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CHCLEG003 Manage Legal And Ethical compliance

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CHCLEG003 Assignment Answers

Victoria University offers the CHCLEG003 task answers Manage Legal and Ethical Compliance course for the students. The study level of this course is vocational and further education (TAFE). The unit code of this course is CHCLEG003. This course prioritises the skills and knowledge that are necessary to research information about compliance and ethical practice responsibilities and then formulate and monitor policies and procedures to fulfil those responsibilities. This course is beneficial to employees working in roles with managerial responsibility for legal and ethical compliance in small to medium-sized organisations. There may or may not be a team of workers involved. The skills in this unit must be applied in accordance with Commonwealth and State/Territory legislation, Australian/New Zealand standards and industry codes of practice.

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The CHCLEG003 assignment solution Manage Legal and Ethical Compliance course is structured to reinforce and extend knowledge and skill competence within the set and controlled parameters in accordance with each unit's learning outcomes and performance criteria requirements. At the end of this course- CHCLEG003, the student will understand the setting of work-based practical application tasks designed to provide evidence of competence outcomes within periodic and scheduled timelines.

It is expected that they will be able to validate the different skills, such as determining the scope of legal and ethical compliance requirements and responsibilities and developing policies and procedures for at least one workplace or business. This course will allow the students to develop a strategic response to at least 3 different situations where legal or ethical requirements have been breached. They will be able to validate different knowledge such as legal responsibilities and liabilities of managers and others in different organizations' legal and ethical frameworks.

Brief Of Assessment

This CHCLEG003 assignment answers will be useful for the students to understand how these theoretical frameworks can be implied in the workplace and the responsibilities of managers in the development and monitoring of policies and procedures. They will be able to identify sources of information and provide advice on compliance, functions and operating procedures of regulatory authorities of particular relevance to the health and community service. Theoretical knowledge that the student will acquire from this course will allow them to effectively receive updated information on requirements. The effective utilization of policies and procedures in managing compliance and ethical practice in both internal work practice and external service delivery. Having a clear understanding of formats for policies and procedures and what they should imply techniques for monitoring compliance.


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Before enrolling their names in this course, students, who intend to pursue their career in community services, should have a clear understanding of elements and performance criteria. At the end of this course, students will have to research information required for legal compliances, determine ethical responsibilities, develop and communicate policies and procedures, supervise compliance, and maintain knowledge of compliance requirements.

Completion of this course will allow the students to identify sources of information about compliance requirements. By utilising the knowledge and skills that they acquired from the CHCLEG003 assessment solution Manage Legal and Ethical Compliance course, they will be able to assess their own area of work and determine the scope of compliance requirements. It will allow them to get access to and interpret information relevant to the area of work. In order to develop a successful community service plan, they need to identify risks, penalties and consequences of non-compliance. They will be able to assess and act on the need for specialist legal advice. 

In order to determine ethical responsibilities for community services, students of this CHCLEG003 assessment answers need to fulfil several responsibilities. They need to identify the ethical framework that applies to the work context. It is important that they incorporate the scope of practice considerations as part of ethical practice. The knowledge that they will acquire from this course will allow them to evaluate responsibilities to workers, clients and the broader community. They need to formulate model ethical behaviour in their own work. After completing this course, the student has to develop and communicate policies and procedures. It is the responsibility of the students to clearly articulate and document policies and procedures to support legal and ethical practice in readily accessible formats.

They need to integrate documentation and record-keeping requirements into policies and procedures. It is important to assure systems protect client information. In order to formulate a successful plan, the student has to nominate the roles and responsibilities of different people in meeting requirements where multiple people are involved. By utilising their knowledge, skills and expertise, they need to distribute policies, procedures and legal information to colleagues and peers in a timely fashion.

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Completion of this CHCLEG003 will allow the students to evaluate work practices for non-compliance on an ongoing basis and implement modifications. They need to maintain and update required accreditations or certifications. They need to refer issues or breaches of ethical or legal practice to relevant people. Having a clear understanding of compliance requirements will be fruitful for the students to formulate the community service plan. They should identify and use opportunities to maintain knowledge of current and emerging legal requirements and ethical issues. They need to share updated knowledge and information with peers and colleagues. While formulating the strategy, they need to proactively engage in the process of review and improvement.

Weightage Of CHCLEG003 Course Code

The total weightage of this CHCLEG003 is twelve credit points. They need to successfully complete all the assessments and tasks to complete the CHCLEG003 Manage Legal and Ethical Compliance course. However, the student should be aware of assessment conditions. At the end of this course, they have to use suitable facilities, equipment and resources. They need to utilise their knowledge, expertise, and skills to assess current legislation and regulations, workplace policies and procedures. They need to demonstrate their ability in modelling industry operating conditions. Appropriate use of real or simulated organisation for which the candidate develops policies and procedures will be useful for the students to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise. They should prioritise the integration of problem-solving activities. It will be fruitful for the students to formulate strategic plans for community services.


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