny the significance of reading when it comes to improving your English language skills. This is perhaps one activity which is crucial for language development. Reading a substantial amount of books, journals, newspaper and blogs will allow you to gain a strong control over the language, with a developed reading skill at the same time. Here’s how you can practice reading t enhance your knowledge of English.

  • Read informative journals and blogs online: If you tend to remain busy most of the time, then consider reading informative blogs and journals on the go. There’re enough good reads available on the web. Grab one and start nurturing such noble practices right away,
  • Go through dictionaries during casual hours: This is one simple yet effective way to develop English language. Going through dictionaries will allow you to discover new words. This, as a result, will increase your vocabulary in the future.
  • Read newspapers: Reading newspapers and following catchy headlines can help you to improve your English skills and gift you with an impressive vocabulary. Moreover, it helps in understanding how to use certain phrases and set of jargons in a sentence.

Now that you know about various technicalities, tips and tricks of improving English language skill, start investing enough time in practicing the same. Speaking good English and constructing flawless sentences is not rocket science. With a bit of sincere effort, attention and practice, you can achieve excellence.

May you play with words as nobody else does!

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