March 2, 2019

6 Ways To Draft A Flawless Email To Impress Your Recipient

Writing an email is often considered to be an easy task. According to the experts, most of the people think that writing a grammatically correct email is the only thing that matters. On the contrary, email writing is quite a difficult task. If you are a student of marketing, then you will be taught how to write an email for email marketing. That’s exactly how important it is!

 If you expect an appropriate reply to the emails that you send, you need to put in adequate effort to write it flawlessly. In case of email marketing, persuading your customers is the prime motive. While writing marketing assignments, you might have to write professional emails if you want to score the best grades.

There are different types of email that you can write. However, most people get confused between personal and professional email or formal or informal email.

There are different formats to draft emails. Whether you are an upcoming young professional or a senior manager of any business, email is a vital aspect that you cannot avoid. You need to know certain common mistakes that most people make while writing emails. Once you get to know the flaws, you can implement the best ways of writing emails.

Read the blog to know the common mistakes and learn how you can work on it.

5 common mistakes people make while writing an email

“A poorly written email can discredit your professional image,” says Diane Gottsman, etiquette expert and founder of the Protocol School of Texas. “That’s just as important as your business suit, the way you carry yourself. It’s part of who you are in business.

  • Not using a greeting

There are multiple instances when students often forget to begin with a greeting. According to Judith Kallos, an email etiquette expert “Every single word you type in email is about forming an impression.” Therefore, leaving out these simple pleasantries will not give a friendly vibe to the one you send an email. This is one of the biggest mistakes that every email writer makes.

  • Being too formal:

Sometimes, while writing an email, people do not understand whether to use an informal tone or a formal one. They end up being too formal even if the email is casual. It affects the tone of the whole write-up and fails to provide a satisfactory or lasting effect. Moreover, the reader will lose interest and decide not to read the message.

  • Writing “to whom it may concern”

According to experts, if you write this phrase in your email, it seems that you haven’t done enough research. This can have a negative impact on the recipient. If you put in a little effort, you will find that it is not very tough to find out the person you need to address. Make sure that you avoid writing this phrase in your email.

  • Not changing the subject line

Most people forget about the subject line, one of the most important parts of any work email. Every time you begin discussing a new topic, change the subject line of your email thread to make your conversations easy to locate in the future.

  • Not paying attention to detail:

People make this glaring mistake. When the email does not provide detail about anything, it depicts your unwillingness to write the email. The recipient may feel that you don’t care enough to put in more effort to write the email.

To rectify these common mistakes apply the amazing tricks discussed below.

6 amazing tips to write an email and impress the recipient

You need to realise that writing email is an art and you need to acquire the skill of writing one.  Most business owners consider emails as a primary source of communication. The prime reason behind this is that it saves time.

Read on to write a stellar email and impress the recipient.

  • Use elaborate subject lines:

This is the best way to inform your recipient about what you are going to write. Before he or she opens the email, a proper subject line will convey the message right away. With a glance at the subject line, the recipient will notice your email. You need to understand the number of emails that your recipient must have in his/her inbox. Therefore, when you write the email, you have to elaborate and put in an effort to write a good subject line.  

Moreover, your subject line should be meaningful. If you simply write ‘Important message, Must read”, it will not have the desired impact. Instead, you can write Subject: “30% off on electronic gadgets in February.” This subject line will have more impact on the recipient.

  • Be precise and prompt

You need to understand that your recipient is occupied with work. When you send the email, avoid writing novels. If you come to the point directly and precisely describe what you want to say, your email will be impactful. Thus, make sure that your email is short yet effective. However, remember that you should not sound blunt to the point of rudeness.

For example: “Need the password for the website.” Although it is very straightforward, it might sound a bit rude. Instead, you can write “Site is down but I am unable to troubleshoot the problem without the new password, do you have it?”

  • Avoid complex messages

If you think that the message you want to convey is complicated and you need to write a long mail to establish your point, do not email it. Your email should be short and precise. Therefore, if the message is complicated, make a call for a direct conversation.

Keep these things in mind while writing the email

  1. What is the purpose?
  2. How to start the email?
  3. How to organise the email?
  4. Use bullets and sub-headings

Have you ever received a mail with long sentences and a chunk of paragraph? If yes, did you like to read it? Long sentences and huge paragraphs can simply kill the interest of the recipient. To improve the readability of your text, you should use bullets and subheadings. It will allow the recipient to understand the key points without any hassle.

  • Include email signature

According to the experts, email signatures can never go out of style. If you are a business owner sending professional emails, then an email signature is a must. It will make your email more professional and acceptable.

  • Check for spelling and grammar

Although this is obvious, yet it is worth mentioning. Every time you send a message, you can run a spell check to confirm that there are no silly errors. You should also dedicate few minutes for proofreading the text.

These 6 amazing tips can make you a successful email writer. Follow these steps and witness the difference for yourself.

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