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Writing a good hypothesis

Writing a good hypothesis for your research paper is the most crucial part. When you finalize a topic, you should decide upon the hypothesis and strive to achieve the same. If you are one of the students who aim to craft a research paper, you must have a vivid idea about the hypothesis. It is a tentative statement about the relationship between two or more variables. It can be regarded as a prediction of the result of your study. When you conduct research, you set certain objectives. One such objective is reaching the tentative prediction or the hypothesis of the research.

When you create a hypothesis for your study, you need to keep a few things in mind.
Make sure your hypothesis is testable and relevant. Without a proper scope for exploration, a hypothesis is of no use. According to scientific explanation- “A hypothesis is used in scientific research as a tentative, testable and falsifiable statement that explains some observed phenomenon in nature.” Thus, forming a relatable hypothesis is very important.

There are certain steps that you need to follow while writing a hypothesis for your study. Read on to know the different steps that you need to undertake to write a relevant and testable hypothesis.

4 steps to keep in mind before you write the hypothesis

Before you write the hypothesis, make sure you pay close attention to the suggestions listed below:

  • Select a relevant topic:

You might think of selecting a topic of your interest to conduct the study. You can surely do that, but do not forget to consider a few things. For example, if you have chosen a topic of marketing to analyze consumer behavior, you need to choose a hypothesis where you can get a proper scope for exploration. Make sure you have enough evidence to support your statement.

For the chosen topic, the hypothesis can be:

“The advertisements posted on social media affect consumers’ behavior”

“Consumers’ behavior is dynamic with the changing market trends”

These two can be your tentative hypothesis for the study. These two predictions have immense scope for exploration. You can find out proper evidence, examples and explanation to establish any one of the two.

  • Read existing research:

You can choose a trendy topic to come up with something innovative. Nonetheless, the existing research on the same or more or less similar should be taken under consideration. You need to read scholarly articles and other research works done. When you read the samples, it will help to gather a lot of information. You can find out the hypothesis of the studies. Not only that, but you will also understand how to reach the chosen prediction with proper research, analysis and interpretation.  If you focus on academic and scholarly writing, you can assure that your analysis will be accurate, unbiased and also comprehensive.

  • Analyze the literature:

You need to find out the areas to investigate before deciding on the hypothesis. When you have enough time to read the materials you have collected, you can make a note of certain unanswered questions. For example, suppose you are going to conduct a study on the effects of caffeine in the human body, a number of studies are present on the same topic. However, you notice that nobody has classified the effect of caffeine between male and female. Hence, you can generate an idea of your hypothesis and form the same accordingly. If you analyze the literature, you will find a lot of new things to explore.

  • Generate questions for the hypothesis:

You can generate certain questions based on the literature. When you find out unanswered questions from the existing literature review, you can generate questions. Similar to the example cited above, you can generate a question like “How does caffeine affect females compared to males?” When you generate a question, the rest of the research will aim to answer the question.

Feel free to apply these four steps before you reach a conclusion about the hypothesis. When you follow these steps, you can write a hypothesis without difficulty.

4 Smart steps to write an appealing hypothesis

While formulating your hypothesis, you need to go through a few steps. Read on to know how you can create a flawless hypothesis.

  • Understand the variables:

Before finalizing the hypothesis, you need to be clear about your variables. Make sure that you understand which one is an independent variable and what your dependent variable is. Suppose, if you have to create a hypothesis on the example cited above, your independent variable will be the biological sex and the dependent variable will be caffeine. Hence, you have to write a hypothesis which will be explanatory. You need to be very sure about the chosen hypothesis.

  • Decide on the direction:

While creating the hypothesis, you need to be very clear about the direction of your research. When you do that, you can easily write the hypothesis. Make sure that the direction you choose for your research is convenient and sufficient data is available. Directional hypothesis should be focused on a specific point. For example, it can be like– “Women are likely to experience an increase in heart rate after consuming caffeine than men.” Now, you can find out medical reports about the rate of women with increasing heart rates and then move ahead with other findings.

  • Be specific:

Your hypothesis should be specific and meaningful. When you conduct the research, you should be sure that your hypothesis is achievable. Your predictions should have a relationship between the variables, so that it can be measured and tested. For example- for finding out the impact of caffeine on women, you can specify the age group. You can create your hypothesis as ‘Women over the age of 50 are likely to suffer from increased heart rate with excessive caffeine intake.” As you have specified the age group of the women, you can direct your study accordingly.

  • Test before you finalize:

If you decide to write a contextual hypothesis, you need to make sure that it is testable. Your evidence might reject your hypothesis and it can become problematic for you to achieve the same. The statements and evidence that you provide while achieving the hypothesis should establish what you want to express.

Follow these steps and frame the best hypothesis for your study. Apply these methods and witness the difference in the quality of your research.

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