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CHCCCS011- Meet Personal Support Needs solution

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CHCCCS011 Assessment Solution

Victoria University, located in Melbourne, Australia, offers the CHCCCS011 task answers Meet Personal Support Needs course. The objective of this course is to train community service providers to understand the significance of fulfilling personal support needs and develop appropriate plans to meet personal support needs. The Study level of this course is vocational and further education (TAFE). This course CHCCCS011 highlights the skills and knowledge necessary to determine and respond to an individual's physical personal support needs and support activities of daily living.

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Completing this course will benefit community service providers who intend to support people according to an established individualised plan in any community services context. The skills and knowledge that the student can acquire from this course will be useful and applicable following Commonwealth and State/Territory legislation, Australian/New Zealand standards and industry codes of practice. Work performed by the community service providers needs some discretion and judgement and may be carried out under regular direct or indirect supervision. It can deliver the desired outcome and meet personal support needs.

Brief Of Assessment

CHCCCS011 assessment answers Meet Personal Support Need are structured to reinforce and extend knowledge and skill competence within the set and controlled parameters following each unit's learning outcomes and performance criteria requirements. This course will allow the community service providers to understand the structure of work-based practical application tasks specifically designed to provide evidence of competence outcomes within periodic and scheduled timelines.


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At the end of this CHCCCS011 assessment solution, community service providers are expected to validate the various skills, such as safely supporting at least two individuals by performing the activities outlined in the performance criteria of this unit. By utilising their knowledge and expertise, community service providers have to support requirements of an established individualised plan which will prioritise bed bathing, dressing, eating and drinking using appropriate feeding techniques, undressing and grooming, oral hygiene, shaving, showering, toileting and the use of continence aids, using aids and equipment including devices used by the person. They have to perform various hazardous manual handling scenarios at least once at the end of this course. They need to manage manual handling scenarios such as transferring an individual between bed and chair, transferring an individual in and out of the car and falls recovering.

At the end of this CHCCCS011 assignment answers community service providers are expected to highlight the knowledge and skills that they acquire from this course. They should understand different contexts for the provision of personal support and their impacts on the way services are provided. They should have a clear understanding of the role and responsibilities of the personal support providers and workers. A clear understanding of the concepts of enablement and re-enablement will be useful for the community service providers. Fulfilment of legal and ethical requirements related to the provision of personal support is necessary.

At the end of this CHCCCS011 assignment solution, they will understand how these provisions can be applied in an organisation and individual practice, such as basics of body hygiene, oral hygiene, human body system, grooming, personal safety and security risks associated with the provision of personal support and strategies to minimize those risks. The learning from this course could be useful for them to understand the features, functions and safe use of equipment and aids used in the provision of personal support and devices used by the person, including the importance of adjusting equipment and aids to the needs of the individual. Having a clear understanding of techniques for completing physical support routines, infection control procedures, and organizational reporting technologies.

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Weightage Of CHCCCS011 Course Code

The total weightage of this course is twelve credit points. In order to complete this course, students have to complete all the assignments and specific tasks. Students must clearly understand elements and performance criteria before enrolling their names in the CHCCCS011 Meet Personal Support Needs course. Community service providers who intend to complete this course have to determine personal support requirements, enhance participation, provide personal support, and complete reporting and documentation.

The student should have the ability to review the individualized plan and confirm required equipment, processes and aids. The knowledge that they acquire from this course will allow them to identify requirements outside of the scope of their own role and seek support from relevant people. While formulating the personal support need plan, the community service provider needs to consider the potential impact that provision of personal support may have on the person and confirm with the supervisor. The students need to consider the specific cultural needs of the person the physical and sensory needs of the person. They should identify risks associated with the provision of support and confirm with the supervisor.

At the end of this CHCCCS011, students should be able to discuss and confirm a person's own preferences for personal support in a positive way. They need to consider and confirm the person's level of participation in meeting their personal support needs. It is important that the community service provider provide the person with information to assist them in meeting their own personal support needs. They should formulate each task with the highest level of safety and adjust any equipment, aids and appliances. It is important that they take account of identified risks in the provision of personal support and technical support activities. Completion of this course will be fruitful for the students to identify and respond to routine difficulties during support routines and report more complex problems to the supervisor. They need to use their learning, knowledge, skills, and expertise in order to identify changes in the person's health or personal support requirements and report to the supervisor.

This CHCCCS011 task answers will encourage the community service providers to work with the person and supervisor to identify required changes to processes and aids. While formulating the strategic plan and communicating with the individual, who needs personal support, the community service provider needs to maintain confidentiality, privacy, and dignity of the person. They have to follow the organization's reporting requirements, including reporting observations to the supervisor. They need to complete and maintain documentation according to organization policy and protocols.


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