September 17, 2014

7 Tips to Stay Away From Fraud Assignment Writing Companies

Students are required to multi-task throughout their academic course. From submitting assignments on time to preparing for exams, you need to do everything within the deadline.  As a result, it is quite natural to rely on the online assignment help service providers to get the writing tasks done on time. But, are all the companies reliable?

Sadly, that is not so. With the increase in demand for the online assignment providers, several fraud companies popped up to launder money from the students. So, it is very important that you choose the most reliable and trustworthy company for your assignment. Here are some tips that will help you choose the right company and help you to identify the fraud services.

  1. Check the reviews

Read the client testimonials posted on the company’s website and you can have an idea regarding the skills of the writers. Go through the reviews posted on third-party review sites as well. The third-party review sites post completely unbiased and neutral opinion regarding assignment writing companies.

You might not find only good talks about the company. Some may not like their price rates while others may find their rates to be affordable. To avert this confusion, go through two or three review sites and you can understand whether the company is trustworthy or not. Did you find too many negative reviews about the company?  It is better to leave it out.

  1. Make sure they are experienced

Always check the number of years the company has been in this business. Companies that have been around for a longer period of time are likely to be more trustworthy. You can also check out their popularity by reading the client reviews and see if they have enough number of satisfied customers.

Start-ups can also serve your purpose. However, an experienced company can guarantee top-notch quality because of the proficiency of their writers. Many companies may put up a wrong date of establishment to create a false impression that they are experienced. You can look up the company in review sites and ensure that the date is official.

  1. Look for an official phone number

You must be able to contact the company directly. Some companies may not allow direct communication with the writers, but their support team remains active. Make sure the company has a valid phone number through which you can speak to the support team. Dial the number to see if the support team answers or if you are asked by automated responses to wait for hours.

Call them up and see how they treat you. The fraud companies may not have an official phone number. Even if they a phone number, it would be usually answered by bots. Trusting such a company is a waste of time and money. They may not even bother to answer your phone calls after getting the payment.

  1. Check for a physical address

A trustworthy company will always have a physical address of its office. Quite obvious, isn’t it? Ensure that the company has an address mentioned on the website. You can also cross-check the location on Google Maps to ensure whether the company really exists. If you find no location mentioned on the website, it’s time to change the company immediately.

At times, companies may use fake addresses to earn the trust of their customers. Hence, make sure you check the location online or call them up to see if they are a genuine assignment writing service provider. Many students fall into the trap of fake assignment service providers because they don’t notice the address. This is a very important aspect of identifying a reliable company.

  1. Make sure they have refund policies

Most of the high-end assignment service providers offer money refund guarantees to secure the trust of the students. According to this policy, you can ask for a refund if you are not happy with their work or if you received it after the submission deadline. This way, you will know that your money was not wasted and you can get it back if the assignment’s quality isn’t up to the mark.

Before placing the order, go through the guarantees provided by the company. Make sure that they offer a smooth money refund policy as well. If it is not mentioned on the website, opt for other companies. You must also check for the amount they claim to refund and the amount they’ll keep to themselves.

  1. Read the samples on the websites

Usually, the assignment help and writing companies have free samples on their website. So, you can download them to understand if their writers can meet your expectations. Some companies maintain a specific niche and do not provide writing services apart from that niche. The samples can give you an idea about the niche they follow.

The samples can also help you to understand if the assignment writers are familiar with all sorts of referencing formats and writing styles. If they have provided samples for your subject, see the topics they have worked on. You will have an idea regarding the way professional writers work on complicated topics.

  1. Make sure the customer support team is always available

You may want to clarify some doubts regarding the services of the company before placing the order. But, the support team remains inactive most of the time. What if the support team is available only during your school hours? Most importantly, what if you remembered about your assignment the night before its submission date? Needless to say, round the clock availability of the support team is a must.

Ensure that the customer support of the company is always available to help you out. If you receive constant robotic replies, it is better to stay away from such companies. Remember, that the live chat portal is there to provide you with instant replies without the need to log in. So, avoid a company if it asks for your mail address on the portal.

These tips will save you from hiring a fraud company and eliminate the chances of receiving plagiarised or poor-quality assignments. You must always choose the most reliable company to get your assignments done. After all, your grades play a huge role in determining your academic and professional success.

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