July 7, 2015

7 Online Tools That Geography Students Are Going Gaga About!

If you are going in circles with your geography assignment, maybe it is time you revamped your approach to the whole thing. In the digital age, there is no point sticking notes that you jot down in lectures. The Internet has loads of helpful apps and tools that can be of help when you need help with geography.

This post discusses seven of the most enjoyable apps and digital tools that you can use to make Geography more interesting. Read the write-up to refurbish your geography study routine!

Digital tools that make studying geography a cakewalk

  1. Google Earth

This is a classic take on geography. Google revolutionised digital mapping, and Google Earth is one of the pioneers in the field right now. You can explore the earth, zoom in on locations that you like and drop into a Street View for an all-around 3D experience of the geographical location. Start at finding your home or dorm on Google Earth and take it from there. What’s more, you can also go back in time to watch the creation of the various tectonic plates and take a virtual swim underwater – all with the help of this mind-blowing digital tool!

  1. Bonza National Geographic

Frequently referred to as ‘addictive’ by reviewers on plenty of websites, this one’s real fun when it comes to trivia, quiz and puzzles. National Geographic has developed the ultimate geography-based game that is split across levels of difficulty and deals with multiple concepts and segments in Geography such as travel, maps and many more. Fill in the puzzles as you progress through the levels and have your fair share of fun while learning geography. Devoting as little as fifteen minutes per day to Bonza National Geographic is sure to help you hone those geography skills like never before. So, get onboard!

  1. GeoGuessr

This one runs in sync with Google Earth, primarily using the Street View functions. GeoGuessr is a geography knowledge-based game that challenges you on the discovery aspects of the subject. The game prompts you to discover where you are in the world with a few clues about the place and a Street View toggle that you can use to uncover more clues. It can be any location of the world, and it is best to start off with a moderate level of difficulty before moving on to more complex challenges. You can play GeoGuessr on single-player as well as multi-player mode.

  1. Earth Alerts

If you want to get ahead on the natural disasters around the world, then Earth Alerts is just the tool for you. This website lets you track volcanoes, tropical storms and earthquakes, to name a few, and provides live updates and information on the same. Coupled with the updates, comes the highlighting features of each natural calamity, and the geographical causes and locations for each one of them. You can create a catalogue of the natural disasters that you track with the website, and watch it using webcams and other tools. Apart from geography, this app also hones your critical thinking skills and teaches a thing or two about disaster management.

  1. Google Lit Trips

If you like GeoGuessr, then you are bound to love this one. Google Lit Trips is a fun combination of learning and entertainment where you have to map out locations in the world using clues. The plot thickens and unravels as part of a larger story inside the game as per the choices you make and the missions that you choose to undertake. It also has in-built suggestions to create your own Google Lit Trip, and lets you save a library of completed ones you can fall back on when in need of resources for your term papers or exam preps.

  1. Map Master: Geography Game

Having both single-player and multi-player mode, Map Master is a geography game aimed at sharpening your mapping skills. Integrated with Wikipedia, the game lets you discover more about the places that you unlock using the game, so you can get your fill of info while playing. It includes pinpoint and time attack, among other features, and enables learning from maps in an interactive way that promises zero boredom while completing map assignments.

  1. Landform Detectives

Another National Geographic creation, this virtual game lets students solve mysteries based on geographical clues. You can turn super sleuth in this game and solve mysteries of nature using geographical clues. Focusing on physical geography, this game is a quirky take on lessons on the formation of landmass in our planet. You can track your progress and get research recommendations based on your areas of interest while playing this game. Landform Detectives also go a long way in supporting STEM subjects and developing critical thinking among students.

  1. Bonus tool: online assignment help providers

Finally comes the bonus tool of online assignment help providers. If you are too tied up with your assignments and lab reports to finish that geography assignment that’s been lying around for long, you can always take help from the online assignment help providers. Academic experts online can provide you with in-depth tutorials on all concepts in geography across all levels of study. So, get in touch with them for a tutorial that helps you to get ahead with the pending geography assignments!

Parting words

Living in the digital age, a subject like geography come to life with the dynamic apps and tools available online. There are teaching and learning resources galore on the Internet that students can benefit from. Additionally, students can also revise critical concepts taught in class and participate in fun games online that help in retaining what they learn in class. In fact, using online tools and apps makes homework assignments less tedious as well. Get these apps on your Smartphone today, and unlock the way to flawless assignments every time – in class or at home! Good luck!

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