March 4, 2020

How to Write a Conclusion for an Essay

How to write an essay conclusion

Adam had put on his best effort and given a lot of time writing a compelling English literature essay. The major setback moment came when he just summarised the entire essay in the concluding paragraph to wrap up the essay quickly. All his hard work seemed like going under the bridge when he saw the score that he obtained.  There are many students like him who have little idea of how to write a good conclusion for an essay and intends to underestimate of building a good conclusion.

Numerous students fall into the trap of undermining the value of writing a gripping conclusion. Seeing the essay has finally come to an end, students vaguely write the conclusion to be finally done with it. So if you don’t want your grade to go down, consider reading the full blog.

What are the Necessary Elements Required for Writing a Good Conclusion?

A concluding paragraph is an essential section for writing an impeccable essay. It should be treated with care since this is the last thing your reader will remember after reading your whole essay. You need to understand that a conclusion is more than just “the last paragraph”. This is a paragraph where you push the reader into actually thinking about the purpose of your essay and its effects. Now the question comes down to what interesting elements makes an essay powerful as well as successful.

Get a look at the following elements to understand what exactly takes to make a well-knitted essay.

  • Restating the thesis statement

A thesis statement is the heart of the entire essay. In the essay conclusion, it is necessary that you remind the thesis statement once again. However, while you do that try using different words. Do not just copy and paste the thesis statement.

  • Recap the core points

Restate the core points added on each body paragraphs. You are required to remind the readers about the argument points that you have used in the essay.

  • Create a sense of closure

Need to put a sense of closure in conclusion.  You are required to connect the conclusion back to the introduction. Your essay conclusion should direct to the introduction where you introduced the problem. Here you will mention how you had been successful in providing a logical solution to the problem.

When you are planning to write a stellar essay paper, you need to understand that essay conclusion plays a major role in it. So include all the elements if you want to grasp your readers.

Tips For Writing A Powerful Essay Conclusion

There are many good essay writers who have turned up with their essay paper having half baked conclusion. When your conclusion is lame, then the entire essay will seem flat to your readers’ no matter how much effort you might have put into it. This is an area where most students suffer and end up getting low grades. This is why we have come up with the following effective tips:

Keep it short

The length of the concluding paragraph should be short. Your concluding paragraph must not have any new information.

Create a summary

Summarise the entire essay by writing the main points in the concluding paragraph. Sum up the whole message by mentioning the main ideas in the concluding paragraph. By saying so, you cannot just restate the facts the exact way you’ve written in the body paragraph. Use new words while you are stating the points that you have mentioned before.

Show the big picture

In the entire essay, you have shown the readers facts and materials by breaking down the topic into a few concepts. However, in the concluding paragraph, you have to focus on the broader aspect. It will give your readers an opportunity to think about the problem as a whole and take them into a logical conclusion.

Link the first and last paragraph

You can use another trick to make the concluding paragraph more impactful. Just link the first and last paragraphs to show the readers that you have achieved to a logical conclusion of the problem stated in the introductory paragraph.

Suggest other results

Show other possibilities of the situation and describe how your result is the logical one as compared to other results. This will show that you have considered all the results before coming to your own result.

Try to use these simple tricks whenever you are writing an essay conclusion. These tips will be very useful and you will be able to write a good conclusion in no time.

 How to Write a Good Essay Conclusion?

While writing the conclusion, students find themselves getting stuck to it. But it will be easier for you if you plan a before penning down the last paragraph. A conclusion may be a small paragraph, but you still need to make sure you are bang on with the formatting. Apart from formatting, there are lots of things you need to keep in mind while writing a strong conclusion for your essay. Read the following points if you are eager to know how you can write an impactful conclusion.

Learn how to write a good essay conclusion by going through the following points:

  • Accurately format your conclusion

Summarise the argument points with evidence in 1-2 sentences. Make your concluding sentence in a way that pulls your readers to think about your essay even after they are done with reading your essay. You can also add a compelling quote t the end of the paragraph.

  • Draft your essay

Avoid using phrases like “In a nutshell” or “in conclusion” when you are drafting your essay. Avoid using such clichés in your document. The thesis statement in is the last sentence in the introductory paragraph, whereas you need to add the thesis statement in the first line of the conclusion.

  • Revise it again and again

Get away from your paper for a few hours after you are done writing the paper. Come back to it again and look for incorrect spellings, or usage of wrong grammar or any other kind of errors. Ensure each line of the conclusion is clear and is easy to understand.

Follow the steps precisely if you want to submit an effective essay conclusion at the end of the day.  Go through all the steps if you want to be successful in writing a powerful conclusion and leave an everlasting impression in your reader’s mind.

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