October 26, 2018

All that you need to know about writing a responsive essay

If you are the one who is fond of debates and discussions, writing a responsive essay is something that can give you an immense satisfaction. These types of essays are not only informative, but it involves deep thoughts, analysis and interpretation. A response is something which is an evaluation of any other write-up. An evaluation needs critical understanding of the same. Hence, a responsive essay is something that is composed of information along with argument and personal opinion of the writer.

It examines the essay’s strength, weaknesses, ideas and other aspects and reflects whether the writer agrees or disagrees with it. When any statement is made, a responsive essay demands logic behind the same. A good response is persuasive and therefore the essay should be composed of facts, examples and personal experience against every statement.

Here are some of the amazing steps that will help you to craft your essay perfectly. So, if you are unable to manage the format of writing the responsive essay, give it a read. These tips are the best to ensure a high-quality essay.

Fabricating the introduction and dealing with the conclusion: –

Always remember that introduction is the hero of your essay. You have to spice up the introduction with the best ingredients. The readers should get interested in the first few lines and get influenced to give it a read. In a responsive essay, it is suggested that you have at least 3 paragraphs.

  • The first paragraph must consist of the information about the topic you are going to deal with. Make sure that you vividly explain the topic and also make it interesting enough for your readers.
  • In the second paragraph give a summary of the article. Inform your readers about the article by mentioning the name of the article and the author. Highlight every single detail which is necessary for your essay.
  • Provide a glimpse of your own experience and the points you want to agree or disagree with.

Let us discuss about an introduction and conclusion frame of a responsive essay. When you deal with a serious topic, it is wise to give your readers an idea how your essay will lead to the discussion and what conclusion may it reach.

For example, if you are responding to an essay written on using mobile phones while driving, you can build a story and create an imagination in the readers’ mind. You can start the essay with a story that a man receives a phone call while driving and when he answers the same, it may lead to accident and even death.

As the arguments, ideas, facts and other important elements of the topic are shown in the essay as a whole; you may frame another story in the conclusion. You can create it by repeating the same incident as you started the essay. However, the same scenario should be repeated with a new story with the same plot. Here, in this case, you can write that the man puts his phone in voicemail while driving the car. With the help of the same story in both introduction and conclusion, you can establish your point firmly.

In another instance, if you are dealing with any politically driven topic where the scope of argument is more, you can simply start off with your facts, figures and other data. The introduction of a responsive essay is vital to keep the readers engaged and the conclusion is essential to establish your opinion.

Other formative inspection of a responsive essay:-

As you know the trick of forming the introduction and conclusion, you should not forget that drafting the whole essay is the most crucial job that you would need to do. Here are some of the steps to follow when the whole essay is created.

In the body part of the responsive essay, your own opinion should be highlighted with the help of logical arguments. The body of the essay may consist of 3-4 paragraphs. Here, your opinion drafts the whole thing and you can ascertain your points by agreement and disagreement with the idea from the write up you are responding to.

Paragraph 1:- If you believe in the idea which is given by the author of the essay, you can put forward the point. You can write it in first person and frame examples to showcase your experience regarding the same. For example, if the essay you are responding to is about getting a tattoo, you can write your opinion that why getting a tattoo is good or bad. In addition to it, use your personal experience which is associated with it.

Paragraph 2:- In the second paragraph you can take another idea from the author’s essay and explain the same with your opinion. For example, if you are against getting a tattoo, then you can add your opinion with an argument like a low quality needle can lead to various skin diseases. You can add facts and figures to support your statement.

Paragraph 3:- Now, in this paragraph, you can directly compare your ideas with the author’s idea. You can add your own experience. For example, in case of tattoos you can highlight how trying to get a tattoo was a wrong decision that you ever made.

Paragraph 4:- Here, a tone of persuasion should be maintained. It is not about forcing your readers to follow your opinion. But, the aim is to keep the tone of the whole essay as influential as possible.

The agreement and disagreement of the ideas should always be accompanied with solid examples and facts. This way, the persuasion on the readers works. Please remember that a responsive essay can both have agreement and disagreement. However, the hypothesis of your opinion should be reflected in the conclusion part.

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