August 5, 2019

80 Interesting Sport Research Paper Topics To Fetch Top Grades

Sports Research Paper Topics

Drafting a sport-related research paper is an excellent opportunity for exploration. Sports topics are connected with different field of activities, and there are vast possibilities of research. It has always been one of the significant ways of entertainment. With the up gradation of technology, we only understand Android or PC games. Nowadays, every physical sport can be turned into an app, and you can play it on your mobile. However, the natural desire for competition and winning inspires humans. Therefore, sport has become an inevitable part of people’s life. According to Julie Foudy, “Sports build good habits, confidence, and discipline. They make players into community leaders and teach them how to strive for a goal. Handle mistakes, and cherish growth opportunities”. Thus, we cannot deny the importance of sports in our lives.

If you are one of those curious students who want to write a paper on sports, you have countless possibilities to do so. However, like every other research papers, a separate set of rules should be followed while drafting a paper on sports. Here is a step-by-step guide for you. You can implement these steps and write a brilliant paper.

5 steps to write a flawless sports research paper

These effective steps are the best way to write a sports-related research paper.

•    Finalize the sports: The first thing that you should do is finalize the sport on which you want to write the paper. This is very important, and you need to do it first. Choose a sport that you understand well and have a passion for. You do not have to choose a familiar game like Cricket or Football. If you are passionate about Kabaddi or Kho Kho, you can select them and write your paper accordingly.

•    Narrow down the topic: After finalizing the topic, you need to choose the genre. There can be multiple topics that you can choose. For example, Political controversy related to the sports or how the rules of the game have been changing over decades etc. Once you decide the genre of the game, you can direct your research accordingly. This will help to remain specific about your study.

•    Collect relevant and genuine data: While drafting a research paper on sports, the data collection is a bit tricky than any other topic. If you are dealing with any political issue related to sports, you need to find out authentic sources like newspapers, journals, TV reports and other statistical data to write the paper. These data will help you write the paper and conduct the analysis. Do extensive research to find out the best sources for your data.

•    Mind map the work: You need to make an imaginary outline of the work in your mind. If you find out a proper structure of your work, then it would be easier for you to make it systematic. Thus, indulge in mind mapping and think about how you can proceed with the write-up.

•    Make important notes: Making short and relevant notes can be very helpful for you. It may become difficult for you to find out the most pertinent information from the massive chunk of paragraphs. Thus, when you make notes about the outline of your sports research paper, the work will become easier.

These are the 5 best ways to draft the paper flawlessly. However, you also need to remember some of the points that you must avoid while writing a sports research paper.

5 things you should avoid while writing an academic paper on sports

It is understandable that sport is your passion. Still, when you are drafting an academic paper, there are certain points that you should keep in mind.

•    Do not choose a difficult topic: When you decide on the topic, you should be very confident about it. Do not choose a topic which is very controversial. Also, make sure that adequate data are available for the selected topic. Otherwise, the whole work will be ruined. If you go for a simple topic and build an interesting research question out of it, the work will be more appreciable.

•    Do not make it biased: It may happen that you have chosen an argumentative topic. However, you can support an opinion and write the paper accordingly. But, make sure that you establish your point with proper statistical data and evidence. Do not get biased and make it too personal. You need to remain neutral as you are a researcher.

•    Do not be overconfident: When you write a paper on sports and choose a game of your choice, writing can be fun. However, you need to have control over your emotions. When you analyze any statement or information, your tone should be submissive. Do not be overconfident about anything as it can have an adverse effect on your grades.

•    Do not be too clichéd: When you write a research paper on sports, try to trendy and exciting. If you follow an age-old style, your readers may end up getting bored. You want yourself memorable to the supervisor who is reading thousands of other research papers. Hence, make it worth paying attention to.

•    Do not go off-topic: There are high chances that you may go off the topic when you start writing a lengthy research paper. However, it is suggested not to go off the topic while writing the paper. Suppose, you are writing about the history of cricket and football, then you can bring the reference of any other game as an example. But, if you dedicate a 500 words paragraph while talking about any other sport, it would become off-the-topic.

When you maintain these instructions while writing the sports paper, you can not only impress your supervisors but also fetch the best grades in the semester.

70 sports research topics for you to nail your paper

These are the best sports topics that you can choose to score the best.

  1. How the respiratory functions in highly qualified athletes get affected with time
  2. Explore the influence of fitness yoga classes on the physical condition of women at the time of menopause
  3. Explore the influence of the absence of sports on health.
  4. Describe similarities and differences between Table Tennis and Lawn Tennis.
  5. Analyze causes that have led to deaths through the history of the Olympic Games.
  6. How Ayurvedic treatment became a part of sports medicine.
  7. Functional state of adolescents engaged by professional sports- An Analysis.
  8. How caffeine affect on athletic performance.
  9. Influence of sport activities on functional activity of neutrophils.
  10. How practicing sports with heart disease can help improve health.
  11. Weightlifting, powerlifting, and bodybuilding- Discuss the types of injuries.
  12. Compare the traumas related to sports and games among preschoolers and teenagers.
  13. How children and adolescent deal with sports injuries.
  14. Statistics of injuries in volleyball and ways of its prevention.
  15. Role of Technology in the physical rehabilitation of athletes with vertebral-spinal injuries.
  16. Discuss the features of oral dental pathology in sportsmen of various sports.
  17. The use of neuro-linguistic programming sports.
  18. Doping in sports- Psychological and physiological aspects
  19. How to motivate the young athletes in artistic gymnastics.
  20.  Psychological characteristics of concentration in shooting sports.
  21. Methods of psychological recovery of athletes after trauma or any massive injury.
  22. How families of professional athletes raise their children?
  23. Women’s psychology: Needs and emotions in women’s sports.
  24. Psychology of women preparing for a big match
  25. What are the modern problems of gender studies according to Sports psychology?
  26. Comparative analysis of martial arts and athletics.
  27. How the rules of cricket has been changing over decades.
  28. Short interval and long interval training– Compare and contrast
  29. Unique approaches in creating training programs for runner-athletes.
  30.  Features of training programs for children’s fitness.
  31. Why do scientists and coaches need to work together?
  32. Biomechanics of muscles in the cycle of Nordic walking.
  33. Comparative analysis of effectiveness of stretching and free hand exercises.
  34. Sociological approach in formation of sports leaders.
  35. Cultural identity and features of sport culture- A study of Korea and Japan.
  36. The world before sports: hunting, gathering and ritual games
  37. History and types of sports
  38. The role of sports in the developing of children. The playing instinct
  39. Child games: how do little humans invent their own sports?
  40. When and why women were not allowed to play sport games?
  41. How steroids and drugs are ruining players’ career?
  42. How betting remained a constant problem in Sports?
  43. The history of Olympic games and their impact on the development of sport culture
  44. How corruption has affected the entire sports system of a country?
  45. Sport bets. A metaindustry of entertainment
  46. Sport injuries and professional traumas
  47. How sports can become a medium of politics
  48. Sport and gender. Transgender sportspeople
  49. Sport and militaristic society
  50. The impact of sports on emotional well-being
  51. Sports and physiological reactions on teenagers
  52. What can be considered sport in the modern world?
  53. Professional and amateur sports
  54. Spectator sports and their impact on culture
  55. Sports and media: why people who are not playing like to watch?
  56. How fans play a big role in players’ life?
  57.  Is aggression harmful for players
  58. Paralympic games and its features
  59. Sports, disabilities and rehabilitation- An analysis
  60. Contact sports and their practical usage
  61. Sport scholarship: is it justified?
  62. Famous sports personality who changed the history
  63. The most important sport events in history
  64. Quitting sport: the life of the professional sportspeople after the sport career
  65. Psychology of sport: how does psychic influences the sport career?
  66. History of cricket: review of English sports periodicals of the 18th and 19th centuries.
  67.  The use of the Hawk-Eye complex in cricket matches.
  68.  Influence of cricket in the creation of softball sports.
  69. Types of matches in cricket. Difference between Test and limited-overs games.
  70. Analysis of cricket techniques and tactics depending on the player.

Choose one topic of your choice and draft a flawless research paper on sports.  These suggestions are the best one to nail your paper and earn academic success.

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