September 15, 2014

9 Easy Tricks To Complete Your Assignment Writing Before The Deadline

How often have you broken into sweats while struggling to write an assignment? It’s true that assignment writing is quite a hectic job. But, if you follow the proper techniques, writing an assignment becomes easier.

Merely going through the techniques will not help. You must implement all of them and practise writing various assignments on a daily basis. Beating the deadline is a concern for most of the students. This is why, we provide some expert assignment writing techniques that can help you improve your writing skills and beat the deadline with ease.

  1. Do your research attentively

After getting the topic, don’t start writing the assignment right away. Conduct proper research on the topic, analyse the question and then you can start writing. You must analyse all the possible aspects of the topic. It will help you come up with amazing ideas to proceed with the write-up.

Find out rare, unique and updated information regarding the topic. Note all of them down and then start writing the assignment. Attaining A+ grades becomes tougher if you try to complete the assignment in haste. So take your time and read as many relevant websites, journals, books and articles as you can.

  1. Refine the information

You may come across much information during the research. But, not all of them will contribute to enhancing the value of your assignment. As a result, you must filter the information and keep only the most relevant and useful ones. Make sure you don’t fill your assignment with irrelevant facts and information.

While refining the information, keep the ones that support your arguments, ideas and opinions. At the same time, make sure you don’t plagiarise content. You must not copy other’s words and use it in your assignment. Collect ideas from various sources and write them in your own words.

  1. Plan your assignment appropriately

After the research, many students tend to start writing the assignment without a plan. This clearly shows in their poorly structured write-up. Hence, professors deduct valuable marks due to the poor structure. Plan your assignment and set the ideas logically before writing the paper.

Draw an outline of the write-up and sort out the introduction, thesis statement, main part of the essay and the conclusion. How would you like your readers to perceive the topic? Do you want to persuade the reader of a specific opinion or idea? Ask these questions to yourself before writing the assignment.

  1. Use the active voice

The use of active voice in an assignment makes it sound more convincing and makes it easier to understand. It puts your readers in the moment and they can relate to whatever you try to convey. As a result, the active voice generates a strong connection between the reader and the writer.

Consider this sentence: ‘The rock was thrown by the boy.’ This is a passive sentence. In active voice, it becomes ‘The boy threw the rock.’ It not only sounds better but also includes fewer words. Hence, active voice can create a faster-moving narrative thereby, making the essay quite engaging.

  1. Avoid sentences that can arise confusion

Your write-up must be entirely understandable by the readers. Sentences that start with ‘It has been hypothesised that….’can confuse your readers. Your readers may not know who made the hypothesis and hence be confused. Similarly, when you start a sentence with ‘According to a survey…..’ this can also confuse your readers as they may not know anything about the survey you’re talking about.

So whenever you are talking about a book, report, survey or hypothesis, start the sentence with the author’s or the survey’s name and the date it was published. It makes your information more credible.

  1. Do not use redundant words

While writing the assignment, you may tend to use the same words and phrases throughout the paper. Repetitive words degrade the quality of your assignment. Words like extremely, absolutely, completely etc. reduce the authority and confidence of your article. Read several books to increase your vocabulary and use them appropriately in your writing.

Remember that your professors are busy with their tight schedule. So they might not read the entire paper if the writing isn’t impressive enough. Use new words appropriately to grab the attention of your readers and encourage them to read until the end of the paper.

  1. Craft the introduction carefully

The introduction is an essential part of the assignment. It decides whether your target readers will read the entire paper or not. Hence, make the introduction engaging and persuasive enough to encourage the reader to go through the rest of the write-up. You can use quotes and some rare information to attract the attention of your readers.

The introduction will brief the readers about the context of your essay. They should understand what your essay is about through the introduction. So include all the key points of your essay and do not reveal everything in the introduction. You can also write the introduction at last. The reason is, you would know the crucial points you have discussed in the main part of the essay while writing the introduction.

  1. Use your ideas in the main body of the assignment

The main part of the essay must consist of all your ideas, arguments, opinions and perspectives. But, you need to present them logically and help your readers to understand your point. Break the main part of your essay into small paragraphs. You can use one paragraph for each idea. This will make your assignment easy to read and understand.

Make sure your arguments are supported with relevant facts and figures. If you are writing a finance or accounting assignment, support your arguments with charts, bar diagrams, graphs and other calculations. You must use the latest information to support your opinion and present in such a way that your readers are also convinced of your point of view.

  1. Finally, write the conclusions

Consider the conclusion of your essay as the wrap-up of your entire assignment. Hence, summarise the key points of your essay and write the conclusion accordingly. It is always suggested not to include any new information in the conclusion because that might confuse the readers. Alternatively, you can end your assignment with a provoking and relevant statement to inspire your readers to think about your topic.

Many students tend to restate the opening paragraph in conclusion. But, that won’t help you fetch good marks. You can take ideas from the introduction and frame the conclusion accordingly. Make sure all the key points are covered and keep it interesting as well.

Writing can be a complicated process even if you are organised and have a plan for the write-up. You need to practise on a daily basis to become an expert assignment writer. These techniques will surely help you craft an impeccable assignment without exceeding the deadline.

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