December 29, 2016

Travelling to UK for Studies? First, Get Your Facts Straight

Since 20th century, UK has held on to its position of being one of the most preferred study destinations for international students, thanks to its top quality education, its ever accommodating nature and excellent career opportunities after graduation. These are, however, commonly known facts about UK. But what you don’t know is: carrying knives anywhere in UK is illegal, even for self-defence. If you were thinking about packing a pocket-knife for emergency reasons, drop the idea straightaway!

Know few bizarre and interesting facts about UK to prevent yourself from landing on any unexpected trouble while travelling to a foreign country. Bon voyage!

So before you set your foot in this country, unravel few exciting and unique facts about UK. Here are the interesting fun facts and trivia that every international student must know:

Student population in UK

According to the officially recorded numbers, 2.27 million pupils study at UK’s higher education institutions, of which 532,300 are non-UK students.

If you choose UK, you are going to be one of them!

Career prospects:

UK is acknowledged as the leading business location for inward investment in Europe. It is one of the top ten manufacturers in the world and also owns the largest industries in Europe.

As soon as you successfully complete your degree program here, you can easily bag a suitable job due to the booming economy of UK.

Spoken language:

Apart from English, Welsh, Scots and Gaelic are the other official languages of UK. But the accent change is noticeable after every 25 miles (40km).

To communicate with the local folks, you need to learn few greeting words in other languages, especially if you love to travel. It will definitely help you!


Passports issued by the UK government offer visa-free travel to more countries than any other visa offers.

If there is a traveller inside you, use this chance to fulfil your travelling dreams. Explore the country and its surroundings.

Kissing age:

The average age for getting the first kiss in UK is 15.

You may have outgrown the kissing age, but you never know! You may find somebody on the campus; you can start an exciting romantic affair.

Only for girls:

A UK woman on an average gets 150 hairstyles in her lifetime.

If you like to experiment with your hair, you can give tough competition to UK women! Good luck.

Banned hover board:

In the UK, it is illegal to travel on hover board in public.

If you have one, use it indoors or leave it at home before coming to this country.

General knowledge:

The terms ‘UK’ and ‘Great Britain’ are not interchangeable because when you mention UK, it includes Northern Ireland. But in ‘Great Britain, it does not.

Remember this during your conversations, if you want to impress your classmates or friends!

Geographical position:

According to UK regulations, one cannot be more than 70 miles away from the sea.

Who wants to? UK beach life is something to die for.


Drinking is allowed in pubs in England, but not losing control on our self. Being inebriated is illegal here.

Wondering what pubs are for after all? Rules are rules. So mind your drinking if you decide to hang around with your buddies after classes.

Many Outsiders:

Approximately, 25% people, living in London belong to outside UK.

So don’t consider yourself an ‘outsider’. You have more or less equal rights as the national residents.


The highest temperature ever recorded in England was38.5 in Kent in the year of 2003.

You already have heard about UK’s cool and often cloudy weather. So pack accordingly for this cooler and wetter climate.

Horror Story:

There is a popular rumour about London Bridge that it is haunted. People claim to see a woman in Black roaming around the place in the night.

So be careful! If you fear ghosts, do not travel alone after midnight. But if you want to experience paranormal activities, then you are free to go.

Origin of football:

The sport of football got shape in UK when Anglo-Saxon farmers found the skull of Danish warrior while plowing a field. In order to demonstrate their bitterness towards the Danes and amuse themselves, they started kicking the skull. That’s how football got its first kick.

Depressing isn’t it? It is a scary thing to know if you are a fan of football or soccer!

Conventional society of UK:

Oxford University did not permit its professors to marry until 1877. Women were not allowed to take admission in this prestigious institute until 1920.

Thank God! Things have changed. Now the gender ratio in Oxford University has improved.

Big Ben:

Big Ben refers to the bell, not the famous clock at London’s houses of Parliament.

Yes, you have been knowing this wrong all the time.

Now you know several facts about UK. Hope you enjoy your stay and achieve things that you have planned for. Best of luck for the new journey!

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