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CHCAGE005 Assignment Solutions

CHCAGE005 task answers- Provide support to people living with dementia describes the skills and knowledge required to provide person-centered care and assistance to people suffering from dementia and other cognitive impairments. It is necessary to adhere to and contribute to an individual's plan. This section applies to employees who work in a domestic or community context, including family homes. It is possible that direct or indirect supervision may be necessary to complete the task, which would necessitate the use of discretion and judgement. Before putting the skills they have learned in this course to use in the real world, students must comply with all relevant federal, state, and local laws, standards, and industry codes of practise.

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Objectives Of A  CHCAGE005 In Terms Of Learning

The following are the course objectives:

  • Interpret the customised plan to have a better understanding of the person with dementia's specific requirements and preferences.
  • Use routines and current abilities that are familiar to the individual to plan activities that will help them achieve self-sufficiency.
  • By taking action, you may lower the likelihood of and impact of certain behaviours on the individual and others.
  • When it comes to providing care for persons suffering from dementia, be mindful of your own level of worry.

CHCAGE005 Assessment Answer 

In accordance with the CHCAGE005- Provide support to people living with dementia Task Answers unit's learning outcomes and performance criteria requirements, work-based practical application tasks designed to provide evidence of competence outcomes will be set, with assessments designed to reinforce and extend knowledge and skill competence within set and controlled parameters. Each of the following competences must be shown by the student in order to pass the course. Two persons with dementia were assisted through the use of a person-centered approach to support, appropriate communication methods, and aid with the execution of a range of relevant activities that met their specific needs.


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CHCAGE005 Assignment solution will be required to be familiar with the following topics, among other things: Alzheimer's disease is a progressive neurological condition that includes pathological aspects as well as common indicators and symptoms. This book also discusses behaviors that should raise concern, the needs-driven behaviour model, de-escalation procedures, and the potential impact of dementia on the person with Alzheimer's, their family, and significant others, among other topics. This book also includes information on the person-centered approach to assistance as well as pertinent activities.

Tasks for evaluation may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • On-the-job training and development
  • The knowledge of the test-taker is taken into consideration.
  • Access to a documentation library
  • Exemplifications of real-life scenarios
  • Investigational projects with varying degrees of difficulty
  • Evaluations of the workplace
  • Inquiry made orally
  • Observation in the open

The following are the requirements for entering the unit:

In order to participate in this course, students must have specific pre-requisites, which are based on the nature of the profession and the fact that some of the training will take place in the workplace.

The following prerequisites must be met by all students before they may enrol in this course.

  • A genuine care for the well-being of other people
  • A strong willingness to learn as well as an open mind
  • The ability to laugh at one's own jokes and to have a cheerful viewpoint
  • A wide range of interpersonal abilities are possessed.
  • Be in good physical shape.
  • It is expected that students' language, reading, and numeracy abilities would be adequate.
  • A valid clearance from the National Police Service.
  • A valid driver's licence as well as a vehicle
  • Real-world work experience beginning at 7 a.m. for three weeks

Placement in an Actual Work Environment

  • It is necessary for you to be available to begin your shift at 7 a.m. if you want Health Link Training to organise your practical work placement for you. These are the typical shifts that students participating in work experience will be asked to do.
  • The National Police Agency's approval is required.
  • All support workers who wish to work in Australia must have a valid National Police Clearance (issued within the past six months). Before participating in this course, participants must be able to obtain a clean police clearance from their local authorities. A copy of your certificate must be presented to Health Link Training prior to participating in the practical work experience component of the course.
  • Those seeking further information should go to the Western Australian Police website, which can be found at

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Actively Participating in Children-Oriented Activities

CHCAGE005- Task Answer Obtaining a Working with Children Check from the Department for Community Development's Working with Children Screening Unit may be required.

A manual handling certificate of completion.

All participants in work experience programmes are expected to have a Manual Handling Certificate. You must bring the original of your certification to Health Link Training in order for a certified copy to be made and maintained on file for your records.

Participants who do not already have a current Manual Handling Certificate must get one before they are allowed to participate in work experience opportunities.

Instructional Arrangements

Apart from the 65 hours of practical work experience that is necessary, this certification may be obtained through a combination of self-paced study and online tests that are overseen by an Industry Specialist Trainer and Assessor.

Experiential Learning Opportunities in the Workplace

CHCAGE005 Assignment Answer HealthLink Training is in charge of coordinating all of the student's work experience. In order to be hired, you must complete 65 hours of on-the-job training at a residential aged care facility over the course of three weeks, starting at 7 a.m. The facility that is conducting the interview is the one that makes the decision on this matter.

Among these are online training, assessment completion, and practical job experience, all of which will be discussed in detail with students throughout the enrollment process. Any past experience or learning needs you may have can be taken into consideration when developing a training programme that is personalised to your specific objectives.


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