August 30, 2011

Different Types of Research Methods

There are various types of research methods which can be used by individuals for analysing things. Qualitative, mixed and quantitative are three major types of research methods which can help you find conclusions.

In the qualitative research method, there are open-ended questions. In this method, the researcher first has to state the problem and then study about it. He/she can read about the problem and learn about the same with the help of various sources like literature, published data including books, journals etc. In this one, you will notice that the exact statistical values are not emphasized. The statistical studies are described generally. In qualitative research method, the researcher has to collect every participant’s answer minutely.

In this one, it is imperative for him to validate the accuracy of his findings. The perceptions of participants hold great significance in this one. There are various case studies and a lot of research in this case which helps the researcher in describing, and explaining everything. There is a fair amount of participation of people in qualitative method. People give their view points and answer different questions based on their thinking about the same. After the participants have given their answers, the researcher can compare their answers and analyse the same.

There are some questions for which quantitative method is preferred. This can be done in cases where there is a gap in knowledge. This type of method is used for questions related to specific fields like medical field. For an instance, this one can help one find an answer about a particular medicine being appropriate for a specific age group or not.

Quantitative researches are based on experimental strategies. Many experiments are included in this one. Herein, the survey results help the researcher get a quantitative description of people’s attitudes. The researcher can use questionnaires or interviews in order to collect the data.

In some cases, the mixed method approach can be more appropriate than any other. In this one, the researcher can study and understand things with the help of quantitative as well as qualitative method. He can study a problem with the help of questionnaires. is the best option for those who are looking for reliable assignment help services. To show our genuineness, we submit only high quality assignments so that students never lose out on important grades.

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