September 30, 2015

8 Sure-Fire Tricks to Help You Get Ahead With Those Assignment Writing Tasks

Long hours at lectures and arranging student seminars may be taking a toll on you. If you have been hitting dead ends with almost all of your academic tasks of late, maybe it is time to pause and consider what is going wrong. Perhaps it is about the way you approach the tasks, or maybe it is related to fatigue. But whatever the reason, getting down to the bottom of it is the need of the hour if you want to achieve all that you should be as per your academic potential.

Whatever the reason is, here are 8 amazing tips to turn things around in your favour. Productivity starts with taking baby steps towards consciously bringing about a change in the way you live and tackle tasks. So read this post to find out the best ways to be at your productive peak at all times, all thanks to just a few small changes in your every day routine.

8 excellent tips to boost your productivity like never before!

No matter how sincere or hardworking you are, there will come days when you would not want to lift a finger to get things done. College is where you would meet this serial procrastinator self of yours, who would want to appease your panicky side of the mind with plans of “doing it later”. Trust me, that ‘later’ does not quite arrive, unless you make it a ‘now’ right then and there. Here are thus 8 tips to increase your productivity when you simply need to push through a crazy week with back-to-back assignment submissions.

  1. Randomise the tasks at hand for variety

When you have more than one task to finish within the same deadline, tackle them randomly. Write a paragraph or two for that term paper, take a break of ten minutes, and then go back to reading that last chapter from the handouts you need to finish. This way, you can steer clear of boredom or tediousness at having to do the same kind of task for a long time. Energise your brain cells with randomisation, so it takes you to your productive peak.

  1. Make time for procrastination (nope, not kidding)

We are all tempted to leave the tasks at hand “for later” in favour of our favourite shows on Netflix. If you want to make the most of your productivity, it is best to schedule a bit of procrastination in your study routine. You can reward yourself with a marathon of your favourite show or a nap just before or after finishing the tasks. Choose what works best for you, and arrange for incentives through procrastination when you study!

  1. Create a comfy study space (and work outdoors too)

No matter how sincere you are, working for long hours in a drab study environment is sure to wreck your nerves. Create a study space where you will enjoy working. Make sure it is a well-lit space with a comfortable chair or searing arrangement. Throw in your favourite rug or throw pillow to liven it up. On warm and bright days, take your work outside for studies say working in sync with nature brings out our productive best!

  1. Prepare an “I did” list (that keeps you motivated)

This one will go a long way in ensuring that you stay positive and keep your mind on track when it comes to finishing your assignments on time. Prepare a list of tasks you have already accomplished and kept it within your line of vision when you settle to work on your assignments. They will serve as a constant reminder of how you are inching closer to your short-term goals and surround you with just the positive vibes you need.

  1. Listen to music when you write

Music helps soothe the soul and calm our nerves. Play the kind of music you enjoy when you write your assignments. It will help you think a lot better and focus more on the task at hand. However, playing heavy metal or similar kind of music may often end up distracting you, hence defeating the whole purpose. So pick your study music carefully and keep it at a comfortable volume, so it does not end up ruining your plans of finishing those three paragraphs by the end of the day.

  1. Unfollow people and pages that do not matter

Why clutter your feed with posts and notifications from people and pages that you once found exciting but do not anymore? They only eat up into your time of putting in productive work for your assignments by lengthening the amount of time you spend scrolling through your feed. It is thus best to cut them out from your follow list, so you receive fewer notifications and yet stay updated on the activities of pages and people who really matter to you.

  1. Stay hydrated, eat healthy

Being productive starts with taking care of yourself. If you are not treating your body right, the chances are that your mind will refuse to cooperate in the face of pressure in academics. When you have tonnes of tasks left to finish within tight deadlines, make sure that you are getting your fill of healthy food and plenty of water. Snacks like almonds and grapes help in keeping your munchies cravings in check and boost your memory while water helps in hydrating your body, so it functions a whole lot better.

  1. Practice mindfulness or meditation

Finally, fifteen minutes of mindfulness or meditation practice can work wonders for your concentration and retention level. When you concentrate better in class and manage to retain all that you read last weekend, there is no stopping you, right? So keep aside some time from your daily schedule to meditate or practice mindfulness, so it fortifies your studying functions. It will help you be a more productive person in the end, and you will have a good habit to cherish for a lifetime.

Parting words

From taking breaks to finding motivation in meditation, there are many ways to boost your productivity. Go through this post for the 8 tips on increasing your productivity so you can compose those assignments and finally get done with your to-do list. While juggling part-time jobs, lectures, seminars, frat parties and assignments are pretty hard in college, these productivity boosting tips will provide you with just then hacks you need to conquer it all like a pro! Incorporate these tips into your daily life, and you are sure to scale the heights of success in no time at all! Good luck with those pending assignments!

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