October 20, 2018

How to Choose The Best Topic For The Perfect Narrative Essay

It is very common for students to have a dilemma when it comes to choosing a proper topic for writing any academic paper. They face the same issue when it comes to writing an essay, especially a narrative essay. They must prove their knowledge and writing skills through the paper and score the top grades.


Before we understand the ways of choosing a narrative essay topic, let us have a quick revision of what is a narrative essay and take a look at a few topics to get an overall idea.

Typically, a narrative essay is what you narrate to the readers that keep them engaged. You must portray a lifelike experience with the story being said from your viewpoint.

A good narrative essay has the following features:

  • The writing has the author’s point of view
  • It makes a point and supports it
  • The writing has all the needed details
  • It has the use of different modifiers and verbs
  • The writing presents conflict unlike any other story
  • The writing may have the presence of dialogues as needed
  • Needs to be written in the first person. He/she can also be used.

Narrative essays can be:

  • Personal
  • Anecdotal
  • Experimental

They can also be

  • Descriptive
  • Autobiographical


Here are a few topics for writing a narrative essay. You will understand what a narrative essay actually is.

  • A journey I will never forget
  • The most memorable day of my life
  • My first day at university
  • A memorable experience
  • The teacher I will never forget

So, it is clear what a narrative essay is. But the issue that students face is picking a proper essay topic.

Why students have trouble in choosing narrative essay topics?

Students face a lot of issues when they have to choose the topics. The major reasons are:

  • They cannot understand if they have a good experience to write a topic
  • They cannot understand how they can churn an experience and put it in a different way
  • They are low on imagination and creative skills

These are a few issues due to which it becomes tough for students to choose a proper topic on which they can write.

So what are the ways to choose a narrative essay topic?

Having issues does not mean that there cannot be solutions. There are several ways which you can implement and choose to showcase your writing skills and vivid imagination.

Yes, the way is hard. But you can follow these points to find a good topic. Remember that your essay must have two things: One is narration or a story and second is an analysis of that.

  • Consider what experience you have: Each of us has one or the other experiences in our lifetime. Think about those experiences. Think about the one which is vivid in your memory. 
  • Think if you have any conflict: You can portray any conflict that has helped to change yourself. Take this opportunity to speak about it, mentioning what you have gained from it. 
  • You can go anonymous: There are certain instances which we want to speak about, but we cannot. If you have any such instance, you can go anonymous and describe it from a different viewpoint.
  • Speak about your travels: If you have traveled to any country where you have experienced something worth remembering, share it with others. You can compare and speak about the privileges.
  • Showcase your self-discovery: If you think you have matured faster than your friends, you can use as the theme for your narrative essay. Explain your feels, the reasons for growing fast, what you have discovered, the reflections, etc.
  • Portray your investigation mood: If there is something that interests you, you can easily narrate it. Choosing such topics will give you an opportunity to prove your observation skills.
  • Questioning about beliefs: Your culture will have popular beliefs. Speak about them and any incident that has changed your view. Reflect the truth, and explain how we can work on our beliefs and make our lives better.

So, when you have to choose any topic for a narrative essay, think about your experiences and make sure that you amalgamate the above-mentioned points. Be confident, and you will be able to choose a proper topic. If need be, you can also talk to the assignment experts who not only suggest a topic, but also do the essay papers on any subject and topic. These professional essay writers have years of experience and knowledge on your subject. Hire the writers at a low price to take it easy on your pocket.

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