July 31, 2020

How to Format an Essay — Complete Guide

Format an Essay

An essay for academic writing consists of three main parts of the whole assignment. These are the introduction, body, and lastly, conclusion. Most of the writers follow this format, and it will help them to write, as well as organize an essay in an academic way. Nevertheless, the flexibility of nay writing is an important concept.

At the time of keeping this basic essay format in mind, we should elaborate on the topic, as well as specific assignments that monitor the writing or the organization.

On the other hand, there are several other academic formats of essays such as MLA format, APA format, Chicago format and many others.

However, in this paper, the basic structure of the essay format is discussed.

Parts of the essay:


The introduction of any essay is an important part of the essay, as the reader can understand the whole topic of discussion from this part. In other words, it guides the reader to look into the whole paper with the help of introducing the topic in this introduction part.

There are various rules for writing an attractive introduction to the essay, as it is the mirror of the paper. It should instigate a hook that catches the reader’s interest. This hook should be a quote, a question, or an analogy, and many other phrases that may attract the mind of the reader.

After getting the attention of the reader, the introduction must give some contextual or background information on such topics of the paper. The philosophies or ideas within the context of the introduction part should be common and general enough for any reader to comprehend or understand the main topic or claim, as well as gradually develop more unambiguous and precise to lead into such a thesis statement, which is the main topic of the paper.

Therefore, it can be said that the introduction part of the essay should have consisted of some information on the main topic of the paper.

Thesis Statement

It is also an important part of the format of the essay in academic writing. The thesis statement of any essay concisely states or elaborate the main indication, idea as well as argument of the essay. It sets the limits on such topics, as well as can indicate the structure of the essay.

The thesis of an essay works as the road map for the complete essay, and it is showing the readers that the writer has to say concerning the main points that the writer will use for supporting his ideas regarding the essay.

For example, reviewing the past literature is an important point for the essay format.


In the essay format, the body of the essay is one of the important formats for the essay. It is the following of the thesis statement in an essay format. The body of such an essay supports the main points existing in the thesis of this essay format. Each point has been developed by any one, as well as more paragraphs. It may be supported by some specific details of the point in the body part.

These particulars can comprise support from the research, as well as experiences, contingent on the whole assignment.

Over and above this support, the analysis, as well as the discussion of the author on this topic, stalemates the concepts together, as well as it draws such conclusions that may support the thesis statement above.


Transitions concerning the format of the essay connect the paragraphs to each other, as well as to the thesis statement. They have been used within and between the paragraphs for helping the flow of the paper from one topic to the next.

The transitions may be one or two words such as “first,” “in addition,” “next,” and many others. It also may be sentences of one or two sentences that may bring the reader to go one topic or another topic.

The topic of the sentence of the paragraph has often served as the transition.


The conclusion is one of the parts of the format of the essay. It brings organized all the foremost opinions of such an essay. It has referred back to such thesis statement, as well as has left the readers with the final thought of the writer. It senses of such closure by resolving any idea brought up in this essay.

It may correspondingly be addressed to the implications of such arguments. In the part of the conclusion, such new topics, as well as ideas that are not developed or established in such paper must not be introduced. These are the main points of the essay format.

Tips for the essay format:

The tips are discussed in this paragraph that is important for an essay format.

Firstly, the writer should follow the above basic format of the essay that has been written above. At the time of keeping this basic essay format in mind, we should elaborate on the topic, as well as specific assignments, monitor the writing.

There should be an introduction part that helps to introduce the topic of the essay.

In the body part of the essay, there should be an elaboration or discussion of the essay. It should be kept in mind at the time of writing the portion of the body that there should have consistency of the topic that has mentioned in the introduction with the body.

If the writer fails to maintain consistency in the introduction with the body portion, then it has made a mess in the essay. It is not a good essay format for academic writers. The conclusion portion should be more specific and relevant to the topic.

It is also mentioned here that the conclusion portion should be relevant and consistent with the introduction and body portion of the essay.

Secondly, the writer should have given the concentration to the grammar, as well as tens of the essay.

This is an important tip of the writing of the essay. Uses of articles and prepositions are also an important factor in the format of the essay.

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