December 31, 2017

6 Reasons Why January is the Lowest Student Productivity Month in a Calendar Year

For students, an academic session almost stretches throughout an entire year giving them hardly any time to breathe or take out time for themselves. Academic institutions burden students with coursework which add to the pressure which is already exerted on them due to their academic curriculum.

And specifically, January is one month where, statistically, student productivity falls by quite a bit owing to various reasons. The first month of the year is usually a slow month for all these students owing to which academic assistance websites are used primarily by them with regards to having their coursework completed by experts online. There can be a lot of things pointed out about January which is proof of why it is the slowest possible month for students. Take up Blue Monday for example. It is considered the most depressing day in the year and the reason is not even justified for students. But it does affect them psychologically. So point made!

Here are six reasons why January isn’t such a happening month for students in terms of their productivity levels

  1. The festive mood from the year-end celebrations often tend to get prolonged

December, quite predictably, is the most happening time of the year for people and especially for students owing to long Christmas and New Year vacations where celebrations are all around. And this particular craze does tend to carry forward to the New Year. Then it just comes to an abrupt end. Priorities move from parties to assignments and it takes a little bit of time to get used to the fact that fun time’s over.

On numerous occasions, we have seen that student output levels tend to scale down a bit in January. Nevertheless, in these sort of situations where there is a dip in productivity of students for various reasons, online academic assistance services come as a really convenient platform. These assignment help services are more at large today owing to the fact that they strive to provide all sorts of services in construction of every single type of academic coursework material. With timely deliveries and expert writers at our disposal, assignment woes are something we successfully strive to resolve.

  1. New Year resolutions tend to backfire

People, and mainly students, start the year on a positive note by making resolutions (often unrealistic) to be followed throughout the entirety of the upcoming year. But in reality, those relations more than often fail to pan out owing to the complexity of situations and absurdness of them. Having New Year resolutions simmer down in the very first month of the year can prove to be a very demotivating for everyone dealing major blows to their self-confidence making them low on academic output.

So if you’re a student and your New Year resolution of completing all your assignments before your deadline has already fallen apart, online assignment help websites exist to help you get back on the timely-submission track.

  1. Long winter vacations

Winter vacations are easily the best and longest vacations in the curriculum of a student. On most occasions, people plan long holidays going for foreign trips or getaways which do seem to extend for quite a number of days. Owing to this, students who also have homework to complete for their academic institutions end up facing a problem. By the time these students come back from their holidays, the time frame which they have is always too little for them to successfully roll out their assignments. Not being able to do so would end up fetching bad grades.


This is again one very significant reason why online academic assistance guidance services are becoming a popular thing today. The best services in the market have specialized teams at their disposal who are dedicated to rolling out the top quality assignments on a special urgency basis without any additional charge. This is extremely convenient for all students who have extremely narrow windows and fast approaching deadline dates, ensuring that their grades don’t go for a complete toss.

  1. The climatic conditions are psychologically depressing and a reason for bringing down productivity levels

The already bad weather normally tends to take a turn for the worse in January which makes it responsible for an insane ramp down in the energy levels of students. Constant showers of rain inhibit laziness and destroy the willpower of students to go to school.

The inhibited laziness is also carried forward when it comes to the assignments, which are barely touched during that point of time.

  1. Upcoming examinations a serious factor for students

The month of February usually means term examinations for most students and the festive mood from December is usually cut short quite significantly. Exams, the month after, means that the first month of the year is spent in rigorous studying and revision in order to gulp down the entire syllabus for exams! On top of this, there are the coursework assignments which remain neglected throughout the Merry Christmas and Happy New Year chants.  

In these times of extreme pressure, bent down by the huge academic coursework forced on them, students tend to trust their coursework assignments with online assignment experts who help them complete their academic coursework promising the best possible quality. Although college and students do have exams and assignments to keep them occupied, most universities tend to give a lesser pressure on its students for a good couple for months in January. Although coursework is handed out, all the same, the gap does often make January quite un-happening for these students. So they tend to hire academic assistance services on the net to help them with their assignments while they strive to look for part-time jobs in order to earn pocket money.

  1. Lack of motivation for all new courses or subjects

Quite often, we have seen that new students getting really de-motivated as they see no value in their course material. January does see a lot of freshers coming in and joining all new courses or people opting for all new subjects. However, things don’t always pan out they way they are planned really.

A lot of students tend to get stagnant owing to the lack of interest or understanding of the subject matter. This deals a great blow to the productivity of the students and tends to make the first couple of months slower on the account of pending coursework and a lack of understanding of the topic at hand.

Nevertheless, online assignment services sites are the best boon for students in these sort of situations where subject matter experts in over a 100 different topics are available to assist students with their coursework.

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