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CHCECE007 Assessment Answers

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CHCECE007 Assessment Answers

CHCECE007 Victoria University is the course for developing positive and respectful relationships with children. It describes the skills and knowledge required for educators to work with children. The concepts covered under this course ensure that the children can develop and maintain effective relationships and show positive behavior. This course is perfect for anyone willing to work with children in the field of education and care service settings.

The course consists of several key elements. Most of your CHCECE007 assessment answers are based on these elements such as:

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1. Communicate Positively With Children

This element teaches you to:

  • Respond appropriately and sensitively to children’s efforts to communicate.
  • Respond consistently to all children who need attention.
  • Engage with individual children in sustained conversations about topics that interest the child.
  • Converse with children to create a relaxed and unhurried routine.

2. Interact Positively With Children

This element teaches you to:

  • Participate in children’s games and use their cues to guide the type of involvement.
  • Role-model positive interactions with others.
  • Respond to children’s comments, requests and questions respectfully for assistance.
  • Positive interactions with others.
  • Encourage children to share ideas and stories.

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3. Support And Respect Children

This element teaches you to:

  • Help create an environment that highlights the lives of children, their local community, and families.
  • Show genuine interest in all children.
  • Implementation of practices that honor children, their families along the community.

4. Maintain The Dignity And Rights Of Children

This element teaches you to:

  • Organize resources, spaces, and routines to minimize times when children tend to experience stress or frustration.
  • Let children make choices.
  • Acknowledge children whenever they make positive choices for managing their own behavior.
  • Respond to children’s games and interact whenever there is a conflict.
  • Deal with children who strongly express anger or distress.
  • Involve children in developing limits for inappropriate behaviors.

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