October 25, 2017

Always Running Late? Top 10 Ways to Become a Time Management Ninja

You are likely to find millions of articles written on how to get more things done in 24 hours’ time. However, even after trying to follow all those tips to increase productivity, you are still running late for that 9 am class. So what is actually wrong with your schedule? Take a deep breath and realize that probably your attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is the root cause making you late for everything.Author of Never Be Late Again and a management consultant Diana DeLonzor states in her book that people who are late all their life are actually late for every type of activity – no matter good or bad. Are you also infamous for being always late? Then read this post to get some productive time management tips to plan your day more efficiently.

Habitual Late Runner Are Arguably More Creative, But Does This Fact Actually Make Any Difference?

A research conducted by San Diego State University acknowledges the fact that people who are usually late have personality Type B. They are always laid back, easygoing and more adaptive to their surroundings. This study also reveals that habitually late people are more creative and optimistic in life. According to Business Insider’s John Stanley Hunter and Sabrina Hoffman, having a vague sense of time can be linked to optimism, and Type B personality has a tendency to multitask — all other arguably positive traits might lead to successful careers and lives. This might come to you as contentment, but still you need to outsmart those annoying reasons that always make you late.

How Does ADHD work against your Time Management Skills?

“I’m late; I’m late for a very important date. No time to say hello, goodbye, I’m late, I’m late, I’m late.” – These famous lines from Disney Movie Alice in Wonderland accurately summaries the mental turmoil of a late runner.

Time management becomes the biggest issue for people who have ADHD. Everyone gets late now and then, but many with ADHD run behind schedule always. Although ADHD is marked by an ongoing pattern of inattention and is basically a brain activity disorder but with adapting appropriate skill sets, you won’t scramble to finish last minute tasks ever again.

Are You Time Blind?

To beat the clock with personal productivity first you need to think about what it means for you to be ‘on time’. Many who are actually time blind feel that they should arrive at a meeting or class precisely sharp on time. This is a big mistake; it is always safer to plan to reach somewhere 15 minutes early. This way even if you run into traffic or some unavoidable delay there will be a good chance of you still making it on time. If you are worried that you might become bored or you have to wait for long, then you can bring along a book, magazine or can simply just give you mind required time to get settled. After all, it is always better to be the early bird than saying ‘sorry’ for being late. Now you understand, you are never on time if you do not plan to reach somewhere 10 minutes earlier.

10 Keys to Manage Your Time Like Never Before

At times, you may feel that there are not enough hours in a day to complete your planned tasks. While it is next to impossible to check off everything in that ‘to-do’ list, some ways can help you to enhance your productivity and make the most of every day. The more straightforward approach is to decide different deadlines of your tasks in your mind as per priority which will allow you to alleviate some of your stress related to unfinished work and approaching deadlines. If you consider yourself as punctually-challenged then reading this post are most likely to give you much-needed insights.

So now, figuring out time-killing triggers is the first step to improve time management skills.

For students always missing deadlines and for professionals always being late for office meetings invokes a negative impression of being irresponsible and not serious about important scheduled tasks. Many managers perceive ‘be there in 5 minutes’ text as a loser attitude. Therefore, it is high time for you to be a pro time budgeter.

  • Keep track of what you do for one week and then set minor deadlines for each task

Keeping track of what you usually do to get ready for college or office and how long each task takes will make you more aware of what needs to be done to be able to win the race with the clock or to attend that 9 am class. By paying proper attention to your schedule, you may learn the 15 minutes you have allotted to get freshen up in the morning actually takes 22-25 minutes. So spending these additional minutes are actually making you late. To beat these small time-killing factors, you can start with setting up mini-deadlines of different tasks of your morning routine. Setting up separate deadlines for smaller works will help you to be honest to your schedule. Always give your mind little pep talks about sticking to your schedule which will help you to better plan for activities later in the day. Like money you need to budget your time so that you have time for all your important tasks and you finally are able to check maximum numbers of tasks off your To-do list.

  • Identify “time sinkholes” and eliminate those to manage your tasks more efficiently

Time sinkholes can eat up big chunks of your time. It can be something as innocent like checking emails, scrolling through notifications on Facebook etc. Social media plays a significant role in making you a habitual late runner. While working on an important project or writing essential assignments, sometimes you just let your mind wander to reminisce, probably this is making you late. The extra snoozing time you get every morning when alarm sets in can take more time than you can think of. Identify these pitfalls and try to drop them from your schedule and you will be amazed at the fact that how much time you are finally saving.

  • Practice saying no to others

Many consider saying NO to others asking favors is somewhat rude, but you going out of your way to help others can be the cause of you being late on your scheduled tasks. Suppose you are about to walk out of the door to visit the library when one of your friends pops by with ‘a question’, being unable to say no to these last-minute schedule buster is a big reason that many people run tardy. Therefore, you must turn some people down in order, to be honest to your routine. In case you have prescheduled task at your hand, you can politely say no to people with catchphrases like ‘I would love to help, but I have a deadline to meet/ pending assignment to complete /Meeting someone in half an hour, or I am already late for attending an important meeting’.

  • Prioritize tasks and do not always be ready to accept every task that come your way

According to Elizabeth Fitelson, MD and director of the woman’s program in the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University, many of us feel ashamed to admit that they are already overbooked and accept more tasks that they can tackle. They fear other will judge them as an underperformer and end up dealing with the stress and anxiety of always running few minutes late. Here Elizabeth suggests that students and professionals both at times need to cut themselves some slacks by not setting ‘next to impossible’ targets to achieve. Being stuck with so much on the plate is not a good feeling, and it has adverse impacts on our overall mental health. When you agree to a deadline or accept some extra workload, make sure you have already checked your time-table of next few days. Students who need to juggle assignments and examination can hire expert writers to help them with assignments so that they can prepare for their upcoming examination with a calm mind.

  • Keep your work place clutter free and enhance productivity

You might get sluggish after 2-3 hours of continuous work. Sometimes, with many tasks left to be completed, you get lethargic. Other than making to-do list ready, you also need to organise your workplace to enhance your productivity. A messy workstation can lessen your efficiency. Psychology says if a person works in a calm and organised ambience he or she becomes more creative. Your mind feels less stressed while working at an organized and clean desk. If everything is in its own place, you always know where to look for it without wasting time in digging for it. A messy drawer, when you need a correction pen or marker can act like a nightmare. Therefore, students need to tidy up their study tables and professionals should organize their desks in order to produce quality output.

  • Don’t wait for adrenalin to start kicking off

Probably the quote ‘the greatest inspiration is the deadline’ is said by some procrastinator as this type of lateness occurs when someone cannot get going without any boost. They cannot get themselves together until they get an adrenalin rush. As per Psychologist Linde Sapadin, people with kind of personality disorder always need to be under the gun to get something done. Are you a procrastinator? Then it is very likely that you are always late on purpose. She suggests to manage time even when you are the last minute rusher; you need to start with punishing yourself for being late or for not start working until it is 11th hour. For examples, when you are late, buy your friend dinner. Start with taking responsibility. Removing unpredictability from your mind and schedule can help you with managing time more preciously. Stop stocking up tasks for last minute, if you need to reach some unknown location, look up the direction the night before not just before leaving.

  • Stop being anxious and overstressed about the future possibility

Many people get late due to their fear and anxiety related to the output. For many of us, deep and unresolved emotions act as restrictors to get started with any new task. Students fear to fail in a robust and lengthy assignment, and that is why they eventually get late to start writing the paper, which makes the situation worse than what it is already. The discomfort of stepping outside the comfort zone makes us late for scheduled tasks. For example, if you have planned to meet up a friend in a restaurant few blocks away from your University you probably get late by worrying about walking three to four blocks and finding the restaurant. There is a huge possibility of you being worried about how to duck out during lunch hours, or you are just concerned about the price range. Psychologists suggest an over thinking about what might happen can increase your stress. Instead, you can brainstorm practical solution of existing problems. Do not overthink about what might happen. Stressed about your workload? You can always hire experts to write tough assignments, while you can enjoy some time out with your closest friends. Do not imagine failure or success even before start working just get going with pending tasks.

  • Do you easily zone out? If you are then this might take more time than you can ever imagine

Nod your head if this situation seems familiar to you: you have started watching a movie with a mental note of watching it for an hour to take a break. After one hour, when you look up at the clock, it says you spend 3 hours watching the movie and searching videos on the internet. If you are latecomer because you easily zone out and get too wrapped up in the present that you completely forget about other commitments and responsibilities it is always recommended to set a timer or alarm. The alarm will remind you to stop your current work and to move on to the next pending task.

  • Getting a good night sleep in preparation for the next day

You always need to plan how make the next day productive at the night before. If you have an early morning flight, never keeps anything pending for the next morning. Some people are habitually late risers; they always tend to sleep in until the last minute. Gretchen Robins on TheHappinessProject.com says to finish early one should start early. Starting a day early will automatically give you some extra hours to make the most of your day. However, it is easier said than done especially for someone who is not a morning person. So how are they supposed to manage their time?  When you cannot manage to wake up early: The night before any particular day prepares yourself as much as you can, to avoid last minute rush in the next morning. You can lay clothes, arrange your bag, and make the take away lunch for the next day to give your schedule some boost in the following day.

  • Reaching out to someone who can take something off your plate

There is nothing wrong with being a delegate when you have too much on your plate. Professionals can politely reach out to other team members to get adequate help to get some work done within deadline. Asking for help will never create a negative image of you, whereas producing under quality output would. Many times as a student, you get assigned to tough assignments. Instead of wasting too much of time in writing one assignment, you can hire professional academic writers to guide you with your complex assignments. By getting help from experts and skilled professionals, you are destined to complete quality work positively within time, and you get to learn from experts as well.

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