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IT Risks Management Practice


What are the IT risks?  How can we better estimate and/or predict the consequences of IT risks?  What are the possible reputation losses? What are the legal liabilities?


The risk management practice to shareholders is somehow in the way of banking it happens (Aldous, 2016). The financial risk management is the practice of economic value in a firm by using financial instruments. Financial risk management can be qualitative and quantative. The shareholders are investing money to buy the company share. So it’s very natural that they won’t face a financial problems.

The communication of treating, concern and incidents the company should take care of it. If there is any problem happening in the company then company should deduct the problem then. If they don’t take care about the problem the problems can grow it can be a cause of a risk (Smith, 2015). 

How do big data and social media change bring new opportunities in understanding and estimating IT risks or in understanding the potential reactions of the public? How do cloud computing, big data and social media bring new threats to IT risks and concerns?

The big data and social media have changed the new opportunities in understanding and estimating IT risk (Hurwitz, Nugent, Halper, & Kaufman, 2013). The amount of data that companies and financial service providers have is growing exponentially. Big data defines huge amount of data. The use of it as well as its integration in decision making. Whether the social media helps in managing the company’s goodwill. Updating features on social media page or websites help s everyone to find out the problem and it also helps the others to have good or bad perceptions to the company (Schroeder, 2014). 

Social media can bring a new threat to the company because the general data of the company can be hacked from the pages and websites. Using big data can enhance the analysis and model quality in risk management ("Risks and benefits of perioperative??-blockers", 2008). Management incentives can be faster elaborated and interpreted. 

Cloud Computing is the process by which computing services are delivered over the Internet. Cloud affiliations license individuals and relationship to use programming and contraption that are directed by untouchables at remote ranges. Instance of cloud affiliations join online record stockpiling, individual to individual correspondence destinations, webmail, and online business applications (Kling, n.d.). These are based on get ready model blessings access to information and PC resources from wherever that a framework association is open. Coursed figuring gives a typical pool of purposes of enthusiasm, including data storage space, structures, PC managing control, and thought corporate and customer applications.

Although the cloud computing has many advantages for the business but it has its drawbacks as well. A routinely highlighted reason for slant of scattered enrolling is the enlarged security level it gives, and for most affiliations, this is a honest to goodness motivation behind interest. In any case, essentially as most affiliations choose to store their trade out broad banks in perspective of the security they offer, doing in light of current circumstances additionally produces the threat of more progressed criminal strikes, coming about to the gathered wealth of a liberal bank is far more transcendent than the individual abundance of a singular alliance. Accountable social occasions have segment to on a very basic level capable bosses, financing and the quality to oversee especially imagined ambushes. George Clooney and Brad Pitt portray this kind of joint exertion well in a famous Hollywood movie of a recent times, where they join together to hack down three wagering clubs. The universe of electronic wrongdoing is the same, as forefront ambushes routinely derived as Advanced Persistent Threat strikes against unfathomable, exceedingly complex headway affiliations and varying foundations continue developing. The cloud makes another gathering presentation that affiliations have never confronted some time beginning late (Weinman, 2016). At that point, amassing threat is another reason why cloud suppliers are reluctant to offer more extraordinary contracts to their endorsers. 


We are at a vitalizing moment in the development of progression like each such moment, it offers both positive circumstances and perils. The motivations behind interest of the cloud are colossal and difficult to absence of respect to do in light of current circumstances could put a relationship at an exceptional convincing drawback. Reviewing there is almost certainly affiliations face distinctive impediments in understanding the cloud and its related movement, these would, all have the capacity to things considered, be overcome with a sensible examination of both cloud supplier affiliations and the changing needs of the organization together. So the sales that every peril director should answer are these: What is the perfect way to deal with oversee oblige all the upsides of scattered enrolling against most by far of its potential threats? What are the best and most legitimate risk affiliation contraptions for calming those perils, without losing all that the cloud needs to offer? 


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