January 6, 2021

6 Reasons Why You Should Learn How To Write An Essay NOW!

How to writer an Essay

Among all other academic assignment types, the essays are the most troublesome to the students. Be it the variant this term engulfed within, or the detailed and typical writing methodologies one has to follow- there are very few who enjoy writing essays despite these issues. While learning to write an essay is a matter of time, hard work, practice, and dedication, but the benefit you reap from that is always cherish-worthy.

Maureen Fitzgerald from the Anglia Polytechnic University in the UK has described the reasons to learn about writing essays like no other. The ace academician segregates the plus points into three sections-

  1. Writing essays increases and boost the process of learning about ideas and information while helping assessing source material and form critical judgments.
  2. Essays develop writing skills, and it is an undeniable fact.
  3. Lastly, by writing essays, you tell your assessors about your knowledge, learning, and scores that you deserve.

 While some may argue that many other exercises can help students gain all the advantages above, we want to differ here. If you are someone dislike writing essays at all cost, here we have six awesome reasons stating why you should learn how to write an essay now!

  • Improved Access And Usage Of The Internet

If you are a beginner who has limited access to the Internet, writing essays is the only way to change it. The Internet is the powerhouse of information. Colleges and universities allot essay assignments to students that can be of any topic under the sun. The complications and sleepless nights it causes are known to all students.

Ace the issues by mindful usage of the Internet. If you are baffled by the assignment pressure, ask ‘write an essay for me’ to the online helpers. There are thousands of free resources like title maker, online plagiarism and proofreading tools, citation generators, free reference tools, and updated calculators, which one can use as per their needs. All of this happened because you had one essay topic and a deadline to submit it.

  • Improved Research Skills

Many academicians have argued that essays create immense pressure on the students during their academic years. They miss here because the pressure, in most cases, also helps students develop improved research skills. Essays can come from a variety of sectors. When students read books, journals, or search the Internet to find information for the same, they develop research skills that are also an essential soft skill.

It’s impossible to create an A+ paper without proper research. There is tons of information available on the Internet. Everything is not at all credible or reliable to cite in the essay. Finding trustworthy information, analysing it, and double-check the facts based on their usability will take time in the beginning. With time, as students contribute their time and effort to create a scoring essay paper, the research skills become top-notch.

  • Reading Different Niches, And Feeding The Knowledge

Essay writing will teach you about different niches. The more topics you will work on, the more well-versed you will become with the various issues and niches.  New niches always welcome thorough reading and research, and you end up learning something new. By writing essays on different topics, students explore many resources and gather a lot of information. Therefore students learn something new that is often is not related to their major.

  • Better Ideas Delivered In Acceptable Manner

If you are still in two minds about why you should learn to write essays, here is one more reason stating why you should. Students stand apart with their solved essays and assignments when introducing better ideas and relevant examples to establish their point of view.

It is not only for the essays, as students are promoted to higher class and assignments become more complicated, adding ideas and delivering them in an academically approved manner always pays off. You don’t learn that overnight and solving essays from your elementary grades are the only way to gather better ideas related to the essay topic and enticingly present them.

  • Improves Communication Skills

Human beings are social creatures. It means that we live in communities. If you want to become successful in society, you should have excellent communication skills. One of the great ways to boost them is to write essays. Academic writing requires students to share their thoughts and communicate with readers by using words only.

Essay writing is not only a hair-pulling thing when you have to explore a lot of different resources and write your thoughts down. For creating a college paper, one has to analyse and evaluate the gathered information. You should take a deep dive into a topic, collect data, and cross the wrong things out. Thus, you come up with a better communication skill, paved by dedicatedly solving essays writing.

  • Essays Train Your Memory

Studies have revealed that writing continuously and regularly improves your memory. Experts state that when you write information for an academic paper, the brain keeps it for at least 24-hours. If you used to make written notes, you could retain information in your mind for one week.

Thus, you can better grasp the concepts when you make notes during lectures or write essays by retrieving information from the Internet. It’s better if you use audio files or read textbooks. When writing, you let the ideas pass via consciousness that activates memorisation.

This benefit of writing an essay follows. When writing, students memorise more words, expressions, strengthen their grammar skills and spelling, take notes, learn about gadgets and websites better than their peers, and sharpen a personal writing style and invent expressions.

Nowadays, students use modern techniques, which lead them to be creative and gain persuasive skills. Not to forget that all of these skills make you better to choose a new career in the long run. One has to take a deep dive into a chosen topic, analyse it, share their thoughts, and back them with concrete facts. Getting an A+ for your essay is not a problem when you have mastered all of these.

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