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Inductive vs. Deductive
Student Lifestyle Inductive vs Deductive Research Approach

Research and analysis investigate events and entities. They dig deep into the nuances of processes and phenomena surrounding a subject, collating context-specific infor...

Anne Gill Nov 7, 2023
Driscoll-Model of Reflection
Academic Tips Driscoll Model of Reflection- Complete Guide

The Driscoll Model of Reflection is a framework or model for carrying out reflective or retrospective analysis. Developed by John Drisco...

Anne Gill Jan 8, 2024
Kolb Reflective Cycle
Writing Tips Kolb Reflective Cycle -Complete Guide

David Kolb, an American psychologist, professor and education theorist, designed a model reflecting why learning by doing is the most effective method.  The Kolb ...

Anne Gill Nov 22, 2023
Student Lifestyle How to Maintain Balance in Nature?

Have you ever observed how a family runs smoothly? It's because of the balance that prevails in a family. But a family where there is too much chaos, arguments, and one-sided communication has no...

Anne Gill Oct 31, 2023
Dissertation Proposal Outline
Dissertation Writing Help How to Write Good Dissertation Proposal Outline?

A proposal of a dissertation can be considered as an academic paper that is generally written to provide readers with the basic and needed informa...

Anne Gill Nov 22, 2023
Monopolistic Competition Differ
Academic Tips Monopolistic Market vs Perfect Competition

Economists define the term market structure to classify & differentiate different industries. This differentiation is based on supply, demand,...

Anne Gill Nov 7, 2023
Guide To Calculating GPA
Academic Tips An Ultimate Guide To Calculating GPA

how to calculate GPA? Several students wish to learn 'how to calculate GPA from percentages Some take the easier way of using an online GPA calculator to determine their perf...

Anne Gill Jan 6, 2024
Student Tips A Comprehensive Guide To APA Formatting And Referencing

Referencing is an intrinsic part of academic writing. You must properly refer to other sources that you’ve used while working on your papers. The APA referencing style is perfect for this. ...

Anne Gill Oct 19, 2023
Research Methods 100+ Quantitative Research Topics & Ideas

Quantitative research is a valuable tool for exploring and understanding the world around us through numerical data analysis. This resea...

Anne Gill Feb 26, 2024
Sociology Dissertation Topics
Dissertation Writing Help 100+ Sociology Dissertation Topics for Research

As an inhabitant of a society, you will come across many issues that are related to culture, community, urban and rural differences and so on. The...

Anne Gill Oct 19, 2023
Exclusive 50+ MBA Dissertation Topics
Dissertation Writing Help Exclusive 50+ MBA Dissertation Topics

Writing an MBA dissertation is time-consuming. And with no fresh topics, it can be even more exhausting. But don't worry, as today we will be sharing 100 + MBA dissert...

Anne Gill Oct 19, 2023
Dissertation Writing Help Nursing Dissertation Topics in 2024

If you are pursuing nursing, you will probably be challenged with writing a nursing dissertation for your undergraduate or postgraduate degree. If...

Anne Gill Jan 4, 2024
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