January 17, 2019

10 Benefits Of Solving Your Mathematics Assignment

Mathematics comes out as a dull subject that lacks in creativity. It goes without saying that the subject is complex and very difficult to understand. That is precisely why most students feel that the study of numbers isn’t their cup of tea. But did you know that mathematics is interrelated to arts? You must have heard about the Pythagoras theorem! It was Pythagoras, the most famous mathematician, who had discovered that even the musical notes we hear are related to numerical reasoning. Ever since then, the relationship between art and mathematics has been permanent. 

True that mathematics can be quite a nightmare, and at times you may feel lethargic while solving mathematics. Most of you fail to understand the importance of mathematics in your academic as well as your daily life. Math helps you to develop your reasoning skills and compels you to think analytically. When it comes to your day to day life, you need mathematics to tell the time and keep a check on your finances. However much you find mathematics to be intimidating, you cannot neglect the importance of the subject in your life.

The benefits of mathematics are manifold. Here is why you should stop ignoring the subject and start mastering mathematics:

1. Math is good for your brain 

According to recent research, math helps in activating specific regions of our brains. Someone who can solve math faster is likely to have more grey matter than the ones who perform poorly in the subject. Mathematical problems rattle your brain and enhance your cognitive skills. Mathematics is like a gymnasium for the brain where your mind can work out. It improves your mental strength, and allows you to surpass others.

2. Opens up spectrum for Joint courses

Mathematics is a neutral subject that can be combined with other courses. Since mathematics has a close relationship with art, you can pursue joint courses like Mathematics & Music and Mathematics & English. Most notable universities consider Mathematics as a must-have paper for applying for courses. When math accompanies arts, your chance of getting through a good college seems promising. 

3. Math and Money go hand in hand

Irrespective of whether you pursue mathematics in your higher studies or not, you are eventually going to need mathematics in your life to keep a check on your finances. Mathematics can help you can balance your budget by cutting down on what costs more and substituting them with things that cost less. From checking whether the salary you are getting is enough to try to manage within the allowance – everything involves mathematics. Moreover, with a stronger sense of numbers, your chances of going into debt are reduced. You would know how much money you had and therefore would spend it wisely.

4. Helps in making sound financial decisions

Imagine you won the lottery! What should you do with the money so that you can live a life of luxury? Many people spend their money on schemes that are not profitable enough and lose their money. If you want to invest money in financial schemes or buy shares to escalate money, then you must be familiar with mathematics. You should be able to study statistics and calculate interests to decide which deals are more profitable. Mathematics can also help you recognise all kinds of economic fraud. With the help of mathematics, you will know where to invest your money and reap unmatched benefits.

5. Enhances your problem-solving skills

When you solve math problems, you need to break down the mathematical question in order to understand it. It is only then that you can put the values and solve it appropriately. Problem solving in practical life is somewhat the same thing. To find the solution to a real-life problem, you have to think about the problem to arrive at a conclusion. Math also teaches us to express our thoughts and ideas with clarity and precision. The subject teaches us to develop a clear and coherent thought processes by communicating in the right way.

6. Gives way to analytical thinking

Math helps us think analytically and have better reasoning abilities. The subject enables us to develop the ability to think critically about the world around us and take out the logic out of all that is happening around us. You may think that calculating the speed of a train by applying the formula might prove to be redundant, but that certainly isn’t the case. When you solve a sum, you need to frame the problem and then identify the known values and the unknown ones. Accordingly, you apply the formula to solve the problem. It is through analytical thinking that you realise which slant you need to take to solve a problem.

7. Math provides promising career options 

If you want to pursue any of the branches of science for higher studies, you must be good at mathematics. If you want to be a Charter Accountant or a finance manager, you need to have a basic understanding of arithmetic. If you have your own business, then you must be good at mathematics so that you can do mental arithmetic to keep track of the debit and credit of your company.

Almost every job, barring a few, requires math. Even if you are assignment writer, you must know how to interpret your paycheck and balance your budget. Moreover, if you are good at mathematics, you might land up with the job because mathematics and science subjects are considered synonymous to intelligence.

8. Math helps us understand the world better

We all live in a world that is driven by numbers. Right from measuring the milk in the bowl for breakfast to counting the miles you have run for your morning jog – everything involves mathematics. You need math to check and pay your bills when you dine out in a restaurant. And what’s more? You need math to tip the waiter too.  

9. Mathematics helps to improve our mental agility 

In general, math helps us deepen our thoughts and train them to be more alert. When we face complex problems, our minds help us fight off the danger. We often have to face adverse situations where we might have to choose between two options or approaches. This is where mathematics comes in to train your mind to understand that there is only one way to solve things. It is to investigate a situation logically and weigh them to arrive at a conclusion. Math also helps us disclose worldly truths through evidences and not emotions. It teaches us to be alert of error, deception and manipulation.

10. Sound knowledge in Math can open technological vistas

Mathematics applies to sciences and new technologies and is therefore omnipresent in our life. The computer that you are reading this blog on functions due to codes that were built on the basis of binary digits. Everything – from tweeting to sharing a post on Facebook – is dependent on algorithms which are based on mathematics. If today’s world is accessible at the tip of your fingers, the credit goes to math.

Now that you know the reasons why you should not neglect mathematics, do not waste a minute further. Get down to brush up your skills with numbers!

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