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ENB218 Entrepreneurship In Business Answers

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ENB218 Assignment Answers

To begin with, it needs to be stated that the ENB218 assessment answers Entrepreneurship in Business as a course of London Metropolitan University will help us to understand the importance of Entrepreneurship in any given business. ENB218 assignment help solution could be stated that Entrepreneurship is the capacity and willingness to create, organise, and manage a business operation, including all of its risks, in order to profit. The most visible manifestation of entrepreneurship is the establishment of new firms. Entrepreneurship using land, labour, natural resources, and capital may yield a profit in economics. The entrepreneurial vision is defined by exploration and risk-taking, and it is an essential component of a country's ability to flourish in an ever-changing and increasingly competitive global economy.

When a society's job base is wide and diverse, it grows. It affects social transformation and encourages amenities such as increased educational spending, improved sanitation, fewer slums, and a higher percentage of homeownership. As a result, entrepreneurship helps the organisation achieve a more stable and high quality of communal life. Interdisciplinary Exploration in Entrepreneurship, Social Justice, and Technology equips students to have a positive effect on society by utilising proactive technology and conscientious entrepreneurship. Students target a specific need in their community after visiting local companies and charitable organisations and then arrive at a sustainable solution by working in groups. Students also learn how to use technology to create a website that promotes social justice.

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The entrepreneur is described as someone who has the capacity and willingness to build, manage, and succeed in a starting enterprise, as well as the risk associated with it, in order to profit. The launch of a new company endeavour is the greatest illustration of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are frequently referred to as "sources of new ideas" or "innovators," since they bring new ideas to the market by replacing old with new inventions.

The advantages that this ENB218 assessment solutions will be able to enable are:

  • It is a job-creation and economic-growth engine. An entrepreneur establishes a new business and thereby creates job chances. Taxation is carried out by the government or local authorities, which increases the country's revenue.
  • Entrepreneurship develops an entrepreneur's leadership abilities. Such an entrepreneur might be provided with training chances to help him improve his abilities. The skilled entrepreneur can then assist other organisations or the community as a whole.
  • Attempts at entrepreneurship the entrepreneur the flexibility to run his business as he sees fit.
  • Entrepreneurship fosters competition since each potential entrepreneur strives to create the best innovation. This translates into high-quality goods and services.
  • Entrepreneurs or the transition to self-employment is and will continue to be an increasingly prominent trend.

Importance Of Unit Details

Location: England

Study Level: Bachelors and Post-Graduate degree

Unit Code: ENB218 Entrepreneurship in Business

University: London Metropolitan University


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Brief Of Assessment

Today's young people must be able to do not just fundamental reading and math abilities, but also skills that will prepare them to handle a constantly changing environment. They must be able to think critically, evaluate, and draw conclusions. Changes in our student's skill sets and knowledge necessitate the development of new learning objectives; these new learning objectives alter the interaction between assessment and teaching. Teachers must play an active part in determining the goal of assessment and the subject to be tested. We may communicate what we appreciate and the qualities we perceive in the student's work, allowing us to identify opportunities for growth and additional learning. We respect clarity and logic in arithmetic, as well as innovative solutions, tenacity, and curiosity. Positive feedback, when used wisely, may reinforce these tenets of the discipline. Although the examples in this post are aimed at middle and high school math students, positive feedback may be applied at many other grade levels.

Since our world is fast-changing, tomorrow's young entrepreneurs must be able to navigate a technology culture with ease. Students should enrol in STEM classes that teach them how to write code, create interfaces, and build prototypes. Entrepreneurs sometimes envisage goods or services that do not yet exist, so gaining these tech-savvy skills in high school might offer them a significant advantage over their classmates when they reach adulthood. Entrepreneurial students typically work in groups, so they share duties while practising active listening. Furthermore, the students are given several opportunities to develop and deliver concise, coherent statements. As a result, individuals develop strong communication skills that can be applied to every aspect of life and any job route.

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Weightage Of The Course

ENB218 Assignment solutions - Entrepreneurship in Business is a course that is a full-time degree course that is taught in the university and it is a very important course for modern business aspirants to have. With the aid of the course, students may achieve extremely good grades and gain a lot of practical information that will be very useful for them to begin in their practical field of work. The weightage of the ENB218 task answer was a very high score, and it allows the student to get a lot of good grades, which will boost their total percentage and be extremely outstanding for their future. Because the course is largely centred on practical abilities, at least 40% of the whole  ENB218 task solutions are based on practical training, while the remaining 60% is theoretical.

Lastly, it needs to be stated that the assessment will provide the opportunity to assess based on the group work of the students. Faculty can frequently give more challenging, real issues to groups of students than to individuals. Group work also adds to the unpredictability of education by allowing groups to approach tasks and solve difficulties in fresh and fascinating ways. This may be energising for teachers. Furthermore, group assignments might be beneficial when there are only a limited number of eligible project subjects to share among students. They can also lower the number of final items that teachers must grade.

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