February 15, 2021

A Collection of Some Potent Sociology Research Paper Topics

Sociology Research Paper Topics

Sociology is the study of human society. It studies the behavior and the actions of human beings within the ordered context of society and sharing a common way of life, i.e. a culture.

The most prevalent sociology research topics deal with different central aspects of our daily society. Typical issues range from education across different socio-economic backgrounds and effects of religion on the social behavior of human beings to the study of different rural & urban cultures around the globe. The multidisciplinary nature of the subject requires sociology students to dive deep into medical sociology research topics, sociology research topics on crime, sports, political and environmental research topics and every other thing that makes up a typical social environment.

This blog looks into several sociology research topics, each based on a central aspect of the society around us. But, before we do that, let’s recapitulate the core ideas behind any sociological research.

What Is Sociological Research?

Sociological research involves careful and impartial analysis into the different facets of our community. It looks into the patterns of influence that different social concepts, ideas, norms and organizations have on the life of the society’s member.

  • Numerous qualitative, quantitative and scientific methods are employed to carry out subjective research on the topic. Self-reflectivity is crucial in any sociological research as researchers must ensure to eliminate any biasness in their observations.
  • As the subject deals with every aspect of human society, research approaches and methodologies tend to vary accordingly. Sociological researches question human society and its workings. Nothing is off-limits as social sciences dwell into the darkest recesses of human society such as child abuse, human trafficking, modern slavery, extreme poverty, religious fundamentalism, etc.
  • Sociological research has been instrumental in identifying the impact of vital social elements, events and norms on the society’s members & vice versa.
  • Typical sociological research designsinclude surveys & interviews, experiments, field research and study of existing data.

Whether you are writing a sociology research essay or working on a master’s sociology research paper, it is essential to always be subjective in your research. This is vital given the sensitive and idiosyncratic nature of the topics the subject deals with.

An Extensive Sociology Research Topics List

The vastness of the subject and the intricate nature of human society are the two primary reasons why sociological research encompasses a wide variety of sub-fields & topics. This section presents several research topics on some of the most prominent sociology sub-fields.

Let us first take a look at one of the most ancient constituents of human society & the subject that gave birth to modern sociology, religion.

Religion in Sociology

Sociology research topics dealing with religion are quite sensitive matters of discussion and should be handled with grace & impunity.

The birth of modern sociology as an academic discipline took place with the study and investigations into religious suicides by eminent French sociologist Emile Durkheim.

Karl Marx and Max Weber, the fathers of classical sociology, pinpointed the influential role of religion in the social & economic structure of human society.

The researcher must decide upon which sociological approach they intend to take in their research. But one must always keep in mind that their investigations and observations must be wholly unbiased and unprejudiced.

Some excellent research topics on religion in sociology are:

  1. Economics of Religion
  2. Black Churches
  3. Church Abuses Scandals
  4. God and Religion
  5. Religion and Evolution
  6. Sex and Religion
  7. Women in Religion

Sociological Research on Food, Health and Medicine

Food studies in sociology and medical sociology are two fundamental branches of sociology and social sciences. Sociology of food looks into the effects of tries to understand and theorize the impact of food production, distribution and consumption on the human society.

Sociology research topics on food can include:

  1. Food
  2. Food Habits
  3. Food Consumption
  4. Food – Political Aspects
  5. Food – Social Aspects
  6. Nutrition – Social Aspects
  7. Drinking Customs

Research topics in the sociology of health and illness are broadly divided into two primary branches: medical sociology and the sociology of medicine.

Research topics on Sociology of medicine and the sociology of health & illness require researchers to explore the critical role of medicine & healthcare in society. Studies also investigate incidences of how some parties leverage that influence for their gain.

Some potent sociology research topics on medicine, health and illness are:

  1. Inequalities in health care.
  2. The Social Impact of the development of new ways of treatment
  3. Free physical and psychological health support for society
  4. The modern role of the doctor in society
  5. Health and disease as categories of social segregation
  6. Impact of globalization on health
  7. The Power of Major Pharmaceuticals

Family and Sociology

 A sub-field of social sciences, sociological study of families, look into family structures as a social institution and its effect on social behaviors.

Some practical sociological research topics on family are:

  1. Family and its impact on childhood
  2. Disciplinary practices in families
  3. Non-family socialization of children and adolescents
  4. Family Sociology in Modern Times
  5. Family in civilization and modernization
  6. sociological analysis of poverty-stricken families
  7. Familial Violence

Law and Crime

Deviance, crime, chaos and law & order are integral aspects of the human society. Sociological research on law and crime requires researchers to look into the reasons behind such criminal acts.

A list of intriguing research topics on the sociology of crime and law are:

  1. Capital Punishment
  2. Child Abuse
  3. Justice System
  4. Cybercrime
  5. Domestic Violence
  6. Organized Crime
  7. Political Crime
  8. Hate Crime
  9. Foundations of Criminology
  10. Law and Order in Contemporary Society

Rural and Urban Sociology

As evident from the terms themselves, rural and urban sociology study societal elements and social behavior in rural and metropolitan areas, respectively. Research in this field ranges from investigating the factors that affect the livelihood and behavior of their members to demographic patterns, environmental impact, resource consumption, development and more.

Here’ a list of interesting rural and urban sociological research topics.

  1. City Planning
  2. Revitalization of rural areas
  3. Urban and rural development
  4. Education and its impact on rural & semi-rural areas
  5. Agriculture as a key aspect of rural sociology
  6. Environment as a rural sociological factor
  7. Urban and rural poverty

Gender in Sociology

Sociology of gender deals with how gender identities affect or dictate a society’s behavior with a person or group. Feminism and patriarchy are two significant sociological impacts of human gender.

Some prominent research topics on gender in sociology include:

  1. A look into feminism
  2. Role of women in society
  3. LGBTQ Rights
  4. Gender Inequality
  5. Gender Stereotypes
  6. Gender Bias in Society
  7. Intersexuality

Culture and Sociology

Culture is an intrinsic part of human society. Sociological research on culture involves systematic analyses of different elements of a particular culture.

Some exciting research topics on the sociology of culture are:

  1. Cultural Diversity
  2. Cultural Assimilation
  3. Cultural Shock
  4. Ethnic Cleansing
  5. Racial Profiling
  6. Ancient Civilizations and Cultures
  7. The Rise and Fall of the Hippy Culture

Sociology of Aging

The sociological study of aging involves looking into the social effects of individual aging or an aging society. Sociological research of aging consists of analyzing the different social factors that affect individual aging, such as social norms and expectations.

Research topics on the sociology of aging are:

  1. Discrimination and Aging
  2. Depression in the Elderly
  3. Old Age Homes— Why do they exist?
  4. Midlife Crisis
  5. Suicidal rates amongst the elderly
  6. Gerontology
  7. The Psychology of Aging

Sports and Sociology

Sports has always been an integral part of human society since ancient times. Sociological research on sports involves studying the social effects of sports & games on socio-cultural structures, patterns, organizations and on the individual mindset. The sociological study of sports also involves looking into the economical and financial impact of sporting events.

Some interesting topics in this field of research are:

  1. The Olympics as a global sporting and social event
  2. Sports- an excellent social mediator
  3. Sports and National Identity
  4. Doping in Sports
  5. Globalization in Sports
  6. The Effect of International Sporting Events
  7. Sports, Media and Society

Political Aspect of Sociology

Another vital aspect of both classical and modern sociology is the study of politics and political phenomena. Sociological research on politics ranges from studying the myriad of propagandas of different political entities to the investigation of topics such as citizenship, civic structure, social movements, political revolution and the like.

Some intriguing topics on political sociology involve are:

  1. Sociology of War
  2. Democracy vs Plutocracy
  3. Pseudo-Democracy and One-Man Rule
  4. Religion in Politics
  5. The Power of Political Corruption
  6. Political Science
  7. The State vs The People: A Political Perspective

Environmental Sociology

The continued survival of a society depends upon how conducive its immediate environment is. To put things bluntly, we can say that life needs a sustainable environment to survive before it can develop a social consciousness necessary to build a society.

Sociological research on the environment studies the interactions between a society and its natural habitat. Research dwells into resource gathering & drainage, environmental issues and the impact of different communities on the environment.

Intriguing topics on the subject include:

  1. Climate Change and its societal impact
  2. Deforestation and the endangerment of contemporary society
  3. Resource Drain
  4. Energy Crisis
  5. Economy & Environment
  6. Politics and Environment
  7. Nature and Culture

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