ENGT5115 Sustainable Development Answers

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ENGT5115 Assessment Answers

The ENGT5115 assessment answers Sustainable Development ,De Montfort University in engineering is considered to be a process of designing as well as operating certain systems that would be used for energy as well as resources in a sustainable manner. In other words, the resources are sustainable at the rate where it does not compromise on the natural environment as well as the ability of future generations for meeting their own needs.

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However, ENGT5115 assessment solutions sustainable development is considered to be made through the organizing principle which meets for the human development because the goals are supposed to be sustaining the ability of the natural systems in order to offer certain natural resources along with ecosystem services where the economy and society depends. The desired result is considered to be related to a state of society where the living conditions as well as resources are used to undermine the integrity and stability of the natural system. Therefore, sustainable development is supposed to be defined as well as explained through the progress that meets the requirements of the present without any kind of compromise of the requirements of the future generations.

This ENGT5115 assignment answers is considered to have certain learning outcomes which are supposed to be assessed by the coursework. This is considered to be in connection with the critical appreciation as well as awareness of the concept relating to sustainable development as such is part of the present research as well as policy deliberations and are supposed to be considered in the academic literature. This course is also considered to have the ability to engage in certain critical appraisal which would aid the appropriate balance of references to relevant facts as such would also be consisting of theories and perspectives relating to others. The knowledge of the SD strategy would also be relevant for a country along with region and corporation and this would also relate to the ability to communicate in a clear as well as concise as well as appropriate style that would be part of a postgraduate academic essay as this is for the postgraduate program.

Unit Detail:

Location: United Kingdom
Study Level: Postgraduate Program
Unit code: ENGT5115


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The ENGT5115 assignment solutions would be marked and assessed by the faculty and the feedback would be available to the students based on their performance. Therefore, it can be stated that the sustainable development in this coursework would help in defining certain practices that would be maintaining the productivity by replacing the used resources with those resources that are equal as well as greater in value rather than being degraded or endangered by the natural biotic systems. Therefore, it can be stated that sustainable development would be binding together the concern regarding the carrying of the capacity of natural systems as such is supposed to face social as well as political and economic challenges which are faced by humanity. Sustainability science is well-thought out to be the study of the concepts that are considered to be in connection with the concepts of sustainable development and environmental science. However, there is an emphasis regarding the current generations’ obligations to regenerate as well as maintain and enhance the planetary resources as such would be used by the future generations.

Brief Of ENGT5115 Assessment 

De Montfort University is considered to teach this ENGT5115 task answers as part of the postgraduate program. This course is supposed to help the students learn about the development that would meet the current requirements of the humanity without any kind of compromise on the ability of meeting the requirements of the future generations. Therefore, the course would teach the students in a framework where the present objectives regarding the human development would be met with for a while as this would simultaneously be used for preserving the natural systems that would offer humanity with the resources which help in meeting the goals. Hence, the goal is considered to be in connection with the conservation of the services of the ecosystem as the civilization would be existing for a longer duration of time.

In the United Kingdom the critical appreciation as well as awareness of the concept of sustainable development would be taught and along with such the students would be allowed to participate in mock policy deliberations as such would enrich their knowledge and academic literature. This would also assist the students in having the ability to engage in critical appraisal as such would be done with the knowledge and in-depth understanding of the sustainable development strategy. Therefore, the coursework would help in enhancing and improving the scope of communication through a clear as well as concise manner which would help the students secure a job in the future.

Therefore, it can be stated that the particular course is considered to give the students a way of understanding the key challenges associated with this pathway as it is supposed to help in economic development which would be socially inclusive as well as environmentally sustainable. In addition to this, the coursework would also help in exploring the challenges relating to sustainable development as it would create a scope for understanding the impact of UN sustainable development goals and objectives on real individuals.

Thus, through the above analysis, it can be understood that sustainable development is supposed to be important because the course carries a lot of weightage on the students as their future depends on their performances in the course. The primary aim of sustainable development is considered to balance the economic as well as environmental and social needs as such is supposed to allow the prosperity for now and along with such future generations. Therefore, ENGT5115 Task solutions sustainable development is supposed to consist of several long-term integrated approach that would help in developing and accomplishing a healthy community in a joint manner as it addresses the economic as well as environmental and social issues while preventing the over consumption of key natural resources. Thus, it is significant as it encourages the individuals to conserve as well as improve the resource base through a gradual change as such would help in developing the usage of technologies. The countries would also have to meet the basic requirements and this course helps the students in learning how to conserve the resources for the environment so that the future generations are not deprived of such resources. Thus, the act of conserving the resources in a sustainable manner is supposed to help in creating a better future.

What Is The Weightage Of ENGT5115  Task Answer In Their Semester?

The weightage of ENGT5115 Sustainable Development in their semester is 50% as it is described in general of the course.

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