April 23, 2019

10 Top Tips to Nail a Self-Analysis Essay

Self Analysis Essay

Have you ever noticed how quick we are to come up with compliments or deep observations about our friends, but almost never have the right word ready when asked to describe ourselves? Self-analysis is not as easy as it sounds. We are the people who know us the most. However, can we always put that to concrete words?

Insta bios, Facebook descriptions and WhatsApp statues constantly pose the question of who we are. All of these require us to describe our own selves in a few words. Answering those questions take us to a journey inside our own selves. We ask ourselves, “Who am I?” before putting down ‘funny’, ‘warm’, ‘fun-loving’ or ‘empathetic’ in our online bios.

Similarly, self-analysis essays also require us to do the exact same thing, but in a lengthier format. While there are no rules for writing a self-analysis essay, you must keep your audience in mind when preparing one. A college admission essay should take on a different tone from that of a job application one, and so on. Though it may sound easy to wrap up, the reality is quite different indeed.

In this post, you will find the best tips to write a perfect self-analysis essay and a sample essay that shows how you can draft yours. Along with it, you can also take a cue for preparing an essay checklist to help you plan for the essay.

10 smart tips on how to write that perfect “Who Am I” essay

Suppose your best friend decides to end your single streak and sets you up on a blind date. What would you like him/ her to say about you to your date? Of course, a self-analysis essay requires more than briefing a blind date, but the process is quite similar.

You look deep inside yourself, and you find out the best things to say about yourself. A self-analysis essay also requires you to show a few of your weaknesses, but you can always gloss them over with positive angles. The aim of writing a great self-analysis essay is to impress the reader to want to meet you in person.

Here are the top 10 tips to nail a self-analysis essay like a pro.

  1. Be candid but wise

Going for honesty is the best way to write a self-analysis essay. Admission panels or interviewers usually conduct a thorough background check before taking on new candidates. You would not want to get caught taking dishonest means to attain that favored spot in college or at a new company.

  2. Have a story to tell

You are sure to come up with plenty of crazy stories from childhood that you can put in the self-analysis essay. No matter how inconsequential it might seem, if you see a point in recounting a story, make sure you back it up with a deeper analysis. Have stories to tell in your essay rather than a drab narrative of how you used to spend the childhood summers at your grandpa’s cottage.

  3. Speak for your passion

Filling the essay with positive energy by using active verbs and sensory elements can take the essay to newer heights. Whether it is swimming or taking your dog for a walk, make sure that your passion shows through. Connect with the reader on an emotional level using active verbs and positive phrases. This will help you use your passion to write a stellar self-analysis essay.

  4. Learn the art of suspense

If you want the readers hooked to every line of your self-analysis essay, then include a bit of suspense in the beginning. You can mention a story or incident from the past, but do not go too deep into it. Leave a trail of clues throughout the essay so the readers want to know more about it. Gradually reveal it through the course of your essay to keep them riveted to the self-analysis essay.

  5. Go all-out creative

Do not hold back while writing who you are. A self-analysis essay is a perfect opportunity to go all-out creative. While persuasive or descriptive essays may not give you the freedom to pick a slant of your choice, you can try out new styles with a ‘who am I’ essay. Don that creative cap, and get thinking about how you can present the essay in the best manner.

  6. Learn to gloss over flaws

Learn to use metaphors to gloss over the mistakes or the negative sides about your personality in the essay. For example, if you are indecisive, then frame it in a way so that it seems that you like to take decisions after carefully weighing in all options. That has better chances of passing you off as a sensible person than someone who cannot be trusted with important decisions.

  7. Avoid dishonesty by all means

Boasting about achievements or being dishonest about the credentials will only get you in trouble. No one likes to read the exploits of a boastful person arrogantly going on and on about how awesome they are. While writing a ‘who am I’ essay, make sure that you do not go overboard with self-praising phrases or sentences.

  8. Stay true to your perspective

Never lose sight of why you are writing the essay in the first place. Make sure that you keep the perspective in mind while writing it. Use suitable words, phrases and slant of your self-analysis essay that best serves the purpose. Do not stray away from the main theme and link it to the purpose firmly.

  9. Show your side of the story

Your self-analysis essay should show the readers your side of the story. For example, if you are writing about your favorite dreams, make sure that you highlight why they are especially important to you. It is imperative that the reader feels connected to your story to feel what you are trying to express.

 10. Sign off on a positive note

Top off the essay with a high note. You can conclude a self-analysis essay by writing about your plans if you are applying for a job. Whatever you do, remember to finish the essay on a positive note, so it leaves the reader satisfied in the end.

“Who Am I” essay example; learn how to write one

Here is a sample essay on self-analysis. It follows a 5-paragraph structure. Keep the tips in mind, and go through the following sample to gain a clearer idea on how to write an impressive self-analysis essay.

The Digital Dawn: How the Internet Helped Me Overcome My Anxiety for Writing

Ever had those terrifying nightmares where you would be chased by a monster, fear and panic rising up your throat, only to find that you are unable to move an inch from the spot? That’s how afraid I was of writing assignments as a kid.

Although I scored pretty well in verbal communication and learnt all lessons by heart, expressing myself in writing continued to terrify me. I remember how the teachers at school would coax me to submit an essay, and often had to ring up my mother at work when I would not budge. As I grew older, I realized that I was seriously lacking in writing skills. The feeling set in even more when I saw my friends win awards for poetry slams and slogan writing competitions. I wanted fame and popularity too, like every high school teenager, and that’s when the Internet happened to me. This is the story of how the Internet became my lighthouse in troubled teen years, keeping me company and helping me explore my creative side.

Those were the times of overtly active Facebook groups, and me, a bibliophile from childhood, found myself drawn to them more and more. It was there that I got to interact with other young people from all around the world. It was thrilling to make so many virtual friends to share your day with. I remember coming home from school with anticipation rising in my stomach about the messages that my virtual buddies wrote to me. One of the reading groups that I was a part of then posted a blog on how to improve writing skills. It was posted as a how-to guide for youngsters from non-English speaking countries migrating to English-speaking nations for studies or work. The appealing title, casual writing style and whacky tips immediately caught my fancy. I got chatting with the writer, and that conversation changed my life.

The blogger asked about my life and school, my favorite subjects and soon touched upon my fear for writing. Her kind and encouraging words were nothing like I had heard before. It was like she knew what she was doing. She wrapped up the conversation by telling me that being a teenager was the best time to explore new things, for we can gather a lifetime of experiences in those formative years. Her words stayed with me long after I had logged off for the day. The desire for breaking the mould and trying out something new was too irresistible to my teen mind back then. That’s when I decided to look up the Internet for more such resources that could help me conquer my fear for writing.

Sure enough, my search results returned thousands of websites and resource centers that I could reach out to. I remember spending the rest of the summer devouring blogs and articles online, and trying out new styles of writing and self-improvement schedules. Needless to say, my mom was part-worried and part-proud to see her teenage daughter finally trying to find her call by turning down phone calls from friends enquiring if she wanted to hang out. It was a blissful summer, and I returned to school a changed person. Hundreds of Self-improvement blogs, subscription for online tools like EverNote, Grammarly and Hemingway Editor and many failed attempts later, I turned in an essay on The Beatles to my English teacher that term. I scored an A on that one, it got featured in the school magazine, and there has been no looking back. I now have a blog of my own where I write about everyday doldrums, lifestyle hacks, time management tips, and a lot more.

Working as a copywriting intern at a design company right now, I would be lying if I said that I am totally over the fear of writing. Critical presentations or quirky blog ideas still pose challenges for me, but I know the tricks to overcome them now. Additionally, a change in perspective helped me become who I am, and unlocked my potential to become a full-time writer someday. For that, I will forever be grateful to the Internet. What you seek lies just beyond the veil of fear – all you need to do is be brave enough to remove the veil and step out of your comfort zone. Life is all about the little experiences that shape our thoughts and ideas, helping us be one with our core beings. When I conquered my anxiety for writing, I found a friend in the form of the Internet when I was least expecting it. You might find that turning point in the next book you read or a movie you watch. Own who you are, find your passion and don’t stop until you are satisfied with the new and improved version of yourself.

Who Am I” essay checklist; things to keep in mind

Planning your essay is essential if you want it to turn out the perfect way. Proceeding with an essay checklist is usually the wisest move that helps you keep things in perspective.

Here is a sample of a self-analysis essay checklist that you can print out and keep handy by your study table. It can help you keep a tab on the essay quite easily.

Self-Analysis Essay To-Do Remarks
1. Jot down rules and requirements for the essay
2. Draft the outline of the essay and stick to it when planning
3. Focus on the central theme and build your essay around it
4. Maintain parity in the tone of the essay
5. Keep an objective outlook when detailing yourself
6. Use anecdotes, jokes and the art of suspense to catch the readers’ fancy
7. Allot preparation and revision time for the essay
8. Check the essay for structural, logical, and grammatical errors on completion

Table 01: Checklist of a Self-Analysis Essay

Parting words,

Write away in glee as you gradually grasp the nuances of penning a self-analysis essay marvelously. Go over the required criteria carefully, jot down the essential details and gather all the information that you wish to include in the essay. Go through the tips discussed in this post to gain a better idea on how to write a self-analysis essay to perfection. Follow the essay checklist, and you will be good to go. With a proper roadmap, there is very little that you cannot achieve. Go right ahead and write a killer self-analysis essay that shows you in the best light. Good luck.

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