October 3, 2018

Impress your examiner with the best argumentative essay topics

You write an argumentative essay to convince your reader to agree with your point of view on a certain topic. It is only that the argumentative essay topic must be something that is of interest to the reader.

Writing argumentative essays is a common thing among the students of colleges and universities as it gives them an opportunity to exhibit their research skills and ability to analyze. Through this, students can showcase their writing skills too.

However, you need to impress your examiner if you want the top grades. And the first step to this is choosing a good argumentative essay topic that gives you scope for university-level writing.

Here are a few argumentative essay topics that you can consider:

  1. Should use of marijuana be legalized because of its medical benefits?
  2. Is life imprisonment right for homicide by a juvenile?
  3. The European crisis has shown that globalization is a bad idea? Do you agree?
  4. Is e-cigarettes a better substitute for tobacco cigarettes?
  5. Are reforms required in the juvenile justice system based on the changes in society?
  6. What are the effects of domestic violence on children?
  7. Should teenagers who get pregnant have the right to keep their children?
  8. A divorce between parents affects the child. How far is it true?
  9. Is physical punishment a good practice for raising children?
  10. Impact of the Internet on the field of advertising
  11. Do beauty pageants exploit the life of teenagers? How?
  12. Has technology made the people less creative in the last ten years?
  13. The effect of Brexit on the financial market of the UK has proved to be beneficial. How true is it?
  14. How do violence in media affects the society?
  15. Human beings are becoming slaves to modern technology
  16. How much are we influenced by advertising?
  17. How is social media changing family relationships?
  18. Should the government provide primary healthcare for free?
  19. Do social media companies need strict privacy policies?
  20. How is technology changing the formats of higher education?
  21. Decisions in a family: how should decisions be taken?
  22. Do video games leave a negative impact on the children?
  23. Should abortions be made legal to save a woman’s life in Christian countries?
  24. Should parents monitor how their children use the Internet?
  25. Do standardized tests measure the abilities of a child perfectly?
  26. Do the social minorities get the same justice as other people?
  27. Has same-sex marriage started to leave an impact on the society?
  28. Should the government have strong policies on illegal immigration with concerns to national security?
  29. Has human imagination become restricted due to technology?
  30. Should family drama soaps be restricted for a better family bonding?
  31. Are teenagers becoming more isolated despite having friends on social media?
  32. Does accessing Internet ensure proper learning of what is taught in class?
  33. Should physical education class be mandatory for all students in school?
  34. Should education be synchronized to encourage entrepreneurship development?
  35. How has racism changed over time in different countries?
  36. Can a single parent have the authority to adopt a child?
  37. Should the government have reservations for women for high level jobs?
  38. Is education the only important factor for the development of a country?
  39. Should women be held solely responsible for raising a child?
  40. Has the society become increasingly narcissist since the inception of social media?
  41. Do education have any value in the ways the society functions today?
  42. Why should alcohol be never allowed in any education campus event?
  43. Does alcohol advertising leave an impact on today’s teenagers?
  44. Should the government intervene in the rights of the individual in regard to family planning?
  45. Should reality shows have a regulation policy so as not to affect the society?
  46. Should women do all the chores in a family or the men should take equal responsibility?
  47. Should the government play a role in dealing with the problem of homelessness?
  48. The government aids for students should be based purely on academic performance
  49. Is the US education system too complex for international students?
  50. Should a student’s preferences be kept in mind when making a college syllabus?
  51. Sex education in school? Should it be halted or increased?
  52. What role should technology play in college and university education?
  53. Should the government impose higher taxes on soft drinks and junk food to promote a healthy lifestyle?
  54. Should the developing countries concentrate on improving industrial skills or should they promote education?
  55. Is plagiarism a big threat to students who are pursuing higher education?
  56. Do online students have a better chance to cheat and pass the exam?
  57. How are online technologies changing the way we live today?
  58. Is online shopping a threat to shopping malls, stores, and other outlets?
  59. Do online classes have a negative impact on the education system?
  60. Should parents take parenting classes to raise their child in a better way?
  61. Is online education and classes more attractive to students than traditional ones?
  62. How is child abuse and neglect related to juvenile crimes?
  63. Animal testing should be strictly banned.
  64. Should pre-employment drug testing be stopped to curb privacy policy violation?
  65. Should the standardized test for English become optional for foreign students?
  66. High school is not competitive enough to encourage high standards of achievement for everyone.
  67. The policies of the public schools should be immediately changed according to the changing times
  68. Both partners should play an equal role in building the relationship in a family
  69. Should online dating be promoted among teenagers with respect to effects on social life?
  70. Parents should always be strict with their children. Do you agree with this?

These are few argumentative essay topics on which you can ponder and write your papers. However, you are open to modifications as well. But remember whatever changes you make, it should create an interest in the reader.


Choosing a good topic for essay writing is a brain-racking task. However, the task is easy if you keep one thing in mind. You must frame out what is the criteria on which you want to write the essay. Based on that, you need to make the selection.

Here are a few criteria that you can consider:

  • A prevalent problem of the society: Go through the newspapers, and you will find a good amount of information on several issues that the society is facing today. Pick one and frame a good topic out of it.
  • Two different viewpoints: You can also look for an issue that had two opposite viewpoints. You can take one side that has rock solid arguments. However, you find that both sides are worth mentioning, you can go for it.
  • Something mysterious: People love mystery, and whenever you present something that is mysterious, they automatically take an interest. They love to know more about the topic. Hence, you can select some topic that reveals a mystery with a logical explanation.

Some Dos and Don’ts that makes the selection process easy


  • It is better if you select controversial topics that have two facets.
  • Whichever side you select, come up with three clear reasons.
  • Make a chart and list points for both sides. This will make the process easy.
  • Choose a topic on which you have adequate knowledge. It will save time.
  • The topic must focus on a point with a clear statement.
  • Emotion appeals matter. So select a topic that has emotion. You will have an easy connection with the readers.


  • Do not put something that is out of the world. You will have difficulty to collect information and come up with arguments.
  • Avoid topics that are too controversial. You might land up with troubles later.
  • Do not put contradictory statements. This is another mistake that you will make.
  • Do not unnecessarily opt for technical unless the topic wants. You might end up using the incorrect term.
  • Do not go too personal even if you have faced certain situations that are related to your topic.
  • Do not put too many facts because you will need to link all of them in a single string.

These are some proven ways through which you can choose a proper topic to write an argumentative essay. Remember, it takes patience and a focused mind to find out what you are seeking.

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