ENGT5220 Industrial Energy System Answers

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ENGT5220 Assessment Answers

ENGT5220 assessment answers work of this assignment from De Montfort University the students will teach a systematic understanding of the activities regarding industrial organization at each ana every point of the life cycle a product. This means the at the student will be taught the life of the products starting from the absolute initial stages of raw material extraction to the final stages of disposal of the waste and discarded products.

Through ENGT5220 assessment solution the students will be given a critical awareness of the current approaches that are being used for the mitigation of waste and the reduction of the impact in the environment.

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Through this assignment, the students will be able to gain a conceptual understanding of the energy needs for the components of the more common industrial processes like that of motors, pumps, heaters and compressors. All this is expected to allow the student t know hoe to critically evaluate different methodologies of research and outputs form an array of related academic disputes. Finally, the ENGT5220 assignment solution will help teach the required skills for gaining employment in new an upcoming low carbon industry, the students will be inculcated with the skill of decision making which will be required for the continuation of professional development.

Unit Details: -

Location: - Leicester, England and Online

Study Level: - Individual Module

Unit Code: - ENGT 5220

Brief Of ENGT5220 Assessment

ENGT5220 assessment answers the students will be expected to display core thinking ability in regard to the different approaches to different industrial energy systems. The primary aim of the course to establish and develop the students’ ability to critically evaluate and diagnose the efficiency and the impact that different industrial energy systems have on the environment. by taking part in this assignment, students will be presented with simulated situation and also past examples of the systems and how the manufacturing process impacts the environment. By learning through this assignment module, the students will be better prepared to gain employment in new industries that have placed greater importance to the effect that manufacturing and water creation has on the environment. Student will also be expected to showcase understanding regarding the potential development of new industrial energy systems that are more efficient so as to further reduce the carbon footprint from the process of manufacturing and to eliminate the threat imposed by waste generation.


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ENGT5220 Task answers the students will be considering the example of small manufacturer in the food and beverages sector whose owner has shown an interest in improving their environmental efficiency. The students will be required to identify the most significant energy using process within the factory of the chosen manufacturer and explain the means through which they would estimate their energy usage. Following this, the students will illustrate the main flows of energy to, within and out of the factory while showing the major areas of energy conversion that usually take place with efficiency and where the factory is suffering its main losses in term of energy. Finally, the students will present a commentary on the suitability of renewable energy technologies foe the chosen factory and also proceed to recommend two additional means that they students believe will result in the reduction of cost of the energy use experience by the organization.

Weightage Of ENGT5220 In The Semester

 The ENGT5220 assignment help consists of 30 per cent of the total weightage of the course module. The students will be expected to turn in a 1500 report in accordance to the learning outcomes of the assignment within the provided deadline. The students will be marked in accordance to the coursework. Feedback will be provided to the students on their performance of the assignment and will be given opportunities to improve on their final submission. The coursework will be on which is summative in nature rather than formative. The assignment coursework will not be marked anonymously and will be an individual undertaking. Students are expected to provide their own perspective and research, Plagiarism and collaborative work of any form will result in negative marking.

DMU or De Montfort University is a public university that is located in the city of Leicester, England. Established in the year 1870 and gaining it status as a university in the year 1992, the university has been home to generations of students who opt to study ay De Montfort University to further pursue their academic career. Each year university has an approximate of the 27 thousand students enrolled in different academic courses and units that the university provides. This includes both full time and part-time students. With a total strength of 3240 staff members that make up the members of the faculty, the university provides some of the most carefully curated curriculum for the students to follow in their respective courses. Keeping in mind the effects of the global pandemic the university has increases its use of online classes for both its international and domestic students. As a result of this, the students gain a larger degree of flexibility in attending their respective courses and units. Among the wide array of the courses and modules the university provides, there exists different assignments that aim to test the ability and knowledge of the student in relation to the module. One such module if that of there Low Impact Manufacturing which falls under the Faculty of Technology. With the increasing importance of environmental awareness, there is a major need in the overlooking of the manufacturing process.

All decision and behaviors of manufacturing have a strong impact in the environment. The creation of excess amount of waste possesses a major problem for the environment, Low impact manufacturing takes into consideration of the impact that the manufacturing process has on the environment and attempts to adopt a lean approach for the minimizing of waste. As such, it is the means of manufacturing and manufacturing that places greater in=importance the carbon footprint that is being left behind as a result of urbanization and manufacturing. Throughout the course, the students will be tasked with undertaking different assignments. The assignment code of ENGT 5220 consists of the title of Industrial Energy System.

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