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Amin Sthapit Murder Trial


Discuss the murder of the lover of Geecy Rebucas and the ethical issues revolving around it.



This essay discusses the murder of the lover of Geecy Rebucas and the ethical issues revolving around it. Tadalbag stabbed Amin Sthapit in a fit of rage and court has convicted him of manslaughter and not murder (, 2016). This event can be related with the classical theories, particularly the “Just consequentialism” and “everyday moral judgments”. The events can be split into moral or immoral acts and activities are divided in the essay as per the acts committed by the convicted person.


The murderer was convicted by the court on charges of man slaughtering and not of murder, which reflects the gravity of the crime and the matters related with such crime. The partner of the murderer was involved in a separate relation with another man and the murderer came to know about the intentions of his partner with the help of different advanced software and caught them red handed. The murderer was unable to control his emotions and in a fit of rage, he stabbed the man with whom he was in objectionable positions (, 2016).

In the given case, the murder of Mr. Sthapit is found to have different issues relating to it, and the case became very much complicated. Ethical considerations come in play in the given case as the partner of the murderer was engaged in a relationship with another man, when he was already committed to him. The anger of Tabalbag was reflected in the number of stabs that was made by him on Amin and he confessed to the crime in front of the police. A paramedic who treated Amin quoted that there was tons of blood on the floor and they felt as if someone has finger-painted blood in every edges of the room.

The number of such crimes is on the rise in Australia and a serious question of ethics comes into play. Many proficient personalities have questioned the declining morals and ethics among the residents and there is a growing concern on the rise of such incidence. A natural question arises on the morality of such incidences (Pan & Sparks, 2012). What are the ethical considerations of such acts? What actions are ethical and what actions are unethical? 


Diagram 1: Division of the act as acceptable and unacceptable

(Source: Created by Author)

The green line of the diagram shows the acceptable facts and the red lines denotes the unacceptable facts. The ethical considerations that can be linked with the given crime are the ethical judgments considerations and the consequential theories. Consequential theory questions the ethical correctness of the state. What actions are intrinsically good or what state of affairs is intrinsically bad is answered by the given ethical theory. In the given murder case, the murderer was justified in his act, and he took vengeance through murdering the other man (Broad, 2014). It can be observed that although it is a heinous crime, the state of affairs is justified by the murderer hence the state of affairs will be considered good. On the other hand, the act done by Ms Rebucas, will be considered bad, and there are many reasons for it. In spite of being in a steady relation with a man, she got involved with another man, which is considered objectionable to the society (Giddens, 2013). At the same time, she herself confessed to her crimes when the murderer was stabbing Amin. Confessing her own fault highlights the gravity of the crime and the state of affairs can be highly said to be intrinsically bad.

The answer to the above intrinsically bad behavior states that the development of a morally bad character. The act cannot be conducted without developing a character, which is morally bad, and this will be at par with the other crimes.

On the other hand, everyday moral judgments focus on the broadly conceived ethical judgments that are made by the common people. The ethical judgments that can be divided in the given case, is the act of the murderer and the act of his partner. Upon analysis of the above newspaper article, it can be concluded that there are two broad ethical considerations in the above case study (Mudrack & Mason, 2013). The act of the murderer and the act of his partner. On the other hand, it is very difficult to categorize the act of the murderer but it is often the fate of the persons who get involved in extra affairs. On a general basis, it can be considered the moral judgments made by the murderer were correct.

On the other hand, the actions of Ms Rebucas can be considered morally wrong. The actions of her, is not acceptable in the conventions of the society and thereby, it is a morally wrong judgments. Moreover, the person here in question is the murderer, his partner and her lover. It will be obvious to comment that persons being bad in the given circumstance are Amin and Rebucas (Pan & Sparks, 2012). It may seem unfair to tag the act of the murderer as fair but the given circumstances, make the act of the person justified to some extent. Therefore, the act of the persons as well as the moral judgments is justified. The moral judgments are made based on personal judgments in both the ethical theories and similarly the acts of theirs are made on the personal judgment. In the given case, the ethical division is made according to the personal judgments and


After analyzing, the above essay it can concluded that the conduct of the person involved in the heinous act and the subsequent murder of a person was classified as ethical and unethical and the act of the persons are also classified accordingly. The act of Ms Rebucas and Amin were considered unethical and it was concluded that they had an unethical moral considerations. Two ethical theories are related in the given essay, one is the ethical judgments theory and another is the consequential theory.


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Peters, R. S. (2015). Ethics and Education (Routledge Revivals). Routledge. (2016). Australian Breaking News Headlines & World News Online | is a name in assignment writing services that students trust. We offer our assignment writing services for a wide variety of assignment including essaysdissertations, case studies and more from the assignment maker. Students can place their order with us anytime as we function 24x7, and get their copies at unbeatable prices. We guarantee that all of our solutions are plagiarism-free.

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