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September 25, 2021

How To Write Research Paper Introduction

Research Paper Introduction

Examiners and readers get thousands of papers at hand, but they read a few, especially the research paper introduction that are attractive enough. The introduction is your chance to show your readers and reviewers why your research topic is worth their time and attention. The introduction serves multiple purposes. It presents the background to your study, introduces your topic and aims, and gives an overview of the paper. Let’s learn more about how to write a research paper introduction.

What is an Introduction in Research?

The first paragraph of a written research paper is termed the research paper introduction. It is the first thing your viewers see, hear or learn about your project.

Typically research introduction is composed of two parts:

  • The standard introduction stating the topic of discussion
  • The thesis statement

Introduction Of Research Paper with an Example

Here are a few examples of research paper introduction.

Topic: Ford Motor Company, UK – Business Report 

Ford Motor Company Limited is a subsidiary of a European company in the UK. In 1909, Ford took its first initiative as one of the leading vehicle manufacturers in the world. At the present date, Ford holds its registered office in Brentwood, Essex. It is considered the most prominent commercial vehicle production organisation in the UK, which now houses three of Ford’s most significant manufacturing units.

This example on Ford’s business report research paper introduction highlights that the researcher has briefly mentioned Ford’s early life as a business entity. It dived straight into the primary concerns without blabbering about the history. The structure is termed the inverted triangle technique, which is precisely the opposite of the method followed while developing the research paper conclusion.

Topic: How e-service quality influence the repurchase intentions of online consumers: An Empirical Study of Alibaba

The use of information technology has changed service delivery and service renovation procedures. In addition, this elevation of the online shopping market over the past few years has brought a change to the business pattern of the company. Alibaba now uses electronic platforms to distinguish its business from its competitors in terms of serving customer needs, creating consumer value and gaining customer trust through superior quality service.

This particular introduction again highlights the importance of diving straight into the research details without mentioning the history or looking sideways. Therefore, in the research paper introduction, the statement begins with a mark on the point of discussion without elaborating much.

Importance Of Introduction in Research Papers

Suppose you are an invitee to a party. Will you talk to a stranger without giving a brief description of yourself? What you speak of yourself is your introduction. Likewise, the importance of a research paper introduction lies in what you briefly describe of your paper and how you describe it. You can think of the introduction as your psychological road map to answer the following four questions for the reader:

  1. What was my study?
  2. Why was this topic important to examine?
  3. What was your knowledge of the research topic before conducting the study?
  4. How will this study impact the new ability or new ways of understanding?

Reyes defines the three overachieving goals for an outstanding research introduction:

  1. Ensure that you wrap up prior studies about the research topic in a way that makes you prepared to understand the research problem
  2. Explain how your research deals explicitly with the gaps in the study literature, insufficient consideration of the topic, or other literature deficiency.
  3. Note the macroscopic theory, empirical, and policy contributions and implications of your research.

A well-structured introduction is essential because there is no second chance to make a good impression on your reader with the research paper. The research paper introduction offers the preliminary impression paragraphs about your argument logic writing style and the value of your findings and conclusions. A generic, disoriented, or error-filled introduction will generate a negative impression. On the other hand, a short, engaging, compelling and well-drafted research paper introduction will make your readers appreciate your analytical skills, writing style, and approach.  If you face problems in writing an introduction, you can buy research papers.

Purpose of an Introduction

A research paper introduction is designed for several purposes. Some of the most prominent ones include:

● Alerts readers of its central issue

The research paper introduction needs to make the reader aware of the primary subject of the research paper.


Few breeders realise how the overuse of antibiotics for livestock impacts the growth of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria in the world of organisms, which are now present abundantly in the waterway of the world.

● Offers background information

Before the research paper delves into the details, the introduction offers essential background information to the reader. It provides them with a better understanding of the thesis.


A century ago, there were only 8000 cars in the United States of America and only 144 miles of paved roads. In 2005, the US Department of Transportation recorded 247,421,120 registered passenger vehicles in the country and over 5.7 million miles of paved highway. Thus, human life has changed dramatically in the past 100 years through automobiles.

● Answers the why, what and how

The research paper introduction tells why you have drafted the document and what the reader should comprehend of your topic, and your perspective of the research paper topic.


Although history books have not discussed it accurately, the Underground Railroad was a bi-racial movement where the black and white adversaries coordinated hidden escape routes for the enslaved.

● Provides hints on the essay contents and expectations

The research paper introduction tells the reader what they must look for and expect in your essay writing.


In 246 BCE, Ctesibius of Alexandria created a musical instrument that developed into the present-day Organ. Called a hydraulic at the time of invention, it worked through wind pressure regulated by the various methods of controlling water pressure. The hydraulis soon became the standard instrument played at circuses, banquets, and games throughout Mediterranean countries.

● Showcases the assertion, examination and viewpoint of the writer

The thesis statement usually placed at the end of the introduction clearly state what the research paper introduction asserts, examines, or what perspective your paper highlights.


Though Intelligent Quotient examines the various aspects of intelligence for decades, these tests do not predict success, as researchers prove that many knowledgeable people have low emotional intelligence. The success of a human being lies primarily on how human mental ability reasons the emotions and uses them to enhance the thought process.

Parts Of Introduction In Research

Typically, a research paper introduction consists of a topic sentence, a thesis statement, three to five arguments and facts supporting your research ended with a conclusion. Every part of the research paper’s introduction must be short, concise and clear. The thesis statement and the supporting sentences offer the research backdrop related to the topic, which every reader must know. The parts of a research paper introduction mustn’t elaborate on the research findings in detail. Instead, it must offer the setup for the term paper.

❖ The Topic Sentence

The topic sentence in the research paper introduction highlights the primary idea of your paper. Therefore, it should be clear and concise yet comprehensive enough for a reader to understand what the research presents.

❖ The Thesis Statement

The thesis statement makes the primary concept of your paper clear to the reader. First, analyse your outline for direction, then draft several thesis statements and choose the one that fits your topic sentence most appropriately. Use expressive words and detailed action verbs to help the thesis grip the reader’s attention.

❖ Supporting Sentences

You should present three to five rational arguments in the form of reasons, details, and facts to support your research. Here, it would get research paper help if you summarize the researched information’s significance before you detail it in the body.

❖ The Conclusion Sentence

The concluding sentence of the introductory paragraph simply restates the principal idea and adds a solid ending to a paragraph. When you write the concluding sentence, reframe the topic sentence using different words but keep the central concept intact.

Thus, the several sections of the discussion above highlight how to write a research paper introduction.

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