January 19, 2021

Detailed Guidance with A Perfect PESTLE analysis Example

Detailed Perfect PESTLE analysis Example

PESTLE analysis, also known as PEST analysis is an important marketing tool. It is one of the most important concepts used in marketing principles. Companies mostly use this tool for tracking the environment they are operating. It is also used when companies plan to launch new products, services, projects, etc. Students unfamiliar with the analysis method tend to look for PESTLE analysis examples. In this blog, we will help you explain the PESTLE analysis format in detail with an example, but first let’s get the method’s basic insight.

When you are working with the PESTLE analysis method, you need to ask a certain question. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Importance of culture in the market.
  • What are the economic factors?
  • What is the political situation of a country and how it affects the country?
  • Environment concerns for the industry

This forms the backbone of strategic management, which includes what a company should do, and it also defines the goals of an organisation. Below we will explain the PESTLE analysis format with an example.

Detailed Step-by-Step Format of PESTLE Analysis with Coca Cola

The business tactics of the Coca Cola will be analysed with the help of the PESTLE analysis method. This is a perfect framework for companies like Coca Cola since it continuously improves its business.

Here are the following factors you need to include when you are writing PESLE analysis of Coca Cola

  • Political Factors

The Coca Cola brand can directly impact the laws and regulation of the government. There was a time when due to the trade sanctions of Burma and the USA, the complete sale was banned. Coca Cola is still unable to sell their products in two countries, North Korea and Cuba due to those countries’ political condition. Also, the recent tiff between China and the USA also created a major impact on the Coca Cola canned products’ prices. There is also a cost pressure on the company due to the rise in aluminum and steel tariffs.

  • Economic factors

Coca Cola is dominating the market with almost 50% market share in the present carbonated beverage market. In the report, it was seen there was an 8% growth in the net avenue in quarter 3 of the financial year 2019. This happened although the entire price increased due to the tariffs. A report came from the Coca Cola Company, which said there was an 8% increase in retail value of its products like Zero Sugar and Diet Coke. The company even supports the new trade agreement happened between Canada, US and Mexico for fair and free trade between the nations.


Coca Cola had always been good with coming up with new campaigns for connecting with the consumers. Their campaign #shareacoke, which was launched back in 2014 was mega-successful. The customers were encouraged to find names of their closed ones on the bottles. They even shared them on the social media platform along with the hashtags. The brand allowed the customers to cuctomise their name on their bottles. This was indeed a great strategy for the brand to come closer to its customers.

  • Technological factors

The company Coca Cola was very creative with experimenting in its product line. In fact, it was the first-ever frozen beverage drink in Japan. They had an innovative, driven culture to invite customers to play games online. This is how they used to get associated with the Coca Cola products. The company offered a freestyle dispenser with the help of which customers could create their beverage through the computer like interface in various combinations. It is a great strategy for understanding the customers’ preference and saved data for market research.

  • Legal factors

Coca Cola Company had faced many troubles and issues regarding their packaging, the amount of caffeine used in products, water usage, and air pollution. They were also accused of paying low wages to its employees. Their employees even protested for this. The company was also filed for alleged racial discrimination to its employees.

  • Environmental factors

The major environmental issue for the Coca Cola brand is water accessibility. If there is any climate change, the company will be under fire. There even faced a massive backlash for draining off the groundwater in India. The Coca Cola Company is regarded as the biggest consumer of fresh water in the world.

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