November 2, 2018

90 Best Persuasive Essay Topics to Develop an Impressive Paper

A persuasive essay will try to convince the reader to agree with your viewpoint on a particular subject. In order to do that, you need to find the perfect persuasive essay topic which will help you to build a strong argument. The importance of finding the right topic does not limit to that only. You need to give adequate importance to the selection procedure because whether you will be able to produce quality content or not depends highly on your choice. Also, with the wrong choice of persuasive essay topic, you may end up wasting a lot of your time. This blog will provide you with several ideas for your next persuasive essay. Go through the suggestions and choose wisely.

Tips for finding the most appropriate topic

Don’t jump straight into a topic as soon as you see it. Remind yourself that a lot depends on the choice of topic, including your grades. Therefore, you must give much consideration before selecting one. You will have to take into account these points to carry out the task.

Always go for a topic which:

  • Seems interesting to you
  • You have some basic information on
  • Has a lot of resources available

By considering these three facts, you will be able to discover the right topic for your next persuasive essay.

Interesting topics for writing a persuasive essay

If you are unable to come up with a topic which catches the attention of the readers, the purpose of your essay will amount to naught. Pay heed to the quick tips that will help you to select the best topic:

  1. Is the persisting tax system not effective for the middle-class?
  2. Should capital punishment be banned?
  3. Should Euthanasia be legalised in every country?
  4. Should codes of ethics be rejected by the society?
  5. Should gun ownership be regulated?
  6. Should students do homework?
  7. Should sex determination of children be banned in every country of the world?
  8. Etiquette should be taught in school
  9. Is there really a need for Nuclear weapons in our world?
  10. Do young women get the wrong message from the ads in the fashion world?
  11. Are social networking sites good for us?
  12. Should the current education system and the evaluation procedure be changed?
  13. Should cell phones be banned in classrooms?
  14. Should the government take more actions to stop cyber attacks?
  15. Which American President was the most effective?
  16. Should every country make prostitution legalised, as well as, regulated?
  17. Does the government have justification for storing public information?
  18. Can we trust everything that the news channels tell us?
  19. Are we doing our best to preserve and save the endangered species?
  20. Are reality shows dangerous for the children?
  21. Should we give or should we receive?
  22. Is the legalisation of marijuana the only solution to drug addiction?
  23. Do we really have the freedom of speech?
  24. Should same-sex couples be allowed to adopt kids?
  25. Should every school have better sex education?
  26. Should parents supervise their children when they use the internet?
  27. All rapists must be hanged to death
  28. The media influence young people to become violent
  29. Dangerous or too violent video games should be banned
  30. The government should give more importance and do more to prevent identity theft
  31. Should every school have smart classrooms?
  32. America must acknowledge Global Warming and take preventions
  33. Animal testing should be completely banned
  34. Religious institutions must pay taxes
  35. Is religion the real reason behind wars?
  36. Should organisations provide paternal leave?
  37. Is technology really taking over humans?
  38. What is the need for music education?
  39. Should the government pay fully for the citizen’s health care?
  40. Are the natural resources being used properly?
  41. Is palm oil harmful?
  42. Is there any justification for stereotyping people from a specific ethnicity or group?
  43. Can the consumption of organic foods help us to prevent diseases?
  44. Are the genetically engineered foods going to be humanity’s future?
  45. Should there be net neutrality?
  46. Can the government regulate the eating choice of the citizens?
  47. Is depression related to stress?
  48. Can sleepwalking turn lethal?
  49. Should Spain make Catalunya independent?
  50. UK’s choice of Brexit was the right thing to do
  51. Are books better than the television?
  52. Can human behaviour be determined by genetics?
  53. How long should children be given permission to play video games?
  54. Should racial comments be made illegal?
  55. Should Puerto Rico receive statehood?
  56. Should America cease their military operations in foreign countries?
  57. Was it right for the USA to invade Israel?
  58. Should every country make abortion legal?
  59. Single-sex schools offer superior education
  60. How good is online education?
  61. Should everybody consume multi-vitamin capsules each day?
  62. Is genetic engineering a good thing to do?
  63. Should everybody learn survival basics?
  64. Do we use some percentages or our whole brain?
  65. Can art be used to tackle depression and stress?
  66. Do the college students suffer more from depression?
  67. Should public smoking be allowed?
  68. Should it be made mandatory for the teachers to qualify a basic skill test?
  69. Should parents talk to their children about substance abuse from an early age?
  70. Are the American school lunches the reason for childhood obesity?
  71. Success gets influenced by how we look
  72. Immigrants should be allowed in every country
  73. Are textbooks becoming obsolete?
  74. Hygiene and personal cleanliness affect an individual’s wellbeing, professional and personal life.
  75. Should the government put a ban on energy drinks?
  76. Is digitisation taking our society forward or making us more relied upon technology?
  77. Should schools take more action to stop bullying?
  78. Should the government make lottery illegal?
  79. Is digitisation of everything giving rise to cyber attacks?
  80. Which is the best type of essay?
  81. Are good arguments helpful for solving a dispute or does it prolong it?
  82. Should we stop using cars and start using cycles?
  83. How much homework should be provided to the students?
  84. Should dropouts in schools and colleges be disallowed?
  85. Is Facebook losing its fame?
  86. Is the use of social media for business promotion effective?
  87. Should individuals be allowed to drink at an early age?
  88. Should recycling be made mandatory by law?
  89. Can public transport system be made better?
  90. How effective is the sharing economy?

By choosing from one of these topics, you will be able to produce a high-quality persuasive essay.

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