August 16, 2011

Psychology Research Methods

There are several points associated with the process of psychology research methods ranging from developing research questions, reviewing the literature, designing study, validity, preparing study material, conducting research, analysis data and writing a research paper as well. First of all, researcher must determine the research question while conducting research that can be possible through examining a theory that is designed to explain huge real life events. Research question can also be derived to promote or dispute as well as analyzing a theory. Then, you must evaluate a research question like at what extent the question is being examined, the importance of social or scientific questions, whether the question is appropriate or not.

Reviewing literature is one of the integral parts of psychology research method. You should know that what you want to investigate and also study what other researchers summarize on the relevant topic which will make you ease to make you sure for your own study. You also require the study of others while writing in analysis segment. You must go through the literature through computerized induces, descendant search, research register, reference list of review articles etc. Furthermore, the most important things is designing your study by generating research hypothesis, relationship between variables, evaluating hypothesis, specifying variables for a study, testing casual hypothesis, specifying the design of a study which will help you to answer the all research questions. It also helps to evaluate potential hypothesis.

During the designing of study, you must keep an eye on the validity of your study. In any given study, there are several valid & invalid conclusions that is drawn which includes the construct validity as well that concerned to the extent to which the variables in your experiment perfectly. It also includes internal validity, statically conclusion validity, external validity etc. Then, you need to prepare study material to prepare a time-line detailing all the things that happened during study. By analyzing the facts and figures, you come up with the exact conclusion or results. There are some points that falls in this point like preparing study time line, verbal instructions and interactions, materials for your manipulations, materials for your measurements, post study survey to see perceive of your study on participants, ethics materials etc.

Furthermore, conducting research, there are some guidelines that falls in this category such as general guidelines in which mentioned that you should adhere to the published APA ethics code, administering a questionnaire in which you need to decide the specific time to give the questionnaire, conducting a laboratory study, Pretesting your study and many more. In data analysis, you have to create a data set by statistically analysis. After a long discussion of analysis your data it will assignment help you to provide information on the procedure to examine the types of relationship. You should always create a document of your study as soon as you complete your data analyzing.

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